Stark Rule Letter to edit and send by 2xuH469


									XXXXXX, 2012

Representative XXX
XXX Office Building
Washington, DC20515

Dear Congressman XXXX:

We understand that Senator Baucus is considering offering a legislative proposal to
eliminate the in-office ancillary exception to Stark rule for medical imaging. We
strongly urge you to oppose such a proposal.

The ability to offer high quality and efficient cardiology testing to our patients at a
lower cost than alternatives is crucial to the ongoing efforts to reign in costs of
cardiovascular disease and limit unnecessary hospitalizations as well as continue to
support the amazing decline in cardiac morbidity and mortality. The actual
physician who is caring for the patient and managing all aspects of their cardiac
care can efficiently evaluate the patient’s symptoms, leading to improved outcomes
and value. The ability to work closely with the patient is one key reason that
cardiac catheterizations, cardiac mortality and over cost for cardiovascular disease
has gone down over the last few decades.

If we are forced to send the patients to the hospital for an imaging test, not only
will costs skyrocket, but even more duplication or unnecessary tests will be done.
A physician who lacks a personal relationship with the patient and does not have
the appropriate experience may read the test results and order more tests. In
addition, patient co-pays and deductibles will be unfairly impacted.

As you know, our practice has been active in the greater XXX Metropolitan Area
for XXX years. We have prided ourselves in staying independent versus becoming
an employee of a hospital in order to always put our patients first. If Congress
were to pass such legislation, our practice will be forced to reduce our physician
and professional staff. This would devastate the livelihood of our staff, as well as
the other entities that rely on our business.

This proposed legislation would punish patients and physicians who are working
hard everyday to improve the health of our community.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to tour
our office to learn more about how we function. Our office may be reached at


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