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									CART Functional Team Model
                                                             Operational Commander                                               Tasks
  With Preliminary Tasks                                                                                     •Determine type
                                                                Relief commander                             •Establish goals for each operational period
                          CART Advisor                                                                       •Chair investigative meetings
                          (experienced)                                                                      •Execute investigative plan
                                                                                                             •Arrange team relief
                                                                                                             •Advise chain of command
                      Officer to record all                                                                  •Develop press strategy
                  information OC learns and                                                                  •Write or approve press releases
                    what actions are taken.                                                                  •Request outside agency assistance

                                                 Office Team
        Home Team                                                                                                                  Search Team
                                                Investigative                              Away Team
   Sergeant Rank at this level                                                                                                     Press Liaison
                                               Command Post
               Tasks                                     Tasks                                   Tasks                                      Tasks
•Obtain description                       •Search police/CPS records              •Locate where last seen                   •Review prior search and
•Put out BOLO                             •Search calls for service               •Interview last contact                    documentation
•Secure crime scene                       •Start event/information log            •Locate/interview witnesses               •Assign officer to document
•Preserve bedding                         •Send out Amber Alert                   •Interview cell phone contacts            •Search room
•Get consent to search                    •Establish trap and trace               •Secure/transport photos                  •Collect scent items
•Detailed interview                       •Document police personnel              •Interview friends                        •Determine if items missing
•Verify custody                           •Emergency cell phone records           •Neighborhood canvass                     •Search home
•Family/child’s history                   •Review sex offenders by type           •Liaison with DA                          •Request K-9
•ID cell phone access                      and location                           •Search school locker                     •Request helicopter
•Evaluate Internet use                    •Contact parole office                  •Check local video cameras                •Designate staging area/CP
•Identify friends                         •Prepare flier                          •Polygraph parents/reportee               •Process scene with CSU
•Victim/family liaison                    •Enter NCIC                             •Follow up on tips                        •Contact/speak to media
•Monitor phone calls                      •Set up tip hotline                     •Verify all statements                    •Liaison with volunteers
•Determine window of                      •Activate tip management system         •Check common carriers, taxi,             •Work with/monitor volunteer
 opportunity                              •Contact FBI                             bus, trains                               search groups
•Verify Jurisdiction                      •Reserve meeting facility                                                         •Establish evidence log
•Prepare report                           •Identify landfills                                                               •Identify the criminal history of
                                          •Contact NCMEC                                                                     volunteers (MDI)
                                          •Secure medical/dental records                                                    •Organize systematic search if no
                                          •Manage psychics                                                                   civilian or fire managers
  * Note a supervisor from the agency requesting assistance should fill the roles of the positions marked in red (i.e., operational commander, relief
    commander, case agent(s) on home team, search team supervisor, and /or press liaison).
• The investigation will determine which tasks are necessary and their
  priority. The teams may be reconfigured to meet the individuals needs
  of the situation. Many of the tasks are designed to generate a specific
  lead and the investigation shifts focus once that lead has been

• A CART advisor to the operational commander is optional. It is
  designed to give the agency initiating the call out some supervisor
  assistance if so desired.

• A call out may also be initiated for specific resources and the
  functional team model may not be needed.

• MJS 7/30/08

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