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									Central Highlands General Practice
  Network Workforce Program

         Ms Lynda Vamvoukis
        Chief Executive Officer
General Practice Profile
• 42 practices - 30 multidisciplinary practices

• 39 Accredited practices

• 15 Accredited teaching practices

• 3 practices seeking teaching Accreditation

• 2 DoHA funded Superclinics to be established in Ballan and Wallan

• All CHGPN towns are RMMA 5 except for Melton and Sunbury (RMMA 1)

• 2 DHS funded Superclinics – Craigieburn and Melton
Dedicated workforce program for 10 years
• Recruitment & retention

• Capitalise on interest among GPs/Practices in teaching &

• Support for IMGs, registrars & medical students - placement,
  rotation or during resettlement

• 33-35 GP Registrars each year for the past 8 years.
Pre & post RTOs
  – The Program differs in activities but not in
  – Understanding this context is important to
    understanding the subsequent partnerships and
    integration of CHGPN and RTO programs.
Key elements of the Program (pre RTO)

Include, but not limited to:
• Program Manager, Workforce Recruitment and Development.
• Meet and Greet Program for GPs, IMGs, Registrars and Medical
• Mentoring Program for rural medical students
• Supervisor and registrar support program – education, placement
  and networks.
• Integration of CPD, registrar, supervisor and medical student
  education streams with the practice support program
• GP Supervisor’s Network
Key elements of the Program (pre RTO)
• Medical student orientation program

• Registrar recruitment & retention program

• Establishment of the CHGPN GP Health Program

• Peer Learning Workshop Program for IMGs in the CHGPN studying for the
Program Integration
   Critical success factors
   • High level of ownership
   • Systems
       Practice profiling tool
       Quality improvement frameworks
   • Services
       Practice support
   • Engagement
      Focus on relationships & responsiveness
 Post - Establishment of RTOs

• Strong Partnerships
    Workforce stakeholders
• Expertise and credibility of CHGPN in Workforce
• Arrival of Victoria Felix and VMA saw highly successful, proven programs
  developed, funded and delivered by the CHGPN walk out the door
• Difficult process but open communication and successful outcomes,
Establishment of RTOs

• Period of transition – RTO initially built on CHGPN’s expertise

• Strong partnerships developed between CHGPN, Victoria Felix and
  Monash University Rural Health School

• CHGPN funded by Victoria Felix to deliver unique programs

• CHGPN Model expanded to all other rural Divisions in Victoria Felix
Establishment of RTOs cont…

• Education Medical Officer (Victoria Felix) based in the CHGPN.
  CHGPN funded to provide administrative and program support to
  the Education Medical Officer

  CHGPN provides support for
• delivery of Peer Learning Workshops
• Supervisor’s small group learning
• External Clinical Teacher Visits

• CHGPN has maintained a stable and cohesive workforce and a good GP to
  population ratio

• Highly reputed and credible program recognised extensively and valued by GPs,
  Practices, RTOs, Universities, Medical Students and GP Registrars

• CHGPN funded by RTO and local government to develop implement locally
  responsive, innovative programs.
• The CHGPN, Monash University, Victoria Felix partnership delivers,
  strong collaboration, mutually regarded expertise and resource

• The CHGPN PGPPP linked to the Victoria Felix Peer Learning
  Workshop Group to provide added support and linkages for the
  junior doctor

• CHGPN continuing to expand the number and capability of its
  teaching practices
Investing in Workforce Program
• Division of General Practice best placed to develop innovative
  programs and models in partnership with Universities, RTO’s
  and Hospitals.

• Strength of relationships with GPs, Practices and integrated
  program delivery key to success, but are resource intensive
  and require extensive work performed on a continuum.

• Development of workforce programs in Divisions of General
  Practice critical to meet future challenges and to provide local
• Divisions of General Practice not funded adequately to provide the
  breadth of workforce and related programs delivered by CHGPN.
• Potential for failure, due to through increased bureaucratic
  processes and red tape.
• Limited physical capacity of practices to accommodate additional
• Potential for duplication of effort GPV, RWAV, Divisions of General
  Practice and DHS.
• Suite of services provided by CHGPN both resource and labour
  intensive. Not possible to replicate decade of interest and expertise
  but proven models can be adapted and other resources and ‘know
  how’ now available to Divisions.
• Integrated program delivery, GP/practice engagement,
  partnerships with RTOs, Universities and other stakeholders are
  critical success factors.

• Proven models available for adaptation and transfer.

• Wholistic approach to capacity building supported by integrated
  education and quality programs will translate to improved
  practice performance and capability.

• High functioning practices best placed to ‘stretch’ to
  accommodate teaching.
Contact Details:
Ms Lynda Vamvoukis
Central Highlands General Practice Network
Ph: 5428 4848
Fax: 5428 4842


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