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									Job Description
 Department: Operations

               Supported housing
                 Telecare services officer (12 month contract) 2 posts: 28 hours Monday –
    Job Title:
                 Thursday and 21 hours Friday - Sunday
     Post No:
                 Telecare services manager
  Reports to:
                                                                  Head of
Organisation                                                     supported
      Chart:                                                      housing

                              Supported                              Housing                       Telecare
                               housing                               support                       services
                                team                                 manager                       manager
                             manager x 3

                        Scheme      Admin officer    Housing         Hostel         Welfare &      Telecare
                       manager x        x2           support       manager x 2     resettlement    services
                          21                        worker x 3                        officer     officer x 15

Job Purpose: Work as part of the Lifeline team to provide a calls handling service to include
             carrying out daily calls to vulnerable clients linked to the lifeline service as well
             as responding to incoming calls where required. Deliver the service in a highly
             professional and supportive way that exceeds client expectations even at busy
             and pressurised times.
                 Clients range from external professionals who may require specific and
                 structured responses, to vulnerable adults who often require reassurance and
                 emotional support.
                 Deal with all emergencies in a calm manner.
                 Maintain accurate records at all times.

 Description Heather Scullion                                                    Date:   March 1, 2012
prepared by:

  Description                                                                    Date:
   agreed by
   Authorised     Claire Higgins                                         Date:   March 2, 2012
  by Director:

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Carry out daily check calls to vulnerable clients to include birthday, courtesy, vulnerable client
   welfare checks and equipment testing calls
2. Answer calls to the control centre and respond according to the nature and priority of the
3. Maintain accurate records and logs of all activity.
4. Maintain detailed records of equipment levels, usage and fault repair processing
5. Ensuring adequate levels of equipment stock are maintained.
6. Assist the incomes team in terminating Lifeline accounts
7. Assist the marketing officer in taking referrals and providing information to prospective clients
8. Contribute to the training and induction of new staff in all aspects of the service.
9. Cover leave and sickness for the correspondent post
10. By personal example, ensure that the corporate values are upheld and demonstrate appropriate
    attitudes in all dealings with residents and the wider public.
11. Be familiar with Cross Keys Homes’ health and safety policy and procedures, in particular any
    areas relevant to the job and ensure compliance with any instructions, requirements and
    prohibitions at all times.
12. Be familiar with Cross Keys Homes’ one equality scheme, dignity at work policies and code of
    conduct and ensure compliance at all times with the spirit of these policies.


Cross Keys Homes establishes and reviews performance targets for all jobholders through its staff
review and development process. This will normally be a twice yearly process. These targets are an
integral and important part of all job descriptions, and will be agreed between post holder and

Flexibility      Other duties and responsibilities express and implied which arise from the nature
clause:          and character of the post within the section, mentioned above or in a comparable
                 post in any of the organisation’s other sections or departments.
Variation        This is a description of the current job as at the date shown. It is the practice of
clause:          Cross Keys Homes to periodically examine job descriptions, update them and
                 ensure that they relate to the job performed, or to incorporate any proposed
                 changes. This procedure will be conducted by the appropriate manager in
                 consultation with the postholder.
                 In these circumstances it will be the aim to reach agreement on reasonable
                 changes, but if agreement is not possible the director of operations reserves the
                 right to make changes to the job description following consultation.
Person Specification
                                                 CRITERIA               ASSESSMENT
              A knowledge of services           Knowledge of           Application form
KNOWLEDGE                                        telecare industry &    and interview
               available for older people,
               the disabled and other            social housing
               vulnerable needs groups

              A sound appreciation of                                  Application form
               confidentiality, sensitivity                             and interview
               and security of client data in
               accordance with the Data
               Protection Act 1998

                Ability to communicate            Able to carry out   Application form
SKILLS &                                                                and interview
                 clearly with clients who may       demonstrations
ABILITIES        be in crisis or have special       of equipment &
                 needs                              promote variety
                                                    of telecare         Interview
                Ability to record information      technologies to
                 accurately & concisely             users &
                                                    prospective         Interview
                Ability to work within a           clients/
                 pressurised environment,           professionals &
                 to make decisions and              other audiences
                 initiate action in a calm,
                 efficient manner
                Ability to prioritise and co-
                 ordinate a range of support
                 service staff to respond to
                 urgent needs and requests
                Ability to work on own
                 initiative with a minimum of

                Excellent computer skills                              Application form
                                                                        and interview

               Experience of working with Experience of                Application form
                the elderly and/or clients working in Control           and interview
                with special needs         Centre calls
             Or                            handling
              Experience of working with environment
                the public in customer
                service            focused
                                                                        Application form
                Experience of liaising with                            and interview
                 clients/customers and
                 external agencies over the
                     telephone in a busy
                     working environment
                                                      Application form
                    Extensive computer               and interview
                     keyboard experience
                     including data input,
                     retrieval, editing and

                    Committed to promoting           Interview
                     equality and diversity for all
                     tenants, staff and other

                    Committed to delivering          Interview
                     excellence in customer
                     service at all times

                  Hold and maintain a full           Application
                   current driving licence

                  Willingness to undertake           Interview
                   work related courses

                    Ability on occasion to work      Interview
                     outside of normal office
CIRCUMSTANCES        hours

                    Flexibility is essential to      Interview
                     provide stand-by cover at
                     short notice in the event of
                     sickness, leave or other
                     absences from colleagues
                    Willingness to hold and          Interview
                     maintain an enhanced CRB

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