Chapter 16 Normalcy and Good Times by 2xuH469


									      Chapter 16
Normalcy and Good Times
        1921 – 1929
          Section 1
     Presidential Politics
     The Harding Administration
• A return to normalcy is what Americans
  wanted after World War I. Harding won the
  Presidency in 1920. Harding doubted his
  ability to be president. He ran on the platform
  of ‘return to normalcy’. Harding was charming
  and relaxed. Played a round of golf on the day
  of the election….
• The Ohio Gang
  – Harding gave many high level jobs to friends and
    political allies from Ohio. His Ohio Gang turned
    out to be a bad idea. Scandal and lies permeated
    his administration. He said he had no problems
    with his enemies, but his friends were another
  – Harding probably had a heart attack and died on
    August 2, shortly before news of another scandal
• The Teapot Dome Scandal
  – Sec. of the Interior Albert B. Fall secretly allowed
    private interests to lease lands containing U.S.
    Navy oil reserves at Teapot Dome, Wyoming and
    Elk Hills, California. In return, Fall received bribes
    totaling about $300,000. Sec. Fall became the first
    Cabinet member to go to Prison.
  – There were other scandals. Harding’s Presidency
    was marred by scandal and corruption.
        Coolidge Administration
• Coolidge born on July 4, 1872, rose to
  prominence for dealing with the Boston Police
  Strike of 1919. Was asked to be Harding’s VP.
• Silent ‘Cal’ Takes over
  – Coolidge distanced himself from the Harding Admin.
    He asked the capable cabinet members to say on.
    (Hoover, Mellon, Hughes)
  – Coolidge believed in business leadership and wanted
    gov’t intervention to be as little as possible.
  – Coolidge tried to restore the integrity of the
    presidency and easily won the GOP nom. In 1924.
President Coolidge
• The election of 1924
   – Despite the scandals of the Harding administration Gave
     Democrats lots of ammo, they failed to win the Presidency.
     The Democrats were split on which nominee to go with.
     Ended up with John W. Davis after 103 attempts to find
     someone acceptable.
   – “Keep Cool with Coolidge” – stay with the party that
     favored business.
   – Not everyone wanted to choose between the GOP and
      • The New Progressive Party = Robert La Follette
   – Republicans won. Coolidge promised to deliver the
     Normalcy that Harding failed to deliver.

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