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                                 BOARD OF SELECTMEN
                                  REGULAR MEETING
                                   OCTOBER 01, 2012

6:00 PM        Herve W. Vandal Jr.
               RE: Introduction (Appointed as a Constable 9/4/12)

6:05 PM        Ashley Robbins-Perry
               RE: Introduction (Appointed to Westport Agricultural Commission 9/17/12)

6:10 PM        NStar Electric, Donna Rosa-Gonsalves
               RE: Proposed pole location on Cherry & Webb Lane – “Beach Parking Lot”

6:15 PM        11/13/12 Special Town Meeting Warrant

7:00 PM        Termination Hearing
               RE: Donna Lambert, Animal Control Officer

1.    Letter from Michael S. Perry Jr. requesting consideration for appointment to the Westport
      Agricultural Commission. (Alternate position is available)
2.    Resignation of John M. Szymanski from the Narrows Development Committee.

Question and Answer Period

Town Administrator’s Report

Consider / Reconsider
1.    Approval of Exemptions as required by M.G.L. c. 268A, §20(d) for: a). Antonio Viveiros; and
      b) Michelle Duarte.
2.    Discussion regarding the Westport Economic Development Task Force utilizing SRPEDD hours
      for its Route 177 study.
3.    Officer’s Incident Report from Lieutenant John Bell requesting the replacement of street signs
      that have been vandalized.
4.    Officer’s incident report from Lieutenant John Bell regarding his recommendations for the
      Coalition for Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride scheduled for October 14th.
5.    Letter from the Planning Board regarding the need for a by-law concerning private construction
      on a public way.
6.    Letter from the Building Certification Committee, Board of Building Regulations & Standards,
      notifying Ralph Souza that his request for an extension of time in which to become certified as
      an Inspector of Buildings/Building Commissioner been approved with an expiration of 3/31/13.

Correspondence Requiring Action and/or Reading

Correspondence Not Requiring Action and/or Reading

Other Issues

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