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 Five days. 258 miles. Two Teams. One Cause.
About the Ride

•   Boost support for 509 Capitol Ct. Campaign
•   NACD staff pedaling for district pride
•   258 miles in 5 days
•   Ohiopyle, PA to Washington D.C.
•   Arrive at 2008 Summer
    Board Meeting and
    Legislative Conference
The Cause

• Provide much needed repairs and
  renovations to NACD Headquarters
  – Create a larger conference room
  – Connecting staircase between floors
  – Address fire safety and access issues
  – Increase energy efficiency
  – Replace carpets
  – Create an office you can feel proud
    to call your own!
The Teams

Newbies        Old Pros
Lisa Lerwick   Brad Ross
Naomi Watson   Arthur Ganta
Mary Hammon

Support Crew
Fred Hammon
Fundraising Status

Renovation Ride:
   Newbies: $18,070
 + Old Pros: $15,675
   Total:     $33,745
509 Capitol Court Campaign:
          = Total to date: $123,492
  Total needed for renovations: $280,000
How To Help

• Send in your donation today
• Organize a local, state or regional ride for
  the cause
• Spread the word in your community or
• Call (202) 547-6223
  for pledge cards!
Fundraising Goals

• Current Fundraising Status = $33,745
  – 1 part for every $10,000

• First Renovation Ride Goal = $50,000
  – Full bicycle

• But …
Fundraising Goals

If we raise $100,000 in
   Renovation Ride pledges …

  … one NACD officer will
     join the riders

If we meet our full Campaign goal of $280,000…
Fundraising Goals

…All NACD officers will participate!!!
 More info available at:
   (202) 547-6223

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