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					                       Minutes for First ITSAC Meeting
                             September 28, 2012
Facilitator: Ruth and Dave
Randi Oldham
Gerrit Bos
Ruth Smith D
Dave Wilson
Hamdi Ali
Rosilda Xavier
River Roy
Frank (Jiexin) Liu
Julia Forster

Gerrit Bos (IT Security Officer, Office of the CIO)

Introductions were conducted

We reviewed the Committees terms of reference
We discussed the annual report and how its used on campus
We discussed IT Bytes what they are and how they are used

We discussed what we took action on last year
Ex. Student from CSD - hired a student and did a report on accessibility for WebAdvisor and
CourseLink and Gryphmail

We discussed our committee schedule - once a month beginning in late September

We discussed our objectives

      ITSAC will champion these issues on campus and influence decision makers
      Students have unique perspective that Institution wants to hear from
      Reps speak for many constituents as well as themselves

We discussed a list of potential topics and in order to ensure these were client driven we asked
student members to choose which topics that were of interest to them.

Topics selected for focus:

      The development of a UofG Smartphone app
       o    to aggregate
                 Courselink
                 WebAdviser
                 Campus Maps
                 Building Maps
                 Course Calendar
                 Ability to transfer $ to meal card
        o to accommodate or incorporate
                 Central login
                 SSO
   Cloud Services including Dropbox and Google Docs
        o Do we need to duplicate on campus what already exists?
   Student Government websites in Drupal can't access Google API. Can this be reviewed?
   Virtual tour of what other universities are doing
        o Student reps could ask other students who have come from these institutions what
            works well
        o Could reach out to student groups on other campuses to see what they are doing
            and how
   Residence file sharing. There is demand for this but with obvious Intellectual property
   Gryphmail
        o Space requirements and limits are a sensitive issue
        o Can extra space be given to student government representatives?
   Courselink
        o Can accounts persist after graduation for assignments and grades (cradle to grave
        o Many profs have trouble using CourseLink
        o Each devises their own solution
        o Challenge for students switching between them

   e-Resources / Lecture Capture
       o Podcasts (audio and video) of lectures ie iTunes
                facilitate time shifting as well as learning challenges and ability to
                   revisiting particular topics
                lecture capture model
                Can students play a role in this?
                Are their technical barriers or complexity challenges to this?
       o Facilitating a flip the classroom model
   Wireless access
       o Residences need it
       o Common areas would be a good start
   NAC Access
       o getting better
       o passwords need to be changed to access certain tools
                the need to log in and change password is not necessarily communicated
                     the need may be surmountable with a review of the issue

Gerrit Bos, The IT Security Officer Spoke on the Draft acceptable use Policy

      AUP now in consultation stage
      CIO and IT steering committee asked for review
      student affairs and judicial advocated student interest
      university resources may be used for limited personal use
      There were a few questions and discussion on topics of what constitutes research an what
       constitutes pornography but for the most part the group was satisfied with the document
      Review and feedback was encouraged and should be directed to Doug Badger

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