PLEASE READ by 2xuH469


									Hi Folks,

I’ve got a few of important messages for you:

1) Remember, there is no class tomorrow (Wednesday). Consult with the schedule that is on the
website so you know when to show up. I will be in tomorrow during class time, so if you have
any questions, drop by.

2) I can’t have office hours tomorrow afternoon because my wife has an ultrasound at that time,
and I have to watch the two kids. If you need to see me, drop by in the morning.

3) Please bring your exams to class on Friday. I recorded your marks on a spreadsheet, but
then accidentally saved something over it. So, I have no record of some of your marks. At least
once a semester, I do something extremely stupid. I guess this was it.

4) I didn’t post your marks on the website because I don’t have all your student numbers. So the
list would be incomplete. If you don’t have your mark yet, I can’t e-mail it to you. I don’t think
we’re allowed to do this anymore, but I will bring your exams on Friday.

5) The presentation schedule is now posted. Make sure you have a look at it.

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