Foreign Participants and US Visas by 3l7Z72aU


									Foreign Participants and US Visas

Foreign participants are encouraged to apply for their visas as early as possible. At least three to four months
before the meeting begins is highly recommended (e.g., September - October 1, 2007 for January 1, 2008).
Some consulates may have backlogs in scheduling visa interviews, and applicants should first contact the
consulate to find out how long the wait is for an interview. Visa wait times are available at

Useful links for assisting foreign participants include the International Visitors Office, The National
Academies; look at “Travel to U.S.”. The U.S. Department of State
visa site gives the official information on the visa application process:

Citizens of 27 countries do not need a U.S. visa for business or tourism visits of less than 90 days.

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