Landmarks of Western Art by Sm5dWLv


									                                                    Landmarks of Western Art
                                                  “From Rococo to Revolution”
The questions are asked in the order they are discussed in the documentary. Some are exact statements from the
narrator, others are lists of qualities. Fill in each answer as completely as possible. Do your best with spelling. We will
discuss tomorrow.
1. Describe Rococo Art:

2. ___________________ is the last style of the French Monarchy and _____________________ is the first style of
   the French Republic.

3. Rococo is a _____________________ style synonymous with the reign of ______________________.

4. What is the time period of Rococo?

5. How would we recognize Rococo art if we saw it?

6. What type of lifestyle does Rococo portray?

7. Who is the great artist of the Rococo style?

8. Who was he influenced by?

9. What types of scenes did he paint?

10. What do the statues symbolize?

11. What is the “Departure from the Island of Cythera” depicting?

12. How do the critics disagree on this painting?

13. Which character do you see a lot of in Rococo?

14. What new stylistic techniques are in Rococo? Think of “The Swing”.

15. Why is the salon room the ultimate of Rococo architecture?

16. How did Rococo artists treat men in their paintings?

17. How does the “Fountain of Four Seasons” reflect Rococo sculpture?

18. With the artist Chardin we see the aristocratic fantasy giving way to a more realist and moralist style.
19. _______________________ had a huge influence on Chardin.

20. What is the new theme that emerges? Think of “Saying Grace”

21. How did the way Chardin painted reflect a theme?

22. Where was Hogarth from?

23. What was Hogarth’s theme? Think of “Beggar’s Opera”

24. How does Hogarth reflect the Enlightenment spirit?

25. What Act did Hogarth help to pass?

26. What is aerial perspective? Or atmospheric as we know it.

27. How did England become more involved with continental Europe?

28. What is the next style of painting to evolve?

29. Describe Neo-Classical.

30. What was neo-classical influenced by?

31. What was David concerned with in his paintings?

32. What does “Oath of Horatio” symbolize?

33. Neo-Classical style is the official art form of the ________________________ .

34. What does Copley portray in “Charles I demanding surrender of the Five Impeached Members of the House of

35. Who is Marat?

36. What does the “Death of Marat” portray?

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