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									                                                About the Workshop                                                          Day One
                                        The RTS (Resolve Through Sharing) Perinatal                     0930   REGISTRATION/COFFEE
                                        Bereavement Training Program combines
                                        insight, knowledge and hands-on practical                       1000   WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS
                                        experience with the skills necessary to interact
                                                                                                               Grief Theory and Application
                                        with families experiencing perinatal loss at all
           In partnership with
                                        gestations, with special validation of early loss                      Parenting Tasks
  The Child Health Network for the                                                                             Strategies of Care:
       Greater Toronto Area             The program was developed through the                                  Miscarriage, Ectopic pregnancy, Medical
                                        Gunderson Lutheran Medical Foundation in                               termination, Stillbirth, Neonatal death
                                        Wisconsin and is now taught world-wide. It is                   1200   LUNCH (provided)
                                        taught by trained RTS Bereavement Services
                                        Coordinators through Perinatal Bereavement                             Making Loving Memories
                                        Services Ontario (PBSO).
                                                                                                               Rituals – Role of the Funeral Director
                                        PBSO is a non-profit charity that:
              Presents                                                                                         Cultural Issues

                                                Provides bereavement support to                        1800   ADJOURNMENT
    RTS PERINATAL                                families who have experienced a
                                                 miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, medical
    BEREAVEMENT                                  termination, stillbirth or neonatal death
                                                                                                                      Day Two
      TRAINING                                  Undertakes educational programs for                    0930   REGISTRATION/COFFEE
                                                 professionals and the public
   A two day workshop for health                                                                        1000   Subsequent Pregnancy
professionals involved with perinatal               Why Attend this                                            Children and Grief
loss that prepares them to develop a
   hospital bereavement program
                                                      Workshop?                                                Care for the Caregiver

                                        A baby dies…….                                                  1200   LUNCH (provided)
                                        A miscarriage occurs……
                                        Medical treatment is withdrawn on a baby in NICU…                      Community Support Options
DATE: Wednesday, November 4 and
                                        No fetal heartbeat is found on ultrasound….
   Thursday, November 5, 2009           A medical termination takes place……                                    Problem Solving: Perinatal Bereavement Issues in
                                                                                                               the Workplace
 TIME: 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (to be     As a professional, do you know how to react?
                                                                                                               Parent Panel
            confirmed)                  Do you know what to say?
           LOCATION:                                                                                           Debriefing
                                        RTS Bereavement Support Training will help you learn the
   North York General Hospital,         skills based on grief theory to help grieving families in all          Closing/ Pins/ Certificates/Evaluation
          4001 Leslie St.               these situations and will provide knowledge and guidance
    Toronto, Ontario M2K 1E1            to hospitals that will assist them in meeting the current       1800   ADJOURNMENT
                                        hospital accreditation standards related to palliative and
                                        bereavement care.
 ROOM: Auditorium, Ground Floor
     Comments from Course                                 REGISTRATION INFO                                     Please photocopy for additional registrants.
         Participants                                    This 2 day course is open to all health care
                                                                                                                Please complete the registration form:
                                                         professionals and is of specific interest to
I had no idea the long term effects of the death of      nurses, physicians, ultrasound technicians,            Name: ____________________________
a baby. I guess I thought it was a sad thing but         social workers in Labour and Delivery, NICU,
not one that affected the rest of their lives. (Social   Post Partum, ED and Day Surgery. More
Worker)                                                  examples include staff from reproductive               Address: ___________________________
                                                         technology clinics, gynecological nurses, public
I am going back to my hospital and change the            health nurses, midwives, doulas, chaplains,
way miscarriage patients are treated. I am                                                                      Telephone: ________________________
                                                         clergy, medical clinic office workers and funeral
horrified at the pain we have caused because we          directors.
just didn't know. (Day Surgery RN)                                                                              E-mail: ___________________________
                                                         COST:            $395.00
I learned how to be supportive even within the
constraints of my job. (U/S tech)                                                                               Organization: ______________________
                                                         Payment can be made by cheque or money order,
It was so helpful to hear directly from parents what     payable to the Child Health Network (c/o SickKids).
helped them and embarrassing to hear some of
the hurtful things we say and do that we thought         Cost includes:
were helping. (Chaplain)                                     200 page resource manual                          Enclosed: _________
                                                             theoretical framework for understanding           Please check one:
I realized how powerful we caregivers are to                     attachment, grief and loss
                                                                                                                Paramedic □ Nurse □ MD □ Social Worker □
change the experience of bereaved parents. (L&D              tips on self-care while caring for others
RN)                                                          lunch and two breaks daily                        Doula □ Midwife □ DI Technician □ Chaplain □
                                                             RTS certificate and pin                           Medical Office Staff □ Funeral Director □ Other □
I found the information so applicable to my
practice in pediatric oncology!                          CONFIRMATION:                                          PLEASE RETURN THE REGISTRATION
(Hematology/Oncology RN)                                 No confirmation of registration will be given.         FORM BY October 10, 2009 (TBA)
                                                         Registrants should consider their registration         VIA MAIL OR FAX:
I have more confidence in my ability to care and         accepted unless advised to the contrary.
provide for families. (Clinic office staff member)                                                              Perinatal Bereavement Training Workshop
                                                                                                                Child Health Network for the GTA
I will be a more supportive and compassionate
caregiver. (Emerg RN)
                                                                  DIRECTIONS                                    180 Dundas Street West, Suite 1700
                                                                                                                Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z8
                                                             By car or TTC: please see                          Fax: (416) 813-8309
I will try to get as many of my colleagues as      
possible to attend this course. (Funeral Director)
                                                             Note: Parking at NYGH is                              For more information, please contact:
This program should be mandatory for all NICU staff.         EXTREMELY LIMITED. It is strongly                                 Moya Johnson
(NICU RN)                                                    recommended that participants use                                Senior Planner
                                                             TTC to access this program                                 Telephone: (416) 813-6507
                                                         Holiday Inn Express Toronto North York
Please do not wear any scented                           30 Norfinch Drive
products to this workshop                                North York, ON M3N 1X1

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