ROBERT OWEN COMMUNITIES

                                           JOB DESCRIPTION

POSITION TITLE:                      HR Officer

LOCATION:                            Head Office

FUNCTION:                            To work as a member of the HR team within head office, to provide advice
                                     to managers and to deputise for the HR manager when necessary

RESPONSIBLE TO:                      The HR manager

RESPONSIBLE FOR:                     The HR administration function


        1. Working as part of the HR team to provide advice and guidance to managers on best practise
           and adhering to employment legislation for:

                Performance management
                Employee relations e.g. investigations for grievances and disciplinaries
                Recruitment and selection, contributing to interview panels when required.

        2. Administering and operating systems & controls for:

                    Both mandatory training and specialist training when required
                    Rocs 12 week induction and service based induction, ensuring consistency and
                    Ensuring key processes are in place by liaising with providers(e.g. credit frameworks,)

        3. Over-seeing ROCs training requirements

                 Booking and liaising with training providers
                 Evaluating training courses to ensure they add value to ROC
                 Booking training venues and liaising with service managers to ensure attendance

        4. Maintaining a detailed and current working knowledge of the software systems, tools and
           resources within HR including Training & development databases

        5. Producing management reports as requested by the HR manager

        6. Providing an internal advisory service for managers and others on ROCs policies and

        7. Fulfilling general clerical, data entry & analysis tasks, and similar duties when required

        8. Ensuring compliance (e.g. Data protection, Equal Opportunities...)

        9. General HR duties to cover i.e. holidays within the department

        10. Maintaining a working knowledge of the department and multi skilling to deputise for other team
            members when required.

        11. Maintaining appropriate Professional Body membership(s) and continuous professional

The above outlines the main duties of this post and will indicate the level of responsibility at which
you are required to work. The tasks set out are by no means exclusive and duties may vary from

HR Officer, Learning & Development                                                                        1
time to time at the discretion of the manager, however this should not change the general nature of
the job.

HR Officer, Learning & Development                                                                    2

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