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									                                          AMREF UK
                                       JOB DESCRIPTION
Title:                  Head of Finance and Administration/Financial Controller
Responsible to:         Chief Executive
Salary:                 £40,500 - £45,000
Location:               Fetter Lane, London (will be moving March 2013)

I. The Organisation

The African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) is Africa’s leading health development
organisation working to achieve better health for Africa. AMREF is headquartered in Nairobi and has
Country Programmes in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Africa, Southern Sudan, Tanzania and
Uganda, Our unique positioning and strength lies in being an African organisation working from within
African communities to ensure these communities are healthy and can break the cycle of poverty. In
2010, AMREF was joined by a new Director General – the first African woman to lead our organisation
– and we are now embarking on an exciting period of change globally to make us a stronger, more
cohesive, more effective organisation for the people of Africa whom we exist to serve.

AMREF in Africa is supported by a network of National Offices based in the North. The 4 major roles
and responsibilities National Offices are expected to play in the new global AMREF structure are:
    a) Fundraising
    b) Advocacy
    c) Increasing AMREF’s visibility
    d) External relations and partnering

AMREF UK is one of those National Offices and is composed of 3 teams – Fundraising and
Communications, Programmes and Advocacy and Finance and Administration.

AMREF UK is a committed, experienced team, passionate about Africa and the vital, essential role
that good health plays in the development of the continent. AMREF UK is hugely ambitious and is
looking for a [Financial Controller] to contribute proactively and collaboratively as a member of the
Senior Management team.

II. Functions/ Key results expected:

Under the guidance of the Chief Executive and working closely with finance staff in HQ, the [Financial
Controller] is responsible for the following areas:

    1.   All aspects of Financial Control, Management and Analysis
    2.   Company Secretary
    3.   Facilities and Office Management
    4.    Human Resources
    5.   Information Technology Systems Management
    6.   As part of AMREF UK’s Senior Management Team contribute towards the achievement of
         AMREF UK’s strategy and support the global ONE AMREF strategy

AMREF UK: Financial Controller                       1                                        Job Description
1. Financial Control, Management and Analysis
    Oversee the finance function, ensuring proper administration of AMREF UK’s financial affairs;
       advising and assisting the Chief Executive and other Directors on budget and financial
       planning strategies; monitoring and revising the budget and forecast in line with changing
       demands and projected out-turns; and preparing management accounts and annual financial
    Ensure the systems surrounding all aspects of the financial systems, budgets, forecasts and
       business planning comply with charity/company legislation;
    Administer the payroll (recently outsourced);
    Oversee the provision of fully-computerized accounting services (currently SUN) for use by
       other staff in planning and controlling the work of AMREF UK. This includes financial
       accounting, management accounting, reporting, forecasting and budgetary control systems;
    Ensure the appropriateness of the key assumptions included in AMREF UK’s annual budget
       proposals and strategic plans. Provide advice to the Chief Executive, SMT, Chairman,
       Treasurer and Finance and Audit Committee on these matters;
    Contribute to the strategic direction of AMREF UK;
    Lead the annual budgeting process;
    Ensure the provision of meaningful, accurate and timely management accounting and
       performance measurement information to the Chief Executive, SMT, Treasurer and the Board;
    Advise the Treasurer and the Board on major financial issues which arise and which are
       outside the agreed boundaries of management authority;
    Service the Finance and Audit Committee of the Board;
    Maintain regular liaison with the Treasurer;
    Maintain records to meet legal and tax requirements and to measure both the inputs and the
       outcomes of AMREF UK’s operations;
    Plan and manage AMREF UK’s tax liabilities under existing and new legislation;
    Prepare the statutory annual accounts and manage the annual audit process;
    Maintain contact with bankers, pension advisers and auditors;
    Keep abreast of financial developments across the charity sector by liaising with senior finance
       staff in other charities;
    Prepare cash-flow statements, income and expenditure accounts and tax returns;
    Establish and maintain costing models for AMREF UK.

2. Company Secretary
     Arrange Annual General Meetings, co-ordinate the operation of AMREF UK’s formal decision–
      making and reporting machinery; formulate agendas with the Chief Executive and Chairman;
      circulate papers; attend meetings and ensure minutes are written; maintain minute books;
      certify copies of minutes; ensure correct procedures are followed, including election
      procedures and passing resolutions;
     Maintain key statutory registers such as: directors and secretaries, conflicts of interest, gifts in
     File statutory returns within the required dates with Companies House, such as annual returns,
      report and accounts, amended memorandum and articles of association, notices of

AMREF UK: Financial Controller                        2                                        Job Description
        appointment, removal and resignation of directors and the secretary, notices of removal or
        resignation of the auditors, change of registered office;
       Keep abreast of and ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulation, and
        encourage good practice;
       Ensure AMREF UK’s stationery, orders, invoices, cheques and other documents include all
        details required under company law, charity law and VAT legislation;
       File Annual Return with The Charity Commission.

3. Facilities and Office Management
     Manage the premises used by AMREF UK including the relationships with landlords, managing
        agents and other tenants (where appropriate);
     Maintain office insurance policies and ensure appropriate insurances are in place;
     Manage general office planning and procurement of equipment and materials.

4. Human Resources
    Oversee the HR function, including management of the outsourced provider, to ensure the
      provision of advice on HR matters to the Chief Executive and Senior Management Team,
      including the development and review of relevant HR strategies, policies and procedures;
    Ensure the provision of a range of services including recruitment and selection; training and
      development; performance management; disciplinary and grievance procedures; payroll;
      pensions; and relations with pension providers;
    Ensure that all HR policies and procedures meet the requirements of the relevant legislation
      and reflect best practice.

5. Information Technology Systems Management
     Oversee the IT function, including management of the outsourced provider;
     Develop and enhance AMREF UK Knowledge Management policies.

6. As a member of AMREF UK’s Senior Management Team contribute towards the achievement
of AMREF UK’s strategy and the global One AMREF strategy
     As a member of the senior management team, contribute towards the achievement of the
       strategic goals of the organization;
     Manage, support and mentor members of the finance and admin team;
     Proactively support good working relations with AMREF HQ and, in particular, the Finance
       Team in Nairobi.

7. Other
     Manage AMREF UK’s Risk Management and Risk Assessment process;
     Manage all AMREF UK insurances.

III. Competencies

The [Financial Controller] should demonstrate competence in the following:

       Business leadership: Positively influence others to achieve results that are in the best
        interest of AMREF UK.
       Make Decisions: Assess situations to determine the importance, urgency and risks, and
AMREF UK: Financial Controller                      3                                      Job Description
        make clear decisions which are timely and in the best interests of AMREF UK.
       Build Relationships: Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others, both
        internally and externally, to achieve AMREF UK’s goals.
       Solve Problems: Assess problem situations to identify causes, gather and process relevant
        information, generate possible solutions, and make recommendations and/or resolve the
        problem. Good diplomatic and negotiating skills.
       Communicate Effectively: Communicate in a clear, thorough and timely manner using
        appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques, ensuring that internal and
        external partners have the appropriate financial and administration information and
        procedures available to them.
       Plan: Determine strategies to maximize opportunities, mitigate against risks, move the
        organisation forward, set goals, create and implement action plans, and evaluate the process
        and results.
       Creativity/Innovation: Develop new and innovative ways to manage and administer AMREF
        UK’s operations and to create new opportunities.
       Focus on Partners Needs: Anticipate, understand, and respond to the needs of internal and
        external clients to meet or exceed their expectations within AMREF UK’s parameters.
       Foster Teamwork: Work cooperatively, dynamically and effectively with others to set goals,
        resolve problems, and make decisions that enhance AMREF UK’s effectiveness.
       Organise: Set priorities, develop a work schedule, monitor progress towards goals, and track
        details, data, information and activities.
       Behave Ethically: Understand ethical behaviour and business practices, and ensure that their
        own behaviour and the behaviour of others is consistent with these standards and aligns with
        AMREF UK’s values

IV. Recruitment Qualifications
    Degree or equivalent
    Qualified or part qualified professional qualification (e.g. CIMA, ACA, ACCA, CIPFA)

    A minimum of six years of relevant, progressive experience in a finance and administration role
       in an NGO, public or private sector.
    At least four years staff and financial management experience.
    Maturity, confidence and ability to support and mentor individuals and proactively support the
       development of a high performance team.
    A strong understanding of charity finance.

    Strong written and spoken English.
    IT literate and competent with Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Ideally also skilled in Sun Accounts
       and its reporting tool (Q&A).
    Ability to explain the financial position in words as well as numbers
    A pro-active individual with a positive “can-do” attitude
    Strong patient and supportive to colleagues who might find financial matters daunting
    Commitment to good international development

Please complete the application form and return to by 18th July 2012
AMREF will only be able to respond to those applications in which there is further interest
AMREF UK: Financial Controller                       4                                        Job Description
Interviews are likely to take place on 2nd August 2012.

AMREF UK: Financial Controller                       5    Job Description

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