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Wyoming Office of the by h45RzQmo


									Wyoming Office of the
Attorney General
Division of Victim Services

         FY 2010
   Funding Application

Eligible programs applying for funds must provide basic, direct services to victims of
crime and be in good standing with DVS Rules, Chapters 1 through 11.


All funding proposals must be received by the DVS, 122 West 25th Street, 1st Floor
West, Cheyenne, WY 82002 by 5:00 p.m., Friday, March 13, 2009.

 All applications are due by 5:00 p.m., Friday, March 13, 2009

Contact Information

For assistance with the requirements of this solicitation, contact the DVS to speak with a
Regional Program Manager at 307-777-7200.

How to apply

All proposals must be submitted using the application template inserting information in
the content boxes provided. The application template and the DVS 2010 Funding
Resource Manual (FRM) are located on the DVS website at

The FRM will provide detailed information on eligibility, allowable expenses, application,
and reporting requirements.

Each proposal submission must include one (1) original and three (3) hard copies, each
single-spaced in 12 point font. Applications should be stapled in the upper left corner
and should not be placed in a notebook, folder, or other form of cover. No faxed copies
will be accepted.

Technical Assistance

The DVS is offering two (2) technical assistance conference calls on Wednesday,
February 18, 2009. The conference call provides an opportunity for applicants to ask
questions about the funding application, funding sources, required reporting, etc. To
participate in conference call, dial: 1-888-447-7153 and pass code: 7009347.

Conference Call Times: (1) 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. or (2) 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

If you choose to participate in the technical assistance conference call, please submit
questions in advance by phone, fax, or email.

Funding Sources

Awarded applications will be funded with State Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
funds, State Victim/Witness funds, State Child Advocacy funds, Federal Violence
Against Women Act funds, Federal Victim of Crime Act funds and the Federal Family
Violence Prevention Services Act funds. Please review the FRM for eligibility
guidelines, distribution, available funds and allowable uses.


With the Wyoming Supreme Court State Administrator’s annual approval, court funds
shall be distributed to domestic violence & sexual assault programs on a formula basis
based on population to provide services that benefit the court (i.e. protection orders and
court accompaniment).

Award Amounts

Applicants should carefully consider the resources needed to successfully implement
their proposal and present a realistic budget that accurately reflects proposal costs.

Funding Priorities

The funding review team will give priority to proposals that have chosen the following
goals and have clearly outlined the activities to achieve these goals.

    Goal # 1 – Fundamental Services to Victims of Crime - describes quality and basic
    services for victims of crime, acquiring quality staff, retaining experienced staff,
    client needs, and community needs.

    Goal # 2 - Strong Community Collaboration - narratives must demonstrate
    community agencies and programs working together to best serve victims of crime.

    Goal # 3 - Community Engagement - narratives must clearly describe activities that
    promote victim rights, crime victim services, and raising awareness on crime
    victims’ issues.

Allowable Uses

Detailed information on allowable uses for each funding source available in the FY 2010
Funding Resource Manual (FRM) located on the DVS website

Unallowable Activities

Lobbying and lobbying related activities
Research projects

Batterer Intervention programs
Anger management classes
Purchase of certain law enforcement equipment, including but not limited to guns,
ammunition, bullet proof vests and radios.

Review Process

The funding review committee is a group of peers from many different disciplines. The
committee will review the applications and make funding recommendations.

Required Reporting

Sub grantees shall submit data through the DVS case management software called
WyoSAFE. Additionally, sub grantees are required to submit:

       Mid Year Narrative Report and a Mid Year Fiscal Report due January 15, 2010.
       Year End Narrative Report and a Year End Fiscal Report due August 15, 2010.

Forms will be available on the DVS website located at

Originals of each report must be mailed with authorized signatures and also an
electronic copy of the report must be e-mailed to the assigned Regional Program
Manager by the deadline.

Programs receiving VAWA funds are required to submit sub-grantee reports to the
Division in accordance with deadlines established through the Office on Violence
Against Women. These reports are generally due on February 15, 2010, however
there may be a delay in programs having access to the forms required.


According to the DVS Rules all directors, staff and volunteers providing direct services
to victims of crime shall complete a minimum of 40 hour training prior to providing
unsupervised direct services. The DVS has approved the FREE Office of Victims of
Crime (OVC) Victim Assistance Online training ( to
satisfy the 40 hour advocate training requirement. However, you may offer this only if it
is consistent with your personnel training policies. It is up to each agency to decide if
they want to offer this training to staff. Several agencies have an established training
curriculum the OVC training does not replace important community specific training
rather it provides training to agency staff that does not have access to specialized victim
assistance training.

The OVC Victim Assistance Training (VAT) Online was designed to take approximately
35-40 hours to complete. VAT Online includes seven modules. The modules cover:

   Goals and how to navigate through the online training.

   Basic issues such as ethics and cultural competency that provide the foundation for
    victim services.
   Characteristics, prevalence and other information about 14 types of crimes.

       Core skills needed by victim service providers, such as establishing rapport,
        problem solving and crisis intervention.
       Information about specific topics and skills needed to provide
        services to specific populations.
       Information about and skills needed to collaborate with various types
        of systems, such as community-based, criminal justice-based, faith-based,
        and reservation-based systems.
       Challenging situations faced by victim service providers.

More information about VAT Online can be found at

Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Requirement


Volunteers must be used in the provision of direct services within a VOCA-funded
agency, regardless of whether the volunteers' hours are being used as match for the
sub grantees VOCA award. If volunteer hours are being used by a sub grantee to meet
the VOCA match requirement, activities conducted by volunteers must be directly
related to the provision of services to victims. Volunteer hours donated by members of
a sub grantee’s board can only be counted as match if/when they are directly related to
the provision of services to crime victims.

Eligibility Documents


The DVS will no longer require a financial audit for sub grantees. The DVS believes the
funds that pay for the audit should be kept by the agency to serve crime victims.
However, beginning in FY 2010 Regional Program Managers will require additional
fiscal information during an On Site and Desk Review to satisfy some of the audits
requirements. Agencies that receive more than $500,000 in federal funds will still be
required to submit the Circular A-133 Audit.

          DEADLINE (NO EXCEPTIONS) 5:00 P.M. FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2009

                                  COVER SHEET
Program Name:
Street Address:
Mailing Address:
City, State, Zip:
Phone Number:                   Fax Number:

Type of Program:         Victim/Witness Program        DV/SA Program
                         Dual DV/VW Program            CASA Program
                         CAC Program                   SART/SANE Program
                         Governmental                  Non-profit
                         Other (specify)

Governing Entity Contact:
     Name:                      Title:

       Phone:                   Fax:

       E-mail address:

Program Coordinator:

       Phone:                   Fax:

       E-mail address:

Total amount of funds you are requesting for FY2010 from the DVS: $

Total amount of funds you were awarded in FY2009 from the DVS: $

Total Percentage (%) of increase/decrease in funding request:       %

Provide a brief explanation for increase/decrease in funding request.


Who does your program serve (check all that apply)?

Indicate the percent of each type of victimization your program serves (include all
victimization types that apply – MUST equal 100%).

      Child Physical Abuse                             Robbery
      Child Sexual Abuse                               Assault
      Domestic Violence                                DUI/DWI Crashes
      Adult Sexual Assault                             Survivors of Homicide
      Stalking                                         Adults Molested as Children
      Elder Abuse                                      Other (please specify):

What hours are services available?

      Regular office hours:
      On-call hours (if applicable):

Indicate what services your program provides (check all that apply).
                 Crisis Intervention
                 Crisis Hotline
                 Individual Counseling
                 Group Counseling
                 Criminal Justice Support/Advocacy
                 Emergency Legal Advocacy
                 Assistance with Crime Victim’s Compensation
                 Emergency Financial Assistance
                 Information & Referral
                 Social Service Advocacy
                 Personal Advocacy
                 Follow Up
                 Other (please specify):

How many staff members does your program have?

How many volunteers does your program have?

Proposal Narrative

Mission Statement: (No more than 1 paragraph)
Please provide a brief statement of the purpose of your organization.

Statement of Need: (No more than 1 page)
Need must be clearly established and specific to the agency’s mission and community being
served. Explain how the particular population or problem will benefit from the proposal. Include
current local information/data and other sources of information that defines the problem.

Goals/Objectives/Activities/Outcomes: (No more than 5 pages)
Clearly describe the desired outcome (serving victims of crime) and the planning, development,
and implementation it will take to achieve the goals. The objectives must have measurable
outcomes and should state specifically what the funding will accomplish. Each objective should
relate to the statement of need. The objectives/activities should be reasonable in scope for the
organization to complete within the funding period and the organization’s available resources.
Include the detail of the activities, by specific task to be done, by whom, in order to meet the
stated goals, outcomes and objectives with a time line. The activities must be feasible and likely
to succeed and demonstrate how they will address the problem with meaningful attention to
victim safety.

Evaluation: (No more than 1 page)
Describe how you will measure the impact of your services for the population you are serving.
Be sure to explain how you plan to measure outcomes and not just outputs (numbers). Be sure
to measure quantity and quality Identify the data that will be collected to specifically to address
the outcome.

Outreach: (No more than 1 page)
Explain how crime victims find your program or access your services. Describe your outreach
activities and how you raise awareness about your program in your community. Describe the
underserved population in your community and what steps you have taken to services to this
population. Describe what services you offer people with special needs. Describe how you
engage the public and your community in crime victim’s issues. Describe how you recruit and
retain volunteers.

Sustainability: (No more than 1 page)
Describe how the program/project will obtain future resources for continuation and identify plans
for seeking future funding. (There must be some plan identified. It is not sufficient for the
explanation that funds are limited in the community and therefore there is no plan for
sustainability beyond the funds for which this application is submitted). Also, describe the efforts
of the program to build community trust and that the program is important and worthwhile.

Collaborating Agencies: (No more than 1 page)
Explain what other agencies your organization works with in your community and describe how
your program collaborates with these agencies to serve victims of crime.

MOU/MAA:( Attachment)
In order to be eligible for funding, all proposals must attach a single-source, goal-
specific Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA) that
demonstrates meaningful coordination with or participation by non-profit and
governmental victim service providers. The MOU/MAA must demonstrate how each
program has consulted with prosecution, law enforcement, courts, and other community
victim service programs during the course of developing their proposals to ensure the
proposed activities are designed to promote safety, confidentiality, economic
independence or restoration of victims. The MOU/MAA should clearly articulate each
organization’s roles and responsibilities in carrying out the mission, goals, objectives,
and activities of the proposal(s) submitted from each community. Each MOU/MAA
signatures should also include the date of the signature.

Proposal Budget

The FY2010 Funding Request Budget should reflect the total cost to operate your
program and/or project. It should clearly state the total amount you need from the DVS
and how much you expect from other funding sources or resources, i.e. local city/county
government support, other grant sources, fundraising, etc.

                                           FY 2010             FY 2010           FY 2010
                       FY 2009 DVS     Funding Request    Anticipated Other      TOTAL
                      Current Budget    from the DVS         Resources           Budget
Salaries                 $                 $                  $                  $
Payroll Deductions       $                 $                  $                  $
Health Insurance         $                 $                  $                  $
Other Benefits           $                 $                  $                  $

Operating Expenses
Office space -           $
                                           $                  $                  $
Shelter space -          $
                                           $                  $                  $
Utilities - Office       $                 $                  $                  $
Utilities - Shelter      $                 $                  $                  $
Communication            $                 $                  $                  $
E-mail/Internet          $                 $                  $                  $
Supplies - office        $                 $                  $                  $
Supplies - shelter       $                 $                  $                  $
Travel/Mileage           $                 $                  $                  $

                                                       FY 2010                   FY 2010                  FY 2010
                             FY 2009 DVS           Funding Request          Anticipated Other             TOTAL
                            Current Budget          from the DVS               Resources                  Budget
Admin./                       $
                                                       $                        $                         $
Equipment                       $
                                                       $                        $                         $
Office/Shelter                  $
                                                       $                        $                         $
Insurance                       $                      $                        $                         $
Professional                    $
                                                       $                        $                         $
Other (specify)                 $                      $                        $                         $

Emergency Shelter               $                      $                        $                         $
Other Emerg.                    $
Financial Assistance
                                                       $                        $                         $
Other (specify)                 $                      $                        $                         $

Trainer's fees                  $                      $                        $                         $
Registration                    $                      $                        $                         $
Travel/Hotel/                   $
                                                       $                        $                         $
Other (specify)                 $                      $                        $                         $

Publications                    $                      $                        $                         $
Advertising/                    $
Outreach/                                              $                        $                         $
Prevention Education            $
& Awareness
                                                       $                        $                         $
Other (specify)                 $                      $                        $                         $

TOTAL                           $                      $                        $                         $

Initial to indicate this program will pledge the appropriate match as required by all VOCA and some VAWA awards:

I have reviewed and approve of this funding application budget:
Board Chair or Program Supervisor:             ______________________________________                   _______________

Budget Narrative
The budget narrative must match the proposed budget and provide detailed information,
including calculations where appropriate, for each budget line item requested and be
sure to match the proposal budget. Be sure to cover the costs of all necessary
components of the proposal. Demonstrate a clear link between the proposed activities,
the proposed budget items, and provide adequate justification for all project-related
costs. Be sure your budget is reasonable and cost effective. Be sure totals match
proposal budget sheet.

                                  FY 2010 Funding         FY 2010        FY 2010
         Position Title               Request        Anticipated Other   TOTAL
                                   from the DVS         Resources        Budget
1)                                   $                   $               $
2)                                   $                   $               $
3)                                   $                   $               $
4)                                   $                   $               $
5)                                   $                   $               $
6)                                   $                   $               $
7)                                   $                   $               $
               Total                 $                   $               $


Payroll Taxes/Employee Benefits:
                                   FY 2010 Funding        FY 2010        FY 2010
            Position                   Request       Anticipated Other   TOTAL
                                    from the DVS        Resources        Budget
     Payroll Taxes, Social
                                      $                  $               $
     Security & Worker’s Comp.*
1)   Health Insurance                 $                  $               $
     Retirement/Other Benefits        $                  $               $
     Payroll Taxes, Social
                                      $                  $               $
     Security & Worker’s Comp.*
2)   Health Insurance                 $                  $               $
     Retirement/Other Benefits        $                  $               $
     Payroll Taxes, Social
                                      $                  $               $
     Security & Worker’s Comp.*
     Health Insurance                 $                  $               $
     Retirement/Other Benefits        $                  $               $
     Payroll Taxes, Social
                                      $                  $               $
     Security & Worker’s Comp.*
4)   Health Insurance                 $                  $               $
     Retirement/Other Benefits        $                  $               $
5)   Payroll Taxes, Social            $                  $               $

     Security & Worker’s Comp.*
     Health Insurance                 $                   $                $
     Retirement/Other Benefits        $                   $                $
              Total                   $                   $                $

Explanation (*be certain to include the percentage and calculation for employee
benefits, i.e. taxes, social security and worker’s compensation):

Operating Expenses:
                                     FY 2010 Funding        FY 2010         FY 2010
              Expense                    Request       Anticipated Other    TOTAL
                                      from the DVS        Resources         Budget
Office Space – Rent/Mortgage              $                $               $

Shelter Space – Rent/Mortgage             $                $               $

Utilities – Office                        $                $               $

Utilities -- Shelter                      $                $               $

Communication                             $                $               $

E-mail/Internet                           $                $               $
Supplies – Office                         $                $               $

Supplies – Shelter                        $                $               $

Travel/Mileage                            $                $               $

Administration/Bookkeeping                $                $               $

Equipment leases/maintenance              $                $               $
Office/Shelter repairs/maintenance        $                $               $

Insurance                                 $                $               $
Professional fees/services                $                $               $

Other:                                    $                $               $
                  Total                   $                $               $


Emergency Assistance:
                                   FY 2010 Funding          FY 2010            FY 2010
             Expense                   Request         Anticipated Other       TOTAL
                                    from the DVS          Resources            Budget
Emergency Shelter                     $                    $                   $
Other Emergency Financial
                                      $                    $                   $
Other:                                $                    $                   $
               Total                  $                    $                   $


                                   FY 2010 Funding          FY 2010            FY 2010
             Expense                   Request         Anticipated Other       TOTAL
                                    from the DVS          Resources            Budget
Trainer’s fees                         $                   $                   $

Registration(s)                        $                   $                   $
Travel/Mileage/Hotel/Meals             $                   $                   $

Other:                                 $                   $                   $
                 Total                 $                    $                  $

Explanation (indicate what trainings, including name, date and location of training (if
known) and who will be attending):

                                   FY 2010 Funding          FY 2010            FY 2010
             Expense                   Request         Anticipated Other       TOTAL
                                    from the DVS          Resources            Budget
Publications                          $                    $                   $
Outreach/Advertising                  $                    $                   $

Prevention                            $                    $                   $

Other:                                $                    $                   $
                 Total                 $                   $                   $


Programs will not be specifying actual match allocations at the time of application.
Programs will be required to submit a final detailed budget, including match, based on
actual award amounts as part of their award stipulations. Programs are required to
indicate; they know and understand that matching funds will be required on any federal
award from the DVS.

Eligibility Documents
Each proposal must include current eligibility documents.

      Nonprofit Organizations:
           IRS confirmation of Federal Identification Number
           Certification letter of compliance with the Unemployment Insurance
             requirements of Wyoming (exempt if fewer than 4 employees or
             employees work less than 20 weeks in a calendar year.)
           Certification letter of compliance with the Wyoming Worker’s Safety and
             Compensation Act
           Articles of Incorporation
           Organizational by-laws
           Current Board of Directors Roster including mailing addresses and contact
           Current Secretary of State Annual Report
           Lease agreement (if proposal involves rental cost for federal funds or
           Insurance policy (if proposal involves employee benefits for federal funds
             or match)
           Circular A-133 Audit (for programs who receive more than 500,000 in
             federal funds)

      Governmental/Public Entities:
           Organizational policies and procedures regarding programmatic issues
           Accounting policies and procedures

          Organizational flowchart
          Certification letter of compliance with the Unemployment Insurance
             requirements of Wyoming (exempt if fewer than 4 employees or
             employees work less than 20 weeks in a calendar year.)
          Certification letter of compliance with the Wyoming Worker’s Safety and
             Compensation Act
          Circular A-133 Audit (for programs who receive more than $500,000 in
             federal funds)

Assurances (initial that you have reviewed the following statute and/or rules.)

I have reviewed W.S. 1-40-118. _______

I have reviewed the Attorney General’s Rules for Domestic Violence Shelter Service
Providers and Serving Victims of all Crimes. _______

I have read and approved this request for funding.

__________________________________                   __________________________
Supervisor or Board Chair name printed               Title

__________________________________                   __________________________
Supervisor or Board Chair signature                  Date

Application Checklist

A complete application should include the items listed below; please check whether or
not it is included in the application.

  Application Requirements                                       Yes          No

  Cover Sheet


  Proposal Narrative (not to exceed 10 pages)


  Proposal Budget

  Budget Narrative

  Current Eligibility Documents
  Key community stake holders outside of your
  agency helped prepare and reviewed your
  funding proposal.


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