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					South West College
Finance Department
2 Mountjoy Road,
Co. Tyrone,
BT79 7AH

04th October 2012

Dear Sir/Madam

2012-185 Invitation to offer for the supply of 24HD Design Tablets on behalf of
South West College

Period of contract: October 2012 - December 2012 (with possible extension of
a further three months)

South West College subject to its terms and conditions of service seeks to appoint
suitably qualified delivery organisations to supply the above mentioned products and
as such invites you to tender.

Please note that the College requires one hard copy response and one electronic
copy (on memory pen). The deadline for receipt of submissions is 12pm Thursday
18th October 2012. Hard copy tender submissions must be returned to the above
address in an envelope clearly marked “2012-185 Invitation to offer for the supply
of 24HD Design Tablets on behalf of South West College”.

No late tender submissions will be accepted.

Please find attached tender documents.

Yours faithfully

Malachy McAleer
South West College

2012-185 Invitation to offer for the supply of 24HD Design Tablets on behalf of
                               South West College

Period of contract: October 2012 - December 2012 (with possible extension of
                           a further three months)


Instruction to Tenderers and Terms of Offer .......................................................................... 4

Statement of Requirements .................................................................................................... 10

Tender Application Form ......................................................................................................... 15

Sections 1-8 Questionnaire

Sections 9-12 Weighted Criteria

Form of Offer ............................................................................................................................. 22

Return Address Label: ............................................................................................................. 24

Tender Submission Checklist ................................................................................................. 25

Instruction to Tenderers and
       Terms of Offer

Instruction to Tenderers
1.   Completion and Submission of Tender Documents

1.1. All tenders must be completed in English and, where applicable, signed in ink.

1.2. All tenders must be submitted in accordance with the documentation and
     requirements provided herein. This must not be amended in any way.

1.3. Tenders may be rejected if the required information is not given at the time
     of tendering.

1.4. Suppliers should submit 1 hard copy and 1 electronic copy of their tenders,
     preferably on a USB memory stick or CD.

1.5. Completed tender documents must be submitted in a plain sealed envelope
     and returned to the Director at the Omagh Campus (see label enclosed at the
     end of this document) with name of the supply and service being tendered for
     clearly marked, before the closing date. The envelope must not identify the
     name of your company.

1.6. The college would advise that tenders sent by post be registered or sent by
     Recorded Delivery. An official receipt should be obtained for each Tender
     delivered by hand.

1.7. Tenderers are advised that manually delivered Tenders can only be accepted
     during normal office hours i.e. between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to
     Thursday and 9.00 am to 3:30 pm on Friday. Tenders sent by special delivery
     or delivered by hand will not be accepted on either weekends or on Northern
     Ireland Public and Statutory Holidays.

1.8. The return date for this tender should be no later than 12pm Thursday 18th
      October 2012. Any Clarification messages regarding this opportunity must be
      emailed to purchasing@swc.ac.uk by 12pm Friday 12th October 2012.

1.9. Please ensure that you allow sufficient time to follow the instructions provided.
     South West College is not obliged to accept the lowest or any tender.

1.10. SWC cannot accept responsibility for postal or delivery delays.

1.11. Under no circumstances will late tenders responses be considered.

1.12. SWC will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the
      Tenderer in connection with the preparation or delivery or evaluation of the

1.13 Your attention is drawn to the enclosed Terms of Offer where all the
     requirements for completing and submitting a tender can be found. Failure to
     comply with these instructions may result in your tender being rejected.

                                 Terms of Offer
1.    Information and confidentiality
1.1   Information that is supplied to tenderers as part of the procurement exercise is
      supplied in good faith. However, tenderers must satisfy themselves as to the
      accuracy of such information and no responsibility is accepted for any loss or
      damage of whatever kind or howsoever caused arising from the use by the
      tenderers of such information, unless such information has been supplied
      fraudulently by South West College.

1.2   All information supplied to tenderers by South West College in connection
      with this procurement exercise shall be regarded as confidential. By
      submitting an offer the tenderer agrees to be bound by the obligation to
      preserve the confidentiality of all such information.

1.3   This Offer and its accompanying documents shall remain the property of
      South West College and must be returned on demand.

1.4   If tenderers provide any information to South West College in connection with
      this procurement exercise, or with any Contract that may be awarded as a
      result of this exercise, which is confidential in nature and which an tenderer
      wishes to be held in confidence, then tenderers must clearly identify in their
      offer documentation the information to which tenderers consider a duty of
      confidentiality applies. Tenderers must give a clear indication which material
      is to be considered confidential and why you consider it to be so, along with
      the time period for which it will remain confidential in nature. The use of
      blanket protective markings such as “commercial in confidence” will no longer
      be appropriate. In addition, marking any material as “confidential” or
      equivalent should not be taken to mean that South West College accepts any
      duty of confidentiality by virtue of such marking. Please note that even where
      an tenderer has indicated that information is confidential, South West College
      may be required to disclose it under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) if
      a request is received.

1.5   South West College cannot accept that trivial information or information which
      by its very nature cannot be regarded as confidential should be subject to any
      obligation of confidence.

1.6   In certain circumstances where information has not been provided in
      confidence, South West College may still wish to consult with tenderers about
      the application of any other exemption such as that relating to disclosure that
      will prejudice the commercial interests of any party.

1.7   The decision as to which information will be disclosed is reserved to South
      West College, notwithstanding any consultation with you.

2.    Samples
2.1   Tenderers may be required to submit samples of each item offered. Such
      samples shall be provided free of charge.

2.2   Samples should be dispatched under separate cover to the addresses
      supplied when requested.

2.3   Samples should be clearly marked with the name of the tenderer and the
      product code reference.

3.    Prices
3.1   Prices must be stated in accordance with the Tender Application Form and
      must remain open for acceptance until 90 days from the closing date for the
      receipt of offers.

3.2   Prices must be firm (i.e. not subject to variation) for the period of the contract
      subject only to any variation provisions contained in the contract documents.

3.3   SWC requires a minimum of six weeks’ notice of any requests for price
      increases. Any application for price changes must be submitted in writing to
      Finance Department, Omagh Campus

4.    Tender documentation and submission
4.1   Tenders may be submitted for all goods and/or services or for selected items.

4.2   The goods and/or services offered should be strictly in accordance with
      the Specification.

4.3   Tenders must comprise of:
      - Completed Sections 1-8 Questionnaire
      - Completed Sections 9-12 Weighted Criteria
      - Signed Form of Offer
      - Tender submission checklist

4.4   The Form of Offer must be signed by an authorised signatory: in the
      case of a partnership by a partner for and on behalf of the firm: in the
      case of a limited company, by an officer duly authorised,      the
      designation of the officer being stated.

4.5   The Form of Offer and accompanying documents must be completed in full.
      Any Offer may be rejected which:
      - Contains gaps, omissions or obvious errors; or
      - Contains amendments which have not been initialled by the authorised
         signatory; or
      - Is received after the closing time.

4.6   All queries or difficulties should be directed to the following e-mail address
      below. Also all companies interested in bidding should upon receipt of
      the tender document send a formal e-mail to the address below
      indicating the tender for which they will be submitting a bid.

5.    Official Amendments
5.1   Should it be necessary for South West College to amend the tender
      documentation in any way, prior to receipt of tenders, all tenderers in receipt
      of documents will be notified simultaneously. If deemed appropriate, the
      deadline for receipt of tenders will be extended.

6.    Assumptions
6.1   Tenderers must not make assumptions that South West College has
      experience of their organisation or their service provision even if on a current
      or previous contract. Tenderers will only be evaluated on the information
      provided in their response. Embedded documents or hyperlinks must not be
      used unless requested.

7.    Canvassing
7.1   Any tenderer who directly or indirectly canvasses any official of South West
      College concerning the award of contract or who directly or indirectly obtains
      or attempts to obtain information from such official concerning the proposed or
      any other tender will be disqualified. This should not, however deter any
      supplier seeking clarification in relation to the tender.

8.    Sustainable Development & Socially Responsible Procurement Benefits
8.1   The Government is committed to sustainable development, sustainable
      procurement and socially responsible procurement and South West College
      would wish to see tenderers adopt a sustainable approach. Information and
      guidance about how to pursue a more sustainable future for Northern Ireland
      is available from:-

9.    The Evaluation Process

9.1   The tender evaluation process shall be complicated in two stages

9.2   The contract will be awarded on the basis of the most economically
      advantageous Tender (MEAT) judged on cost/price, value, quality, delivery
      performance, risk and overall cost effectiveness. These factors are not listed
      in any particular order of importance. The weightings assigned will be as
               Most Economically Advantageous Criteria:              Weighting %

       Cost                                                               30%

       Level of Added Value                                               15%

       Delivery Arrangements                                              15%

       Quality of Materials                                               40%

       Total                                                             100%

Scores for the non-cost criteria shall be allocated on the following basis:

      Assessment                  Interpretation
                                  Excellent response with detailed supporting evidence
      Excellent           5       and no weaknesses. Response demonstrates that the
                                  Tenderer will provide excellent services if awarded.
                                  Good response with good supporting evidence and
      Good                4       minimal weaknesses. Response demonstrates that the
                                  Tenderer will provide good services if awarded.
                                  Satisfactory responses with satisfactory supporting
                                  evidence but lacks sufficient detail to award a higher
      Satisfactory        3
                                  mark. Response demonstrates that the tenderer will
                                  provide satisfactory services if awarded.
                                  A response/answer/solution with reservations. Lacks
                                  convincing detail and the methodology to be applied.
      Poor                2
                                  Medium risk that the proposed approach will not be
                                  An unacceptable response with serious reservations.
      Very Poor           1       Limited detail of methodology to be applied. High risk
                                  that the proposed approach will not be successful
      Unacceptable        0       Failed to address the question.

9.1    The successful Tenderer will be required to execute a formal agreement. The
       College’s written acceptance of the Tender will form a binding contract
       between the College and the successful Tenderer.
9.2    Unsuccessful suppliers may request feedback from the adjudication panel if

9.3    All costs and expenses associated with presentations shall be borne by the
9.4    South West College terms & conditions of contract for the supply of goods &
       services are available for download from our website:

Statement of Requirements

South West College is one of six Further and Higher Education Colleges in Northern
Ireland and was formed as a result of the merger of the former Colleges of
Fermanagh, Omagh and East Tyrone on 01 August 2007. South West College
services the geographical area of Counties Tyrone and Fermanagh. There are five
campus locations at Cookstown, Dungannon, Omagh, two at Enniskillen (main
campus and Technology and Skills Centre) and a number of out centres. The
College has approximately 500 full-time staff and a similar number of part-time staff
and an annual budget of £40M. The college offers a wide range of vocational and
non-vocational courses, training courses such as Training for Success, Steps to
Work and provides a service to the community, local schools, business and industry.
It provides courses ranging from basic skills to Higher National Diploma and Degree
Level programmes.

SWC are carrying out building alteration works at the Omagh campus to develop a
teaching and workshop space which will be focussed on the areas of innovation,
creativity and enterprise. This development will be known as the Design Centre.
The Design Centre and its services will include the traits of creativity and problem
solving and will promote the idea and aspiration towards entrepreneurship in SWC
students and post-primary education in the local area. This learning studio space will
offer a service to local businesses from a variety of industries to improve innovation
provide the place, process and environment to do so.

The function of the Design Centre is to be an interactive learning and exhibition
space which SWC students, other post-primary school children and companies from
a variety of industries will attend to encourage them to participate in a creative
process of generating ideas and rapidly creating prototypes to establish proof of
concept. The Design centre will go a stage further and will include a ‘launch pad’
facility so that students and local businesses can market test their ideas in a pre-
incubation launch pad facility.

The Design Centre will be the hub of a community of innovators. Students and staff
in engineering, construction, business, care, IT, science and media will take on and
find solutions to problems together. Students will learn by doing. Students will
uncover identified needs and problems, develop an unexpected range of possible
solutions and create rough prototypes.

The supply of 24HD Design Tablets are deemed both an essential and critical
activity of the College which must be managed efficiently and cost effectively and in
line with relevant legislation and standards. The College wishes to review this area of
activity and is taking advantage of the opportunities afforded from tendering to seek
an improved, high value quality supply service with the existing supply market.

The principal elements of service are outlined below:
    The supply of the products may be required at all locations of South West
      College – Cookstown, Dungannon, Enniskillen and Omagh.
    Please note the above locations may change, locations may be removed,
      others may be added throughout the life of the contract.

       The current activity levels may vary over time and the Contract must be
        sufficiently flexible to allow for such changes.
       The following specification is comprehensive but not exhaustive; omission
        does not imply the service is excluded from the contract.
       The tenderer must show a commitment to the continuing development of any
        supplier/purchaser relationship formed as a result of this tender process, and
        must demonstrate a knowledge of, and pro-active approach to, the needs of
        the College.
       The tenderer will be expected to work with the College to maximise the
        efficiency and cost effectiveness of the service it provides, and the goods it
        supplies. The College expects the appointee to develop its services and
        supply provision in response to the needs of the College

Detailed Specification

24HD Design Tablets
General specifications

Input voltage         AC 100 - 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz

Output voltage        DC 24 V, 5.0 A max.

Maximum power         71 W, 2 W in sleep mode, 1 W in off mode

Dimensions            769.3 x 463.74 x 64.0 mm, excl. stand

Weight                29.0 kg (63.93 lb), incl. stand
                      13.7 kg (30.20 lb), excl. stand

Interfaces            DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, USB

Supported             Windows®: 7, Vista™, XP (32 / 64 bit) Macintosh®: OS X,
operating systems     version 10.5.8 or later

Stand                 flexible positioning

Certification and     VCCI Class B, FCC Part 15 Subpart B (class B) and C, CE,
compliance            KCC, BSMI, C-tick, CB, CCC, GOST-R, China RoHS, Korean
                      RoHS, EU RoHS


Type                                     a-SI Active Matrix TFT LCD (H-IPS)

Screen size (diagonal)                   61 cm (24.1")

Display area                            518.4 x 324.0 mm

Aspect ratio                            16:10

Resolution                              WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200 pixel)

Pixel pitch                             0.27 mm x 0.27 mm

Colours                                 16.7 million

Brightness                              190 cd/m2

Contrast ratio                          550:1

Response rate                           13 ms

Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical)     178° / 178°

Cover plate                             tempered etched glass with anti-glare film

Plug and Play                           DDC 2B, DDC/CI


Technology                    electromagnetic resonance method

Active area                   518.4 x 324.0 mm (20.4 x 12.8 in)

Resolution                    0.005 mm per point (5,080 lines per inch)

Coordinate accuracy           ± 0.5 mm (± 0.02 in), center

Reading height                5 mm (0.2 in), center

Report rate                   133 points per second


Type                                  pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free

Switches                              tip switch, 2 side switches and eraser

Pressure to activate tip switch       less than 1 g (0.035 oz)

Pressure levels                       2,048

Tip switch lifetime                   10 million pen strokes

Weight                                ± 17 g (0.63 oz)

Rubberised grip area              yes

Supplied pen nibs                 6 standard nibs, 1 stroke nib, 3 felt nibs


Type any graphics card with DisplayPort, DVI or VGA connection (DVI and
     DisplayPort connection recommended)

Tender Application Form
   Sections 1-8 Questionnaire
 Sections 9-12 Weighted Criteria

Completion of sections 1-7 of this application are mandatory for all tenderers.
Tenderers must complete this Questionnaire, failure to do so will result in exclusion
from the tender evaluation process.
1.                                  BUSINESS DETAILS
      Name of the organisation in whose
      name the tender is submitted:
      Contact name for enquiries about
      this bid:
1.3 Contact position (Job Title):
       Post Code:

       Telephone number:
     Fax number:
1.6  E-mail address:
1.7  Website address (if any):
     Company/Charity Registration
     number (if this applies):
1.9 Date of Registration:
     Registered address if different from
1.10 the above:
     Post Code:
1.11 VAT Registration number:
                                            i) a public limited company?
                                            ii) a limited company?
       Is your organisation:
1.12                                        iii) a partnership
       (Please tick one)
                                            iv) a sole trader
                                            v) other (please specify)
     Name of (ultimate) parent
     company (if this applies):
     Companies House Registration
1.14 number of parent company (if this

      Is your organisation a:

      SME (Small & medium sized
      enterprise - a business that has 1
      to 250 employees)

     SEE (Social Economy Enterprise –
1.15 has a social, community or ethical
     purpose; operates on a
     commercial business model; is
     profit making but not profit taking)

      VOC (Voluntary or Community)
      Large Enterprise (a business that
      has 250+ employees)
2.                                       INSURANCE

       Please provide details of your current insurance cover          Value

2.1    Employer’s Liability:                                      £

2.2    Public Liability:                                          £

2.3    Other (please provide details):                            £

3.                                 QUALITY ASSURANCE

3.1    Does your organisation hold a recognised quality
       management certification for example BS/EN/ISO
                                                                      Yes / No
       9000/PQASSO or equivalent? If yes, please provide
       evidence of certification.

3.2    If not, does your organisation have a quality management
                                                                      Yes / No

3.3    If you do not have quality certification
       or a quality management system,
       please explain why:

4.                                   HEALTH & SAFETY

4.1    Does your organisation have a written health and safety
                                                                      Yes / No
       at work policy?

4.2    Does your organisation have a health and safety at work
                                                                      Yes / No

4.3   If “No”, to either of the above please
      explain why:

5.                              EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES

      Does your organisation have a written equal opportunities
                                                                         Yes / No
      policy, to avoid discrimination?

6.                         ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT

      Does your organisation have an environmental
                                                                         Yes / No
      management system*?


      Do any of the following apply to your organisation, or to (any of) the
      director(s) / partners / proprietor(s)?

7.1   Is in a state of bankruptcy, insolvency, compulsory
      winding up, receivership, composition with creditors, or           Yes / No
      subject to relevant proceedings

7.2   Has been convicted of a criminal offence related to
                                                                         Yes / No
      business or professional conduct

7.3   Has committed an act of grave misconduct in the course
                                                                         Yes / No
      of business

7.4   Has not fulfilled obligations related to payment of social
                                                                         Yes / No
      security contributions

7.5   Has not fulfilled obligations related to payment of taxes          Yes / No

7.6   Is guilty of serious misrepresentation in supplying
                                                                         Yes / No

7.7   Is not in possession of relevant licences or membership
                                                                         Yes / No
      of an appropriate organisation where required by law

7.8   If the answer to any of these is “Yes” please give brief details below,
      including what has been done to put things right.

8.                  RELEVANT EXPERIENCE
      Please provide evidence that demonstrates your experience and ability to
      deliver the types of goods and/or services to the College taking into account the
      duration, scope, complexity and value of the potential contract.
8.1   Contract     End date (if   Contract     Org. in receipt          Contact
      start date   applicable)     Value          of your          Name & Address

      Please tick if we can contact the organisations above for a reference

9.       COST                                                            weighting 30%

         Please make your offer as per the table below. All the information requested
         within the documents must be clearly detailed. Please do not alter the format
         or product details of the spread sheet. This document will ensure that all
         suppliers are tendering on a “level playing field” and allow accurate
         comparison between proposals.

         Prices should be supplied in pounds sterling, excluding VAT but must be
         inclusive of delivery and packaging charges. There should preferably be no
         minimum order quantity requirements (variations should be detailed in
         section 12).

         The specification and pricing schedules will form the basis of the core
         contract price lists and should also demonstrate your ability to supply a
         significant proportion of the required products.

                                                    Price per Unit      Total Price
Item              Description              Unit    Delivered (excl.   Delivered (excl.
                                                        VAT)               VAT)

     1   24HD Design Tablets                10
         (see specification above)

         ADDED VALUE                                                    weighting 15%

10.1     Please use the space to outline the
         potential added value you are able to
         offer to South West College e.g.
         additional   incentives,     discounts,
         rebates, added value activities

       DELIVERY                                 weighting 15%
       Tenderers are encouraged to indicate
       their willingness to abide by a prompt
       delivery arrangement and to use the
       space to specify the time scales
       between receipt of an official
       purchase order and delivery of
       item(s) to South West College.

12.    QUALITY OF MATERIALS                     weighting 40%

       Tenderers are asked to provide
       information relating to the quality of
       materials,   any     assurances     on
       products re warranty / guarantees,
       and how items meet the college
       product specification / requirements.

       Please provide brochures    / pictures
       with technical specs of      proposed
       equipment to be supplied:   this must
       be consistent with the       College’s
       product specification.

Form of Offer

                                    Form of Offer
2012-185 Invitation to offer for the supply of 24HD Design Tablets on behalf of
South West College

Period of contract: October 2012 - December 2012 (with possible extension of
a further three months)

I / We [insert name of tenderer] (‘the Tenderer’) of [insert address of tenderer]

1.1   That this Tender and any contracts arising from it shall be subject to the
Terms of Offer, the enclosed Terms and Conditions of Contract and Supplementary
Conditions of Contract and all other terms (if any) issued with the Invitation to Offer;

1.2    to supply the goods and/or services in respect of which its offer is accepted (if
any) to the exact quality, sort and price specified in the Offer Schedule in such
quantities, to such extent and at such times and locations as ordered; and

1.3    that this offer is made in good faith and that the Tenderer has not fixed or
adjusted the amount of the Offer by or in accordance with any agreement or
arrangement with any other person.

The Tenderer certifies that it has not and undertakes that it will not:

1.3.1 communicate to any person other than the person inviting these offers the
amount or approximate amount of the offer, except where the disclosure, in
confidence, of the approximate amount of the offer was necessary to obtain
quotations required for the preparation of the offer, for insurance purposes or for a
contract guarantee bond;

1.3.2 enter into any arrangement or agreement with any other person that he or the
other person(s) shall refrain from making an offer or as to the amount of any offer to
be submitted.

2 / We [insert name of tenderer] (‘the Tenderer’) of [insert address of tenderer]

Name (print):



The Form of Offer must be signed by an authorised signatory: in the case of a
partnership, by a partner for and on behalf of the firm; in the case of a limited
company, by an officer duly authorised, the designation of the officer being stated.

Return Address Label:

The Director
South West College
2 Mountjoy Road
Co Tyrone
BT79 7AH

2012-185 Invitation to offer for the supply of 24HD
Design Tablets on behalf of South West College

CLOSING DATE: 12pm Thursday 18th October 2012

Tender Submission Checklist

Tenderers should confirm that the following requirements have been met within their
tender by placing a tick  in the box opposite

Completed Tender Application Form
   -   Sections 1-8 Questionnaire                                        
   -   Sections 9-12 Weighted Criteria                                   
Signed Form of Offer                                                     
Clearly Marked Envelope using Return Address Label                       


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