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									           2013-14 TENTATIVE OHIO FFA OFFICER CALENDAR
Below is a partial projected listing of dates, involving Ohio FFA officers, which are known at the present time. Other dates may be
added when district and state calendars are finalized. All dates in bold-faced letters require all officers to attend. All dates are subject
to change.

Date                       Activity                                                                            Location
May 16-18                 FFA Officer Training Seminar                                                         Ohio FFA Center
June 3-7                  FFA Officer Training                                                                 Columbus
June 14-21                Second Session FFA Camp                                                              FFA Camp
June 21-24                Ohio Leadership Camp                                                                 FFA Camp
June 24-28                Third Session FFA Camp                                                               FFA Camp
June 29-July 3            Fourth Session FFA Camp                                                              FFA Camp
July 8-12                 Fifth Session FFA Camp                                                               FFA Camp
July 22-27                State Presidents’ Conference                                                         Washington D.C.
July 24-August 4          Ohio State Fair                                                                      Columbus
August 12-16              Advanced Leadership Training                                                         Columbus
September 24-25           Officer Meeting and OLLC                                                             Columbus
TBD                       Ag Careers Camp                                                                      FFA Camp
TBD                       Greenhand Camp I                                                                     FFA Camp
TBD                       Greenhand Camp II                                                                    FFA Camp
TBD                       Fall Orientation Camp                                                                FFA Camp
September                 FFA Board of Trustees Meeting                                                        Ohio FFA Center
Oct. 28–Nov. 2            National FFA Convention                                                              Louisville
November 9                Officer Meeting                                                                      Ohio FFA Center
January 17-19             Officer Meeting & 212 & 360 Conferences & Family Gathering                           Columbus
February 8                Officer Meeting                                                                      Columbus
March                     FFA Board of Trustees Meeting                                                        Ohio FFA Center
March 14                  Officer Meeting                                                                      Columbus
March 15                  FFA Officer Practice Interviews
April                     Spring District Meetings & District Officer Elections                                Districts
April 11                  Officer Meeting                                                                      Columbus
April 12                  FFA Officer Interviews                                                               OSU
April 27-30               State FFA Convention Rehearsal                                                       Columbus
May 1-2                   State FFA Convention                                                                 Ohio Expo Center

School Days Missed = 16-31 days
Chapter Visits (5-10); OLLC Conference (1); Miscellaneous (0-10); National FFA Convention (5); and State
FFA Convention (5)

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