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					                                                            Department: Children & Young People’s                                   MODEL RISK                                              M34
                                                                                                                                    RECORDING FORM
              Guidance on completing this form is available in the Health & Safety Management Arrangements for Risk Assessment
Location or                                                                 Date assessment                                           Assessment undertaken
address                                                                     undertaken                                                by
Activity or                                                                 Review                                                    Signature
situation           Employees working offsite                               date

1) Hazard (See appendix 2 -   2) Who can be harmed and         3) What controls exist to reduce the risk?                                                        4) Any further action;
H&S Management                how? (See appendix 2 -H&S        Have you followed the hierarchy of controls (eliminate, substitute etc)              Risk Score   This should be included in
Arrangements for Risk         Management Arrangements          (See appendix 3 in H&S Management Arrangements for Risk                            Consequence
                                                                                                                                                                 the action plan on overleaf
                                                                                                                                                  X Likelihood
Assessment)                   for Risk Assessment)             Assessment)
Driving                       Staff – road traffic accident    Allow time for safe travel –                                                       4x2=8          Line Manager to check
                                                               Ensure vehicle is in working order                                                                insurance and MOT
                                                               Staff to have appropriate insurance, ie business                                                  documents annually.
                                                               Staff are expected to comply with road safety legislation.                                        Employees to advise of
                                                               Mobile phones to switched off/silent whilst driving. Missed calls to be                           driving offences to line
                                                               responded to when he driver reaches destination.                                                  manager
                                                               See Driving risk assessment
                                                               Follow LA guidance, Driving at Work.

Lone Working                  Staff – accidents, illness,      Staff to put details of visits on office location board prior to visit.            2x2=4
                              assault                          Mobile phones provided
                                                               Staff to contact office by phone if change of plans
                                                               Staff to contact office if not returning to office at tne end of the day.
                                                               Staff instructed to make themselves aware of emergency arrangements at
                                                               site they are visiting.
                                                               Staff instructed to keep laptops/mobiles/valuables out of reach.
                                                               Staff instructed to park safely in well lit areas and seek assistance in winter,
                                                               if necessary, ie escorted to vehicle.
                                                               Follow LA guidance Health &Safety Management Arrangements for Lone
                                                               Follow L A guidance Health & Safety Management Arrangements for
                                                               Violence at Work.

                                                                                                                                                                           ISSUE 3 REVISION 2
                                                                                                                                                                                    DEC 2009
Ladders and other access         Staff accessing roofs, voids, etc    Consider lone working practices                                               4x2=8
equipment (generic risk          on site visits.                      Visual inspection of equipment
assessment available on Wirral                                        Follow LA guidance Health and Safety Management Arrangements for
Learning Grid, Health & Safety                                        Working At Height

Slips, trips and falls           Staff on site visits                 Suitable footwear to be worn                                                  3x2=6
                                                                      Take care on construction sites and uneven/unfinished surfaces.
                                                                      Take care in winter on wet/slippery surfaces
                                                                      Particular care to be taken in unfinished, cluttered, poorly lit areas.

Exposure to infection            Staff on site visits - exposure      Personal hygiene, eg wash hands                                               3x1=3
                                 to drains, bird droppings,           Supply of disposable personal protective equipment, eg, dust repirators,
                                 vermin dusts.                        gloves, overalls to be made available.

Confined spaces                  Staff on site visits – cellars,      Where possible staff to avoid entry, work from outside if possible.           4x1=4
                                 crawl spaces, enclosed drains,       Permit to work system in place.
                                 ductwork or falls through            To complete suitable and sufficient risk assessment for entry into confined
                                 ceilings. Contact with               space.
                                 electricity, gas, residues, fumes,   Findings to be brought to attention of all parties involved.
                                 contaminated land, head
                                 injuries, collapse of trench.

Asbestos                         Staff on site, building staff,       Asbestos Management Plan in place. Prior to the commencement of               5x1=5
                                 visitors – contractors –             ANY work on site the Asbestos Register is consulted and signed to
                                 respiratory disorders – pleural      say the Register has been consulted.
                                 plaques, asbestosis,                 All contractors or workmen are shown and sign the register for ANY
                                 mesothelioma                         task however small
                                                                      Staff instructed that they suspect asbestos has been damaged or
                                                                      has found asbestos that has not been previously identified it must be
                                                                      report it immediately

Fire                             Staff on site visits                 As a visitor, sign in and out of site and read fire safety’s plan.            5x 1 = 5
                                                                      Ensure made aware of alternative evacuation route during building work.

Manual handling                  Staff on site visits – carrying      Staff trained in safer lifting techniques. Follow LA Guidance, Health &       3x1=3
                                 equipment, moving items              Safety Management Arrangements for Manual Handling.
                                 around site area.                    Trolleys provided for staff who area required to transport
                                                                      equipment/materials to and from site.

                                 Staff on site visits                 Coats and fleeces provided. Advice to reduce time outdoors, warm drinks.      2x1=2
Winter working outside

                         Staff on site visits   Staff advised to wear appropriate clothing – cover up. To use appropriate   2x1=1
Summer working outside                          sun screen to areas of body exposed to sun, eg face, hands.
                                                Access to cool drinks
                                                Reduce time spend in Sun.
                                                Follow LA Guidance Safety in the Sun.

                                             Risk Rating                                                Action Required
                                                                          Unacceptable – stop activity and make immediate improvements
                                               17 - 25
                                                                          Tolerable – but look to improve within specified timescale
                                               10 – 16
                                                                          Adequate – but look to improve at review
                                                                          Acceptable – no further action but ensure controls are maintained

                                           (1) List hazards something with the potential to cause harm here
                                           (2) List groups of people who are especially at risk from the significant hazards which you have identified
                                           (3) List existing controls here or note where the information may be found. Then try to quantify the level of risk the
Likelihood:              Consequence:         likelihood of harm arising that remains when the existing controls are in place based on the number of
5 – Very likely        5 – Catastrophic       persons affected, how often they are exposed to the hazard and the severity of any consequence. Use this
4 – Likely             4 – Major              column to list the controls that you might take and develop all or some of that list into a workable action plan.
3 – Fairly likely      3 – Moderate           Have regard for the level of risk, the cost of any action and the benefit you expect to gain. Agree the action
2 – Unlikely           2 – Minor              plan with your team leader and make a note of it overleaf. If it is agreed that no further action is to be taken this
1 – Very unlikely      1 – Insignificant      too should be noted.

Action required:                                                                                                            Responsible person

Action plan agreed with (signature)                                              Date


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