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                                                                                                        30 May 2012

                                  English visit to New York – February 2013.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you all for continuing to make your payments towards this trip as it is essential we keep up to date with
them. It is important you are made aware of the travel company’s cancellation policy and charges:

70+ days prior to travel              Deposits will be forfeit (non refundable and non transferrable)
69-29 days prior to travel            60% of the tour cost
28-15 days prior to travel            80% of the tour cost
14 days or less prior to travel       100% of the tour cost

Unfortunately, this cost must be met by you if the cancellation is not covered via the insurance provided.

Meanwhile, to assist with budgeting, I hope you find the following payment schedule reminder helpful over
the course of this year. This includes the amount of the final instalment, as we have recently had confirmation
of the full cost of this visit which will be £1170.

                                             Friday 23rd March 2012: £150

                                              Friday 27th April 2012: £150

                                              Friday 25th May 2012: £150

                                              Friday 22nd June 2012: £150

                                              Friday 20th July 2012: £150

                                          Friday 21st September 2012: £150

                                            Friday 19th October 2012: £150

                                           Friday 9th November 2012: £120

Please be assured that the cost includes everything except lunch, which your son/daughter must buy
themselves (except during the flight), their subway tickets of approximately $30 - $40 and payment for their
ESTA . All persons travelling to the USA must obtain travel authorisation using the Electronic System for Travel
Authorisation. The government charges for this application, currently $14.00 per person. You must have
obtained online authorisation before departure and I will be requesting a copy of your child’s ESTA
registration in October 2012. The following will take you direct to the official US government site.:

In order for our booking to proceed and so that the travel company can book the airline tickets, the
information listed below is required:
 1.   A photocopy or scan of your child’s passport page that contains their photograph and all the the vital
      information thereon. E.G. date of birth, expiry date and ALL THE DETAILS ON THAT PAGE. Child’s full
      name – as it appears (or will appear) on their passport. This should be how it appears on their birth
 2.   Any special dietary requirements needed for the flight meals and restaurant/diner meals.

Could you please ensure that you accurately complete the information request slip attached to the bottom of
this letter and return it to the school by Thursday, 7 April 2011.

Once again, please do not hesitate to contact me at school should you have any questions or enquiries about
this visit to New York.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs B Tingey

                                    English visit to New York – February 2012

                                       Essential Information Request Slip.

Child’s full name (as it appears or will appear on their passport:


Age on date of travel: __________________________

Details of any special dietary requirements (including religious


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