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									                                               IT Plan – Agency Operations

Agency: Department of Transportation
Line of Business – Driver, Vehicle and Safety services which utilize the following systems:
                     Driver License (DL3)
                     VRTS (Vehicle Registration and Title System)
                     Motor Carrier Systems (IRP/IFTA/UCR)
                     Crash Reporting System

Responsible Party:
       Name: Mike Becker
       Title: IT Manager
       Phone: 328-4790
       Email: mibecker@nd.gov

Technology Description:
       Driver License (DL3) – The system provides for the issuance of driver credentials, driver records and driver improvement functions.
The system interfaces with multiple peripheral systems and has network connectivity on a national basis via the AAMVAnet network. The
system technology is COBOL, Natural with an ADABAS database. Peripheral systems include the Digital Driver License System, Facial
Recognition, Q-Test Knowledge Testing, SAVE (Alien Verification), EVVERS (Vital Records interface) Digital Image Exchange, Commercial
Driver License Information System, Problem Driver Pointer System, Social Security on-Line Verification and the Court’s Odyssey system.
        VRTS – The application provides for the registration and titling of motor vehicles, handicap placard issuance, dealer licensing and fund
distribution of approximately $168,000,000 per year. The system is a PowerBuilder Application on and Oracle database. Interfaces include
PCVina and the National Motor Vehicle Titling System.
       Motor Carrier Systems – Include the International Registration Plan, international Fuel tax Agreement and the Uniform Carrier
Reporting filing applications. The application is an on-line J2EE web based application with an Oracle database. The application interfaces
with the VRTS application for dollar transfers and record updates.
        Crash Reporting System – The CRS system allows for the recording of crashes occurring within the State and provides multiple
statistical reports and downloads. It is a PowerBuilder application with a DB2 database action and receives approximately 80% of its data
electronically from the TraCS system.

Planned activities:
      Driver License (DL3) – A system redesign is being proposed as a large project for the 2011–2013 biennium. Other activities will be the
CDLIS Modernization project which affects the data transmission of our commercial drivers.
      VRTS – Additional web services are being proposed to alleviate the workload in the Central Office. Plans are n place to revise the
temporary registration process for out of state workers.
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                                             IT Plan – Agency Operations
        Motor Carrier Systems – The major impact will be the new PRISM program that will be implemented in three separate phases though
       Crash Reporting System – Plans will need to be made to remove our dependence on ITD’s SeeBeyond product that validates the TraCS
data coming in from law enforcement. We will also be looking at moving the crash A decisin

Planned changes /updates to technology: Addressed above.

Technologies being watched or investigated:

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