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					                           Job Description

Job Title:                  Senior Policy and Campaigns Officer

Salary and Pay Band:        Band F, level 2

Hours:                      Full time

Job Holder:                 Vacant

Team (Directorate/          Policy and Research

Location:                   Policy and Campaigns

Manager:                    Laura Weir

Direct Reports:             Policy and Campaigns Researcher

                         Part 1: JOB PROFILE

The post holder is responsible for leading on high profile policy issues
affecting people with MS, project planning national campaigns and
contributing to the overall P&C strategy.

                              Job Description


                             Head of Policy &
                                                           Public Affairs
                               Campaigns                   Assistant (3 months)

    Senior Public             Senior Policy &           Senior Policy &
    Affairs Officer            Campaigns                 Campaigns
                                  Officer                   Officer

               Campaigns Officer           Policy and                   Policy and
                                           Campaigns                    Campaigns
                                           Researcher                   Researcher

                 Policy and
               Campaigns Intern
                 (3 months)

The Senior Policy and Campaigns Officer reports directly to the Head of
Policy and Campaigns and works across the Society; particularly with
the Head of Service Development, the Service Development Programme
Leads, the Research team and Communications.

                             Job Description

       SCOPE OF JOB:

    1. Influence social care, welfare and disability related policy

    2. Work with external stakeholders

    3. Monitor, analyse and communicate Government policy

    4. Develop MS Society social care, welfare and disability policy

    5. Support local and national campaigns

    6. Management responsibilities


       To propose policy position and strategy framework

                          Job Description

    QUALIFICATIONS & SKILLS LEVEL: Person Specification

   Educated to degree level or equivalent experience

   Substantial experience in a lobbying or campaigning role or
    working in a busy political environment
   Experience of supervising others (desirable)
   Proven track record of influencing others
   Experience of conducting primary and secondary research
   Proven experience of producing excellent written and oral
    communications, including clear and concise policy briefings and
    reports, and effective presentations

   An in depth knowledge of Government social care, welfare and
    disability policies, and knowledge of health policy and cross
    governmental policies affecting disabled people.
   A detailed understanding of the policy making process within
   An understanding of e-campaigning tools and the use of new
    media in campaigning work.

   Ability to present complex information at senior levels.
   Excellent analytical skills including the ability to grasp issues
      quickly and to proactively analyse and communicate political
   Excellent interpersonal and communication skills including the
      ability to use a variety of styles to reach diverse audiences.
   Skilled at building and developing partnerships with a wide range
      of people (internally and externally) at all levels
   First rate organisation and planning skills
   Ability to manage competing priorities and work to a number of
      tight external deadlines.
   A proven ability to manage confidential issues and demonstrate
      tack and diplomacy.

                          Job Description

   Uses advanced level IT skills including Excel, Word, PowerPoint

General Attributes

   A team player who is able to build good working relationships both
    internally within the MS Society and externally to provide the best
    platform for the Society’s work.
   A self-starter, able to take the initiative and work independently in
    developing projects
   The confidence to contribute to an authoritative policy and
    campaigns strategy development programme across the MS
   A genuine interest in and commitment to the work of the MS

                           Job Description


Influence social care, welfare and disability related policy (35%)
    To lead on the MS Society’s policy development work on high
      profile issues such as social care, welfare, employment and
      disability issues and in doing so, actively support, contribute to and
      shape the development of the policy and campaigns strategy.
    To plan and lead on national campaigning strategy on these policy
      areas, working with internal and external colleagues and
    To proactively identify and take opportunities to further the MS
      Society’s goals in these policy areas.
    To influence policy-makers, including local and national
      Government and civil servants, through evidence based policy
      work and personal interaction.
    To coordinate and produce robust evidence-based material for
      submissions to Government, parliamentarians, the civil service and
      other statutory bodies, working to tight external deadlines. This
      includes, but is not limited to, responding to government
    To work with MS Society staff and volunteers to research the
      views and experiences of people with MS, using quantitative and
      qualitative methods.
    To make research recommendations to the Head of Policy and
    To coordinate external communications around the MS Society’s
      policy positions, including working with the press team to draft
      press releases and statements in rapid response to major
      Government policy announcements.

Work with external stakeholders (20%)
   To develop and maintain the MS Society’s relationships with and
    lead on work with existing influential coalitions and alliances. This
    includes being the Society’s policy lead for the Disability Benefits
    Consortium and the Care and Support Alliance.
   To proactively identify opportunities, develop and lead on ad hoc
    collaborative work with other organisations to further the MS
    Society’s policy goals.
   To develop and maintain good working relationships with civil
    servants and other officials including senior officials at the

                          Job Description

    Department for Work and Pensions and Department of Health (as
   To represent the Society at meetings with external organisations
    and stakeholders at all levels.

Monitor, analyse and communicate Government policy (20%)
   To proactively follow developments in public policy through official
     and informal networks, and to analyse their impact on people
     affected by MS.
   To disseminate policy briefings, updates, information, and advice
     on policy issues and work to inform and assist colleagues,
     volunteers and supporters.
   To inform, engage and advise colleagues and volunteers at all
     levels in policy and campaigns work through briefings,
     presentations and training.
   To work with communications to draft and disseminate articles,
     blogs and press releases as appropriate.
   To work with the Policy and Campaigns Researcher to ensure the
     P&C web pages are relevant and up to date.
   To support policy and campaigns staff in the national offices
     relating to devolved policy areas, by sharing information and best

Develop MS Society social care, welfare and disability policy (15%)
   To research and author MS Society policy positions and strategy
     for approval by the Trustees, Chief Executive or Director of Policy
     and Research (as appropriate).
   To advise and make recommendations to the Trustees and
     Directors on any policy proposals made, taking responsibility for
     the identification of any potentially contentious issues.
   To communicate the MS Society’s policy positions internally and
     advise staff and volunteers at all levels throughout the
     organisation, including senior management and Trustees, on
     issues related to social care, welfare and disability policy and

                           Job Description

Management responsibilities (5%)
   To line manage and review the performance and development of
    the P&C Researcher and Administrator
   To manage the recruitment, induction and work of an intern as
   To be responsible for signing off relevant staff and volunteer

Support local and national campaigns (5%)
   To work with Branches and other volunteers in local and national
    campaigns, working closely with area teams.
   To contribute to the Campaigns Network, including via its
    newsletter, public policy forums and the website.
   To attend and present at local branch and regional meetings and
    other events to discuss policy and campaigning with people living
    with MS and to proactively identify and act upon opportunities to
    engage with volunteers
   To work with the Policy and Campaigns Researcher and
    Administrator to monitor and evaluate the impact of campaigns.
   To author and contribute to the development of campaigns guides.

Other Duties

    The post holder should be prepared to attend MS Society meetings
     in different parts of the country including MS National Centre.
     Some meetings may be during evenings or weekends.
    The post holder will be working in a developing environment and
     he/she will therefore be expected to undertake other appropriate
     duties as required for the effective operation of the MS Society.

 Health and Safety:
   Responsibility for health and safety in the area under his/her control
   and ensure that he/she is familiar with the Society’s policy statement
   on health and safety at work.

 Equality and Diversity:
   Respect the unique contribution of every individual and work
    positively in an equal opportunity and diverse environment

                         Job Description

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Line Manager’s                              Date:
Print Name: Laura Weir


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