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					Standards Compliance Officer
Application form

This form is to be accompanied by:
Recruitment Monitoring Form

SECTION 1 of 7: Personal details
Surname:                                    Forename(s):

Address:                                    Telephone number:

                                            Mobile number:

                                            Email address:

SECTION 2 of 7: Declaration

To the best of my knowledge and belief the information given in this form is correct. I understand
that if I am appointed and this information is inaccurate, I am liable for dismissal.

Signature:                                            Date:

Please tell us where first you heard about this vacancy:
   NMC Website                                                Other (Specify),

   NMC Employee       Name of employee:

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Standards Compliance Officer
Application form

SECTION 3 of 7: Abilities and experiences
Having familiarised yourself with the job description and person specification for this role,
please give us about two or three examples on your ability/experience in each of these areas.
Experience of working within a Quality Assurance function

Broad understanding of devolution, the legislation and policy differences in the delivery of
healthcare across all four countries within the UK

Able to plan and oversee complex events involving external and internal stakeholders

Able to communicate concepts and developments to a range of audiences in a succinct and
appropriate manner

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Standards Compliance Officer
Application form

SECTION 4 of 7: Entitlement to work in the UK
In order to comply with the Asylum and Immigrations Act 1996 we are required to ask you to verify
your entitlement to work in the UK
Are you legally entitled to work in the UK?
                                                                                 yes            no
Do you need a visa or work permit to work in the UK?
                                                                                 yes            no
If Yes please give details including expiry date and any restrictions:

SECTION 5 of 7: Criminal convictions
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? (Declaration subject to
                                                                                 yes           no
the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974)
If yes please give details:

SECTION 6 of 7: Current salary
Please state your current or most recent salary:

SECTION 7 of 7: References
Please provide below your two most recent employment details. References will only be collected
for successful applicants and with your consent.
Reference 1                                      Reference 2
Employment dates:                                Employment dates:
Company name:                                        Company name:
Company full address:                                Company full address:

Telephone number:                                    Telephone number:
Email address:                                       Email address:
Contact name:                                        Contact name:
Contact job title:                                   Contact job title:

Returning your application

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Standards Compliance Officer
Application form

Please return your completed application form, together with a copy of your CV and the NMC
recruitment monitoring form, by email to

For any application related queries, please contact a member of the HR and OD team on Thank you for your interest in a position at the NMC.

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