Year 8 Parents Information Evening by JDBmSR3


									   Year 8 Parents’
Information Evening
Ms Stanton – Director of Standards KS3 (Key Dates, Mentoring, Support for Parents)

             Mrs Tanner & Mr Cootes – Head of Year (Expectations).

                     Mrs Oliveros –English (Subject advice)
             Mrs Jones – Responsible for KS3 Maths (Subject advice).

                   Ms Hodder – 2nd i/c Science (Subject advice).

                         Mrs Bland – Attendance Officer.

                  Mrs Simmonds – Behaviour Support Manager.

                         Kay Norman – Parental Adviser.

                  Jann Palmer - Mid-Sussex Wellbeing Advisor.

         Available for Questions – Mrs Williams & Mrs Quagillarie SENCo
4th October - Open Evening (School closes at 11.10pm)
        11th October – Newhaven trip (Ex Group)
                11th October – Prize giving
   12th October – Newhaven Trip (CxA & CxB groups)
             12th October – Enrichment Day 1
            29th January - Enrichment Day 2
      7th February – Parents Consultation Evening
                     24th April – INSET
        Summer Term – Newhaven Trip (Y half)
              13th June – Enrichment Day 3
                     28th June – INSET
                 4th July – Reports issued
           w/b 9th – 13th July - Languages Trip
 Common Teaching Set Changes
Common Teaching Sets 2011-12: EX         EY Common Teaching Sets 2012-13   Ex     Ey
                              CxA        CyA                               CxA    CyA
                              Mx         CyB                               CxB    CyB

Reason for common set class changes:
     1) New students joining Oakmeeds.
     2) To allow Science to set by ability.

Yr8 Students will be taught Art, Geography, History, ICT, Music, Drama, RE and Science
                                    in common set classes.

 Yr8 students will continue to be set in English and Maths based on English and Maths

Some students will study two Languages. Some students will study 1 Language and also
                    study Learning2Learn (continuation of Opening Minds).
                        Students are set in languages by ability.
Additional Numeracy and Literacy support will be given to targeted students through the
                                  Learning2Learn lessons.
Guidance from Oakmeeds Homework Policy;

Key Stage 3 - Suggested Time Frame for Out of Lessons Learning
The approximate guidance for time allocation is as follows.
 1 hour per week on Mathematics

 1 hour per week on English

 1 hour per week on Science

 1 hour per week on Technology

 1 hour per week on Modern Foreign Languages

 1.5 hours per week on Humanities, including Religious Education

All students work at a different pace and it is expected that they
allocate time to the project and produce work that does them, as an
individual, justice.
Assertive Mentoring – Aim to Raise Attainment

   Driven by rigorous and frequent data analysis (every
   Identification of underachievement - in ALL subjects
    and Attitude to Learning grades.
   Intervention Strategies put in place.
   Sessions lead by Group Tutors, Subject Leaders,
    Subject teachers, Heads of Year, Director of
                Helpful Web Links

   MFL Trip – Summer Term
   The MFL Department are considering an
   alternative to the previous 4-day Languages
                  Residential Trip.

   The trip will allow students to improve their
                language experience.

Presently looking at a trip to Berlin in the Summer
                Details to follow.

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