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									                                            JOB OPPORTUNITY
California                                                      ACCOUNTING OFFICER (SPECIALIST)
Community                                                                INTERNAL OPERATIONS DIVISION
Colleges                                                                       ACCOUNTING UNIT
1102 Q Street                                                                 Permanent, Full-Time
Sacramento, CA 95814
 “An affirmative action employer-equal opportunity to all regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital status, disability; religious or
 political affiliation, age, or sexual orientation.” It is an objective of the State of California to achieve a drug-free state work place. Any applicant for state
 employment will be expected to behave in accordance with this objective because the use of illegal drugs is inconsistent with the law of the State, the rules
 governing civil service, and the special trust placed in public servants.

   Final Filing Date: August 31, 2012                              Salary: $3,841 - $4,670 Per Month                                  Job Number: 12-010

Under the direction of an Accounting Administrator Supervisor, this position is responsible for: analyzing the
CCCCO (6870) Accounting activity in both SCO and CALSTARS systems internally and externally for Funds:
0001 and 0342; providing lead and coordinative responsibilities over all of the CDE and EDD reimbursement
programs budgeted with the Chancellors Office WIA and VATEA; prior year Carryover; providing financial
analysis assistance to accounting & program staff on issues relating to the annual closeouts, month-end &
quarterly reports, interagency language, budget, accounting expenditure, and reimbursements; reconciling
monthly assigned funds and prepare year-end financial statements; performing the Cash Reconciliation including
the remittance through eFITS; performing the Apportionment Reconciliation including review/adjust and approving
the Apportionment Payment Schedule validating funds are available before it’s submitted to SCO for processing;
performing the Advance Collections Reconciliation; maintaining records and submitting SCO letter to recognize as
Earned Reimbursements as expenditures are incurred; performing Reference 111 reconciliation and overseeing
the receipts offset expenditures for each Receivable Contract; and, performing the reporting and cash draw for
WIA Nursing funds through the JTA system.

    Reconciles SCO records to CALSTAR’S reports for above listed funds; adjustments/ corrections for
       differences; prepare year-end financial statements. Maintain documentation for review/audit purposes;
       analyze workflow and outline accounting operations as it pertains to the reimbursable funding sources.
       Periodically reviews any controlled budget line items for all of the CDE and EDD Reimbursement
       programs to ensure that all of the charges are properly allocated. Maintain all appropriate document
       files; remits receipts per SAM.
        Prepare the quarterly and Closeout Report for the Vocational Education program WIA and Federal
         Grants. Provide financial data as needed to program and conduct financial reconciliation between
         program and federal fiscal agent (CDE and EDD) to determine the interagency agreements funding
         level. Will co-ordinate and reconcile past year and current year un-liquidated obligations and take
         appropriate action on open encumbrances, including Apportionment and Carryover reconciliation.
        Review the encumbrance data base documents/records of office based on physical review of contract;
         perform random reviews of files to ensure the accuracy of the data base, payment records, CALSTARS
         reports, and the physical records; assist with the monthly Apportionment review prior to submission to
         SCO. Act as backup for maintaining the encumbrance documents and records of the office based on
         physical review of the contract, payment records and CALSTARS reports.
        Monthly validate funding availability for Apportionment payments to districts; review program schedule
         of payments against Appropriation Balance (SCO); notify/coordinate program and accounting
         adjustments necessary to approve schedule for release; follow up to ensure adjustments made.
      Acts as the lead to ensure that the receivables, billing, and reporting processes related to the
       reimbursement programs are timely and accurately. Ensures that staff posts journal entries as required
       and encumbered/disencumbered contracts/grants are correct. Provides financial analysis to program
       and accounting staff in issues relating to annual financial closeouts, expenditures reconciliations,
       budgets, CALSTARS coding, special projects and other grants/contracts.
      Review spreadsheet of all activity of GF Reimbursement Contracts, includes posting invoices and
       payment received; reconcile with Accounts Receivable records to ensure accurate posting of payments;
       act as backup for posting and analyzing spreadsheet.
      Review documentation submitted with all deposits, verify the type of moneys received; determine the
       appropriate fund and/or account to remit to; prepare the Remittance, either electronically or manually;
       prepare copies, with notation/documentation for appropriate staff.
      Maintain records for all Advance Collections, determine when collection is “earned”, prepare entries
       necessary to move Advance Collections to General Ledger as earned income.
      Other duties as assigned including, act as back up for accounts receivable invoicing and AR reporting
       and performing special research for manager.

Desirable Qualifications:
    Knowledge and Experience with accounting principles, procedures and computer applications
      including Monarch, Excel and Word.
    Excellent analytical and written skills.
    A demonstrated interest in assuming increasing responsibility and a flexibility and willingness to adjust
      to changing assignments and priorities.
    Excellent references and good interpersonal skills.
    Ability to meet deadlines.
    Team player who works well with staff.

Special Requirements:
    Experience with CALSTARs and automated accounting systems.
      All candidates are required to attach documentation to their application to substantiate the
       completion of the appropriate classes for this classification

Who May Apply:
     Current State employees at the Accounting Officer (Specialist) level or those who have eligibility for
     appointment via lateral transfer, list eligibility to this classification or person’s eligible for
     reinstatement. Applications will be screened and only the most qualified may be scheduled for an
     interview. Please indicate on the State application your basis for eligibility (i.e., SROA, Surplus,
     reemployment, reinstatement, transfer, or list eligible).    SROA and Surplus candidates are
     encouraged to apply and must attach a copy of their letter. Position may be downgraded to an
     Accountant Trainee for recruitment purposes.

           Rachael Rectenwald
           (916) 327-5355
           OR email

                                     MAIL STATE APPLICATION TO:

                                      California Community Colleges
                                             Human Resources
                                         1102 Q Street, Suite 4554
                                          Sacramento, CA 95814

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