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					                                                     Uniting Church in Australia
                                                  Presbytery of North Queensland

                                           PRESBYTERY PROMPTS 
                                29 Wentworth Ave Mundingburra 4812                   Ph: 07 4779 5818            Email:

                                    Executive Assistant hours: Monday to Thursday 8:30am-2:30pm.
       THIRD EDITION                                                                                            THURSDAY 9ND FEBRUARY, 2012
Chairman’s Chatter…
Hi everyone,
The TOGETHER ON THE WAY ENRICHING COMMUNITY (TOTWEC) journey of the Uniting Church in Queensland will be familiar to a
many in the Presbytery to varying degrees but not at all familiar to some. As a church in Queensland we have been on this journey for
nearly 2 years and the outcomes are beginning to shape the way we in the church in Queensland organise ourselves for Mission.
Much has been said about the “Wheel” which is our Vision 2020. As has been said many times this is NOT to be seen as an imposition
                                        over the top of congregations own goals and strategic plans but perhaps more as a tool to
                                        evaluate our own plans & strategies.
                                        It is our goal as a Queensland Church that as we continue uniting In Christ, acting with love,
                                        living with hope, witnessing in faith and working for justice, by 2020 we will be more
                                        intentional and focused at congregational, presbytery and synod and in our agencies about
                                        each of the 9 areas.
                                        These areas have, through a consultation and focus group process across the whole Synod
                                        also lead to the identification of 5 priority directions for the Synod, namely:
                                        (A) Enabling a demonstrated commitment to the shared call and vision
                                        (B) Promoting a discipline if prayer and spirituality both individual and corporate.
                                        (C) Developing a sustainable mission orientated organisation for the church Queensland.
                                        (D) Facilitating renewal of leadership for the mission of the church.
                                        (E) Engaging in opportunities for intentional, open community connections and partnerships.

                                           As was evident through some of the decisions made at the last Synod, especially relating to
the membership of the Synod Standing Committee and the commitment to the formation of the Governance, Nomination
Remuneration Committee, this process is leading to some action and a different structure, particularly around the Priority Direction C.
There is a long way to go and much more prayer, reflection and thinking needs to be brought to bear by many more people to lead us
forward to 2020.
It is an exciting and somewhat scary journey as we all know that the church we once knew is forever changed and will continue to
Once again I invite the people in the Uniting Church in North Queensland to be actively involved in praying for and influencing a new
shape for our Uniting Church. We each have a lot to offer so let us not be slack in our contribution. The TOTWEC logo link on the front
page of the Synod website will lead you to information about a journey so far and ways forward for you.
One simple way to begin will be to take the “Wheel” and intentionally focus individually and in your church leadership on each
segment asking for each, “What are we doing now in this area?” and “How can we improve our effort and missional focus in this area?”
Blessings as we journey together.
Bruce C.

CEM opportunity
Three day intensive at Trinity College – Doctrine and Truth after Modernity – March 16 to 18. Teacher will be Rev Dr Geoff Thompson.
“The emergence of the culture of modernity has been the most serious challenge to Christianity in 1500 years. All who live in western culture today—
Christian or not—have been shaped by the collision of Christianity with modernity. This intensive provides the opportunity to explore that collision and
the church’s theological responses to it.”
The cost is $250 and I am aware that there is an opportunity to apply for some travel assistance costs.
A brochure is available from the Presbytery Office or from Bruce.

Presbytery Office Changes
For the information of everyone, Margie Cornish will be gradually moving out of the role as Executive Assistant here are the Presbytery
Office. No, I have NOT sacked my wife, in spite of what I sometimes jokingly say. As many will be aware Margie took on the role in an
interim capacity when it was not sure, due to the Synod financial situation, whether we could afford an office support position into the
Some of the key attributes for this role are which will be best filled by someone in Townsville:
      Familiarity with and commitment to the Uniting church

     Proficiency with Microsoft Office programme
     Good office skills
     Ability to work unsupervised
The following announcement will be going in the weekly notice sheets of the Townsville Uniting Churches this week:

Casual Office position – 16 hours per week
Applications are sought for a casual executive administration assistant at the Presbytery Office (Mundingburra) to work with
Rev Bruce Cornish. The position is available for immediate start and will be for an initial period of approximately 2 months. It
is planned that the position will be 4 mornings per week but that is negotiable for the successful applicant. Detailed position
description is available from the Townsville churches of the Presbytery Office 4779 5818 or

Thursday Island Missionary – Rev Mea Kinibo
Perhaps it is a prophetic statement when the leadership in the United Church of Papua New Guinea refer to the position on Thursday
Island as a missionary position. Rev Mea Kinibo, will be coming to fill that position in the New Year when the visa process is complete.
Rev Mea will come with his wife Geno and his sons Kinibo (18), Ebenezer (15), Alex (13) and Solomon (12).
We received notification that the Australian Immigration Department has approved sponsorship for this position. Now continue to
await the issuing of the religious workers visa through the Australian High Commission in PNG. At the moment this application is being
held up as the visa application requires a police check and clearance and with the political unrest continuing in PNG such requests is
most likely a lower priority. We are still waiting confirmation of the visa being granted.

Christian One liners
A member of Presbytery has sent me an email with a number of humorous and thoughtful statements. I will include some them in
Prompts from time to time.
“Opportunity may knock once, but temptation bangs on your front door forever”
“Quit griping about your church; if it was perfect, you couldn’t belong.

I thought this was worthwhile to share from Bruce Mullan’s Daily Mail a few days ago
“A good start to the year for Daily Mail might be to look at Shane Claiborne's 12 hopes for 2012:
12. Do something really nice - that no one knows about.
11. Spend more money on other people than I spend on myself. Love my neighbour as I love myself. And love myself as I love my
10. Laugh often... especially at advertisements that try to convince me that I must buy more stuff in order to be happy.
9. Learn a new life skill - like carpentry, pottery, or canning vegetables. Teach someone else I life skill I know how to do.
8. Love a few people well, remembering that what is important is not how much we do but how much love we put into doing it.
7. Write a letter to someone I need to say thank you to. Write another letter to someone I need to ask to forgive me.
6. Track down a critic or someone I disagree with and take them to lunch. Listen to them.
5. Compliment someone I have a hard time complimenting... and mean it.
4. Choose life. Do something regularly to interrupt the patterns of injustice - do something to end violence, bullying, war, capital
punishment and other mean and ugly things.
3. Pause before every crisis and ask "will this matter in five years?"
2. Get outside often and marvel at things like fireflies and shooting stars. And regularly get my hands into the garden... so when I type
on the computer I can see dirt under my fingernails.
1. Believe in miracles. And live in a way that might necessitate one.”

Pastoral Notes, Celebrations & Prayer Points:
Please Pray For:
 Ray and Jean Banks (ex Mt Isa) as they cope with Jeans stroke last Saturday.
 Colin and Jan Bryde on the death of his father.
 Ruth Beasley (Mareeba) on the death of her husband
 Children, teachers and parents as the school year commences, especially those moving into new situations, primary, secondary or
    tertiary or moving towns.
 Hughenden folk as they clean up and look to insurance assessments etc.
 The processing of the sponsorship and visa applications for Rev Mea Kinibo and his family including speedy mail service.
 Continuing work across the whole Synod on the Together on the Way processes - looking at how God will reshape the Qld Synod.
 Hedley Fihaki, Amelia & family and the Cairns Emmanuel congregation.

Bruce C.

(Don’t forget this section of Prompts. It is for you to share with the Presbytery any books/cds /websites or other resources that you have found useful in
your personal or congregational life.)

Presbytery Prompts is a communication tool for the entire Presbytery, not just from the Presbytery office to you. Please continue to share events,
                                                           thoughts, ideas with us all.

         News from across the North Queensland Presbytery…….
Peter Fallon from Collinsville has been given 8 large hand puppets, previously used for Church youth but now out of a job, apparently!
Collinsville have no need for them & wondering if anyone else in the Presbytery would like/be able to use these puppets. They are in
good order, clothed & very cool. For anyone interested Peter can be contacted on mobile 0439862771 or
                                                                                                                            Peter Fallon

Machine Gun Preacher is the inspirational true story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing criminal who undergoes an astonishing
transformation of faith in Jesus and finds an unexpected calling as the saviour of hundreds of kidnapped and orphaned children.
Hertiage HM is offering churches across Australia an exclusive movie event premiere staring from February. The DVD release is set for
April 2012. Sam Childers will be touring Australian speaking in churches from February. More information and bookings for the movie
and Sam Childers can be made at

Please follow the link to view on the web two promotion flyers that might be of interest to churches. Some of Rob Galea’s songs and
film clips are available on the website at
If anyone is interested in Rob’s evening, tickets can be obtained from Mary – contact below. She is happy to post them out.
                                                                      Mary McAuliffe - Townsville Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinator
Phone: (07) 4726 3252
Mob: 0428 263 200
Fax: (07) 4726 3211

Motor Bike for sale
I am a bit cheeky in putting an add in here to sell my Harley Davidson Sportster 883 motorcycle but if you know of someone who may
be interested I would be pleased to hear from them. The add can be viewed on and search under private
used bikes, Harley Davidson Sportster XL883. It is a year 2000 model.     Bruce C.

What’s New…….
The next Partners in Ministry 2012 Retreat is being held at Alex Park Conference Centre, Mari St, Alexandra
Headlands from Friday evening 16th March through to Sunday lunch 18th March. Registration forms out shortly. Further
information can be found in the Feb Issue of Journey; via our PIMS facebook page; or enquiries via Jacqui Dunbar & Andi Griggs

Our PIMS retreat welcome those who are partners of ministry agents (past & present), or those married to ministry
students – the time away together is to encourage, inspire, uplift & recharge individuals. This year, our retreat speaker is Rev
Yvonne McRostie.

Andi Griggs (Mrs)        07 5448 4160 | 0403 804 814 |
Partners in Ministry | Committee Secretary
PO Box 258 | BLI BLI Q 4560

Message from the Moderator
We have all been concerned that some parts of Queensland have again been facing the ordeal of flooding in their district. This week I
have spoken to some of the ministers in the affected areas. I have heard about many flooded homes, families isolated on properties
and many people doing what they can to help. At this stage it seems that the manses and Churches in each of the centres remain
above the reach of flood waters but some of the Uniting Care premises have been affected and some of the staff have had water
through their homes. For some it is the third flood in three years. In addition we were deeply saddened by the news of the loss of one
of the Blue Care nurses from Roma who was swept away in flood waters. I invite you to add your prayers to mine for the people
dealing with loss and grieve and the many emergency service workers and community members who work to clean up and rebuild.

We think of those over the border who have been flooded and for those who wait for the water to travel its course downstream.

Grace and peace
                                                                                                             Rev Kaye Ronalds - Moderator

UnitingCare Queensland – Reconciliation Action Plan Launch
The launch of the UnitingCare Queensland Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) will occur on February 9, 2012 where they will be
celebrating the wonderful work that has been undertaken over the past year to achieve this important milestone in the life of their
organisation. (RAP is a tool to help organisations like ours strengthen positive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

The RAP builds on the work that UnitingCare Queensland has already undertaken across its service groups through their employment
programs, the appointment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander coordinators in Blue Care, the establishment of NAIDOC groups in
UnitingCare Community and by ensuring that they have appropriate cultural protocols in the development of best practice policies for
the care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The RAP now forms a key part of their strategic plan and it reflects the organisation’s values of Compassion, Respect, Justice, Working
together and Leading through learning.

The main focus areas of the RAP include:
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander presence at all levels and throughout the organisation
• Meaningful cultural awareness training
• Adoption of cultural protocols through organisational policy
• The attraction, retention and development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees
• Sense of community within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce of UnitingCare Queensland
• Communications and marketing material and products which are inclusive of Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander peoples.
                                                                                                                             UnitingCare Qld

Director of Mission Commissioning - UnitingCare Queensland
Director of Mission Commissioning - UnitingCare Queensland invites you to the Commissioning Service for Ms Colleen Geyer to be held
                                                                            th                                      nd
at St Paul’s Uniting Church Cnr Minimine & Webster Rd Stafford on Tuesday 6 March at 4 pm. Please RSVP by Friday 2 March by
email (for catering purposes) to or phone 3025 2001.”

Service of Induction - Rev. Heather Griffin
Heather will be inducted into the Brisbane Valley congregation at a Service at 4:00pm Sunday March 11 , in the Toogoolawah UCA,
Abbotsford St, Toogoolawah.All welcome.
                                                                      Rev David Baker, Presbytery Minister, Bremer Brisbane Presbytery

If you missed last week…….
Default Superannuation Fund change – UCA Lay Staff
As of 1 March 2012, the default superannuation fund for lay staff of The Uniting Church Queensland Synod will be changing to NGS

UNITING GREEN ECO-MISSION: Safeguarding Creation, Sustaining the Earth.
Music Resource
Have a look at The Rainbow Covenant for Earth Mission, and Norman Habel's "Rainbow Covenant" hymn (tune: Morning is broken).
 Talk about it with others; try using the song in worship. It sums up the theology of creation and our relationship to it. It is featured
in the latest Uniting Green News (8), on our website homepage:

Tips for Lent
Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and
break every yoke? (Isaiah 58:6)
TEAR Australia encourages a 40 day CARBON FAST during Lent and provides a series of 7 studies, and 40 simple actions to reduce our
impact on the Earth for each day.

March 4 - Clean Up Australia Day
See how churches have worked together in the community:
uniting-church-clean-up-australia-day-clean-up-and-festival There are many different Clean Up groups already registered in
Queensland. Join one, or start one in your community.
                                                                                              Rev Judith Dalton, Eco-Mission Facilitator
Service of Induction – Rev David Fanning
Rev David Fanning will be inducted into the Cooroy Pomona Uniting Church Congregation, 51 Maple Street Cooroy, on Thursday 23
February at 7.30pm. All Welcome.
                                                                                                 Sue Mulcahy, Mary Burnett Presbytery
Service of Induction - Rev. Peter Lockhart
Peter will be inducted into the St. Lucia congregation on Friday, 16 February, 7:30pm at ST. Lucia UCA, cnr Hawkin Dve and Swann Rd,
St. Lucia. All welcome

Service of Induction - Rev. Kath Hobson
Kath will be inducted into the Ipswich City and Leichhardt Congregations on Friday March 9 , 7:30pm, at Ipswich City UCA, cnr
Limestone and Ellenborough Sts, Ipswich. All welcome
                                                                     Rev David Baker, Presbytery Minister, Bremer Brisbane Presbytery

Process for Changing of Address for the Marriage Registrar
It is the responsibility of all Ministers of the Word/Deacon and Pastors to make sure that the Marriage Registrar has their most current
street address. If changing your residential address you are to advise the Registrar-General within 30 days of change in writing ONLY
to: The Registrar of Ministers of Religion, Registrar-General’s Office, PO Box 15188, City East, Qld 4002. Any other form of advice will
not be accepted. Please direct enquiries to the Registrar's Office on ph: 1300 366 430.
                                                                                                                   Synod Support Services

The GrowFaith Digital Project
The Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod, is exploring the possibility of developing a digital discipleship resource. We need
your help in the research phase. Come on the journey with us as we create a resource that best fits what you need in a discipleship
resource. Initially, the resource will target youth and young adults with the aim of developing to all ages in future. We are exploring the
options of this resource incorporating multiple online platforms (including mobile devices and social media platforms).

The purpose of the resource is to help form active and accountable disciples of Jesus through individual reflection, group conversations
and activities. Whether it's a church ministry or a school context, we hope to develop a resource that offers discovery, debate and

During January and February 2012 we are undertaking research in order to obtain the information that will guide our future steps. Our
aim in this research phase is to discover where the resource gaps are and what our youth and young people really want and need. This
will help us to develop the best and most appropriate resource to help people grow faith.

If you are a young person, a parent of a young person, a youth leader or a mentor of young people please fill out this online survey. If
you would like to know more or offer any further feedback or assistance, please don't hesitate to email Tim Griggs here. Keep up to
date at the GrowFaith Facebook page and Twitter account @GrowFaith
                                                                                                   Dr Shirley Coulson, General Secretary

Message from the General Secretary
Over the years the work of Rev Dr Rob Bos, who retired last year, and Rev Karyl Davidson have been invaluable in building up Pilgrim
Learning Community (PLC) in its critical Synod role of lay education and Christian formation. We welcome the new Director of Pilgrim
Learning community Neil Thorpe and look forward to his leadership in this important area in the life of the Synod. PLC is also on the
move and will be located on the second floor at the UC centre from next week – phone numbers and email contacts remain the same.

With Karyl Davidson (who was Acting Director and also Christian Educator for PLC) moving to WA Synod the Synod Placements
Committee recognised the need to provide continuity and experience to support the critical role of PLC in Christian formation in the
Synod. A call has been issued to, and accepted by, Rev Dr Marian Zaunbrecher to fulfil the role of Christian Educator at PLC
commencing 1 February. Marian has extensive teaching experience in the life of the UCA in three Synods and has a passion for lay
education. In recent years Marian has been involved in supporting the work of Pilgrim Learning Community in many areas ranging
from various lay preacher courses to competency training for lay pastors. Her students have appreciated her thorough preparation,
engaging learning activities and enthusiasm for lay education! We look forward to the gifts she brings to this important ministry area
in the life of the Synod.

Marian’s placement as Associate General Secretary will conclude when she commences with PLC and so consideration has also been
given to how the responsibilities of this role might be allocated in the re-configuration process of Synod Support Services as we
progress the priorities of the Together on the way, enriching community strategic directions and the functionalities and resources
required of Synod Support Services. A new position has been created in the Synod to support and encourage ministries across the
Synod. This new position, Synod Ministries Co-ordinator, will include the ongoing oversight and development of Chaplaincy with the
Synod’s wider ministry responsibilities exercised through ministerial placements. This new direction acknowledges the Synod’s
commitment to being ‘organised for mission’. Rev John Cox will undertake this new role beginning on the 1 February. John is looking
forward to taking up this role and the Synod is looking forward to seeing how this new role increases the effectiveness of the work of

the Synod.
                                                                                                                          Dr Shirley Coulson

Spiritual Care Australia National Conference
Where words meet silence - connecting through pastoral care /is the theme of Spiritual Care Australia's third national conference, to
be held in Canberra from 16-19th April this year. With keynote speaker Dr David Augsberger, Professor of Pastoral Care and
Counselling in the School of Theology at Fuller, this is a conference suitable for anyone involved in any form of pastoral care, be it in a
health, school, aged care, congregation, police or other setting, or for those involved in spiritual direction. Dr Augsberger's most
recent book is /Pastoral Counselling across Cultures. /For more information, and to register, go to
                                                                                    Rev Helen Prior, President, Spiritual Care Australia Qld

Easter Postcards-
The Queensland Synod’s Uniting Communications are again partnering with congregations to produce high-quality, low-cost resources
for Easter outreach in local communities. Easter is love is the theme of the 2012 Easter postcard campaign. The back of the card will
say “Share it!” and have a space for congregations to put their Easter service and event times. Again our theme stems from one of the
Call statements the Uniting Church in Queensland’s made in its 2020 Vision: Acting with love. This campaign aims to present an image
of the local Uniting Church as a place to worship and reconnect with the Easter story.

Starter pack: 3000 postcards and 10 full colour A3 posters – $185 (includes packing and postage to your congregation or delivery to
your presbytery meeting, if printing timelines allow). Additional postcards are available at $150 for 3000 (minimum lot) and posters at
$20 for packs of 10.
Registrations close Monday 12 February. Due to printing deadlines we are unable to accept late registrations.
For more information on deadlines, costs or to view the artwork please visit

Enquiries to Mardi Lumsden, Queensland Synod Communication Services Unit Manager on (07) 3377 9795 or email or Tara Burton, Community Liaison Officer at 07 3377 9834 or
                                                                                         Tara Burton, Community Liaison Officer

Service of Induction – Bruce Johnson
Bruce Johnson will be inducted on Monday 13 February, 7:30pm at St Andrews.

Director of Studies - In Ministry, Mission and Leadership
Applications are invited from suitably qualified people, lay and ordained, women and men, for this position.

Trinity Theological College (TTC) is the ministerial and theological training college of the Queensland Synod of the Uniting Church in
Australia (UCA). The Synod seeks faculty who are committed to forming leaders of worship, witness and service with a strong sense of
Christian identity, a theologically-formed commitment to discipleship formation, and a well-grounded missional orientation. Position
description will be available on

Inquiries relating to selection criteria and conditions of employment including remuneration should be made to: Rev Dr Geoff
Thompson, Tel: 07 3377 9950,Email:

Applications should be lodged by 4 pm, Friday 27 January 2012, with the General Secretary, Queensland Synod, GPO Box 674, Brisbane
Qld 4001 or by email at

Presbytery Calendar (including Bruce’s Diary)
   th    th
15 – 16           Synod Placements and Standing Committee Meeting
   th    th
17 – 18           Meetings in Brisbane
   th    th
19 – 24           National Presbytery Ministers Conference
25                Northern Zone Meeting - Mareeba
27                MRC
   th  rd
29 – 3            Live in PLT – Cardwell
MARCH 2012
4                 Preaching Townsville
 th    th
9 – 11            Old Testament Lay Preachers Course
10                Southern Zone Meeting
19                MRC
20                PLT
   ST   ND
21 - 22           Meetings in Brisbane
25                Preaching Innisfail
   th   th
26 - 16 April     School Holidays
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