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									           Process for Requesting Collaborative Instructional Release Time (CIRT)
                               Listed below are the steps or process for requesting CIRT.

Getting Ready - What do I need to do to get ready for submitting a CIRT request?
1. Check and select a preferred date from the PSD Calendar.
      b. Affirm that the date is available with Kathy Rase, our Guest Employee Specialist
      c. If you see that 20 or more teachers have already requested that day or will be out of the classroom, assume
          that the date is NOT available.
2. Complete the CIRT form (attached) with the date and clear descriptions.
3. Submit the CIRT form to your principal/building administrator for the appropriate signature.
      a. If this is a district-wide group, for example the Media Specialists, the principal/building administrator does
          not need to sign it.

Approval Process – How will I know if we are approved for CIRT?
1. Send the CIRT form to the Office of Academics where it will be approved            or not approved        by the
   Assistant Superintendent for Academics.
2. If approved       , the PSD event information is placed on the PSD Calendar and the submitted approved CIRT form
   is attached to the event. An approved form            will have RJ’s signature on it. To confirm approval    do the
        a. Check the PSD calendar on the date which you requested for PSD. If you take this first step (a), and see
            nothing on the PSD Calendar, it is likely that your event is not approved.
        b. Check and see if an event title on that date matches the title or description on your submitted CIRT form.
            Teachers should also see a number in parentheses that should match the total number of individual
            teachers listed on the CIRT form (e.g. 10).
        c. Click on the event and then more information in the dialogue box.
                 i. At this point, teachers should see the actual signed CIRT form attached to this event.
                ii. Confirm that the number and names of people are accurate; confirm that the form is signed.

Obtaining a Guest Teacher – Once I’ve verified this information, can I request a substitute?
1. Upon confirming the above information is accurate, you may now submit for your substitute/ guest teacher on
      a. Complete the request for guest teachers in Aesop immediately. That is, if you receive approval one month in
          advance, you should make the request for a substitute one month in advance. (Aesop link below)

               i. For Building Group release time use – PD Building
              ii. For District-wide group release time use – PD Academics
      b. If the building principal has additional expectations and procedures, please follow those guidelines.
      c. No sub? No Release Time. Know that if the district is short on guest teachers, you may be recalled
          from your professional development event to return to your classroom. So, book your request for a guest
          teacher well in advance upon receiving approval.

The Office of Academics maintains a record of all submitted CIRT forms within a secure folder to which all
administrators, including building principals, have access.

PSD Calendar Link (You have to sign in using your computer login information.)

NCSD Office of Academics                      10/16/2012
                          Directions: Please complete the form with information requested. Submit the form to your
                                                    building administrator two weeks prior to the requested date of work.

  What work do you plan to accomplish?

  How will this improve student learning? Use the following questions to guide your thinking.
  (What do we want all students to know and be able to do?, How will we know if they have learned it?, What will we do if they
  haven't learned it?, What will we do if they already know it?)

  Date / Hours requested: _____________________________________________________________
                                                  Members in Attendance
                                            (First name initial, last name, and building)

  Would you like an Instructional Coach present to facilitate?                 _____ Yes          _____No
  If yes, specify area : _______________________________________
  Teacher making request : ___________________________________
  Please attach agenda, minutes, and notes prior to or after date as appropriate and send to RJ Webber
  and your Building Administrator, no later than one (1) week after the meeting.
  Building Administrator’s approval: ____________________________________________ Date:______________

  Copy sent to RJ Webber - approval: ___________________________________________ Date:______________
NCSD Office of Academics                         10/16/2012

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