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									                                     PERSONAL DATA
Name:                Liene            Sex:                                          female
Surname:             Lielmane
Birth date:          29-01-1984       Place of birth:                               Daugavpils
Marital status:      Married          Number of children:                           1
Nationality:         Latvian          Citizenship:                                  Republic of Latvia
Address:             Valkas raj.,     Telephone at home, fax:                       (+371) 64729457
                     Eveles pag.
Mobile phone:        (+371)           E-mail:                                       luciferika@inbox.lv

School   Educational institution        Profession                         Entrance year Graduation
Secondary    Valmiera Pārgauja                                             1999          2002
School       Gymnasium
University   Ventspils University       Translation Studies                2002              2006
College      College
Education:   Higher

Language                                                      Skills
Latvian                                                       Native
Russian                                                       Excellent
English                                                       Excellent
German                                                        Beginner
French                                                        Beginner

Programs:  Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft
           PowerPoint), Internet, TRADOS, Helium, Logoport Xliff, TransAct

Fields:      English-Latvian, Latvian-English interpreter, translator, Russian-Latvian, Russian-English

As translator Since 2003 freelance translator, interpreter (contractual works with the following companies –
              Ozols V Ltd. (Latvia), DODAM Ltd. (Latvia), Alianse Baltija Ltd. (Latvia), TWT Ltd. (Latvia),
              Hieroglifs Ltd. (Latvia), Baltic VIP Ltd. (Latvia), Synergium UAB (Lithuania), Lingua Service
              Ltd. (Belgium), Norsk Sprakservice Ltd. (Norway), ACP Traductera (Czech Republic), All
              Locatrans, Translation, Localization and Multilingual DTP Services (Egypt) Skrivanek (Czech
              Republic), Aquent (England)), Translavic (The Netherlands), Lingoconsult (Bulgaria), PTSGI
              (Taiwan), Daxinya (China)
              Since 2006 certified translator
              Translation spheres, in which the experience is the largest:
                   1) All kind of legal documents (contracts, power of attorney, wills, marriage, death and
                          birth certificates, enterprise registers, requests etc);
                      2) Technical documents;
                      3) IT;
                      4) Economic documents;
                      5) European Union related documents;
                      6) Construction related document etc;
                      7) Medicine (drug descriptions, descriptions on product dosing);
                 The largest projects:
                      1) Kemira Grow How;
                      2) Public procurement – electronic systems;
                      3) GE Power (Project lasted more than half a year);
                      4) Canon printer instructions;
                      5) Google;
                      6) National Pharmacy Institution (ultrasonic apparatus);
                      7) Mercedes manual (C, S, E classes);
                      8) Preses nams Ltd. – annual reports;
                      9) News translation for embassy websites;
                      10) ABEDD Baltic Ltd. – technical reports;
                      11) Hill International Baltic – LNB specification (construction);
                      12) Kārlis Ltd. – LNB IT and security specification;
                      13) Valpro – technical documents on fire-extinguishers;
                      14) Bryce Farms – grain dryer;
                      15) Ministry of Health;
                      16) The Eco-indicator 99, A damage oriented method for Life Cycle Impact assessment;
                          Mark Goedkoop, Suzanne Effting, Marcel Collignon; Netherland, 2000;
                      17) Decision No 1600/2002/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 22 July
                          2002; Sixth Community Environment Action Program; Official Journal of the
                          European Communities;10.09.2002
                      18) Jeremy M.Yarwood, Patric D.Eagan, Design for the Environment, Minesota office of
                          Environmental Assistance; US, 2000;
                      19) Opel Corsa manual;
                      20) Ultrasonic apparatus manual;
                      21) Aspects of psychoneurologic disintegration;
                      22) Specific psychoneurologic drugs and their application in daily use;
                      23) Progressive psychoneurologic deterioration;
                      24) Opel Zafira manual;
                      25) Drugs for the psychoneurologic system;
                      26) The description of Timber product quality;
                      27) LightSpeed RT, LightSpeed Xtra (medical equipment);
                      28) GE Medical device – Paloma;
                      29) Electrolux instructions;
                      30) Microsoft – Windows Genuine Advantage;
                      31) Microsoft – Navision;
                      32) Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company - OPS, Placebo investigation;
                      33) Siemens – medical device;
                      34) B.Braun – medical device;
                      35) GE- Magnetic resonance device;
                      36) Studies on MLN0002 and Placebo (medicine);
                      37) ASUS manuals;
                      38) Nikon digital camera manual;
                      39) Nissan user manual;
                      40) Trimble Projects.
As interpreter   2005
                 28-29 April - Public Procurement (simultaneous) (in cooperation with TAIEX)
                  2-3 June Water Framework Directives (simultaneous) (in cooperation with TAIEX)
                  6-7 June Private and Public Partnership (simultaneous) (in cooperation with TAIEX)
                 30 June VID (simultaneous)
                 26 October Workshop on Public Procurement (simultaneous) (in cooperation with TAIEX)
2 November Bīriņu pils „Plant protection means”(consecutive)
8-7.jūnija Water Framework Directives and awareness and knowledge of public (simultaneous)
(in cooperation with TAIEX)
5-6 September – consecutive translation in Maternity ward for Swedish journalists
4-5 December “Public Procurement” (simultaneous) (in cooperation with TAIEX)
5-7 December “Public Procurement” (simultaneous) (in cooperation with TAIEX)
11-12 September “Public Procurement – the economically most advantageous tender”
(simultaneous) (in cooperation with TAIEX)
06-07 December - Workshop on Public Procurement: development of contracts and contract
management (simultaneous) (in cooperation with TAIEX)
18-19 December - Workshop on EU Public Procurement Procedures (simultaneous) (in
cooperation with TAIEX)
17-18 March- Workshop on EU Public Procurement Procedures – Competitive dialogue in
Public procurement and Sustainable procurement (simultaneous) (in cooperation with TAIEX)

9-10 April – Workshop in Integrated strategic planning – A tool for the implementation of
legislation (simultaneous) (in cooperation with TAIEX)

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