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Outcomes of the meeting of the Board on 8 October, 2010

Welcome and Chair’s Report
The Board noted apologies from the Deputy Chair, Monsignor David Cappo, Ngiare
Brown, Eddie McGuire, Fiona Stanley, and the Office of Minister Plibersek.
The Board welcomed officials including Rebecca Cross, Department of the Prime
Minister and Cabinet (PM&C), Helen McDevitt (PM&C), Isa Gros-Louis (PM&C),
Bryan Palmer and Anne-Marie Roberts, Department of Families, Housing, Community
Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA); Catherine O’Sullivan, State Manager,
Queensland, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
(DEEWR); and Jen Clynk (DEEWR).
The Board noted that the Hon Tanya Plibersek MP is appointed as the incoming
Minister for Social Inclusion, and is also Minister for Human Services, with
responsibility for non-profit sector reform and volunteering and philanthropy policy.
The Board noted that the Chair had an initial meeting with Minister Plibersek on 16
September 2010 and discussed with the Minister the Board’s current work and possible
future focus.
The Board noted that the Minister Plibersek will attend the next meeting of the Board,
to be held in Sydney on 23 November.
The Board noted that the Chair has joined the Prime Minister’s Climate Change
Committee as part of an independent panel.
The Board noted that the Chair has met with senior officials in Treasury and with the
Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure with a view to establishing social
inclusion across portfolios.
The Board endorsed the outcomes of the 21 July Board meeting.
The Board endorsed the Board’s draft submission to the National Vocational Equity
Advisory Council on the draft equity blueprint Creating Futures: Achieving Potential
through VET.

Feedback on the Board’s stakeholder activities in Townsville
The Board noted the value of the Board’s engagement with Townsville stakeholders on
7 October 2010, and agreed to raise a number of policy issues these activities
highlighted with the Minister for Social Inclusion.
The Board agreed to seek an update on the Government’s commitment to rollout 15
hours of early learning and the extent this has been prioritised for disadvantaged
The Board noted the presentation by Townsville Council on social inclusion issues for
the region and the Council’s services for disadvantaged people.

AUSTRALIAN SOCIAL INCLUSION BOARD                Outcomes of the 8 October meeting, 2010

Jobless Families Project
The Board noted the update by Dr Ron Edwards on the jobless families project
including the draft project report.
The Board noted advice from DEEWR on the success of Jobs Expos and Keep Australia
Working Forums and the Indigenous Employment Program which offers flexible
assistance and training.
The Board thanked DEEWR for the update on the Family Centred Employment Pilots,
and noted support for the new DEEWR policy proposal to assist single parent jobless

Locational Governance Project
The Board noted the locational governance project update by Tony Nicholson and paper
by Professor Tony Vinson: Invoking Community as though it really matters the
proposed roundtable with states and territories and non-government organisations.

Breaking Cycles of Disadvantage Project
The Board noted the Chair’s update on the breaking cycles of disadvantage project
including that public consultations are underway.

Major Projects and Annual Report
The Board agreed to write to the Minister for Social Inclusion on the recommendations
from each of the Board’s three research projects.
The Board agreed the annual report will include an overview of the Board’s findings
and recommendations from the three research reports and a brief update on new or
emerging data relevant to the social inclusion agenda.
The Board agreed to launch the Board’s project and annual reports in February 2011.

Community Engagement
The Board noted the paper Using Community Engagement and Community
Participatory Action Research Methods for making Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Service effective and presentation by Roz Walker from the Telethon Institute
for Child Health Research.
The Board noted the issues raised in discussion with Ms Walker included the
importance of effective community engagement for service delivery and for front line
staff to be culturally competent.

AUSTRALIAN SOCIAL INCLUSION BOARD                Outcomes of the 8 October meeting, 2010

Remote Service Delivery
The Board noted FaHCSIA’s presentations on the Remote Service Delivery National
Partnership Agreement and regional operations.
The Board noted the success of shared Commonwealth-State governance arrangements
and engagement in communities at Doomadgee and Mornington Island.
The Board agreed that building community capacity is a core aim for social inclusion in
disadvantaged communities; that indigenous communities are deserving of high quality
services that are delivered by culturally competent and respectful people.

Income Management
The Board noted FaHCSIA’s progress on income management, and feedback on the
main issues previously raised by the Board.

Financial Literacy
The Board noted the presentation by Jan Robertson, James Cook University (developed
in consultation with Aaron Davis of the Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network) on
financial literacy and the Money Matters program at Yarrabah and Palm Island.

Administration and Other Business
The Board noted the next meeting will be held in Sydney on 23 November 2010 and
that the Minister for Social Inclusion will attend.
The Board agreed to write and thank Senator Ursula Stephens for her contributions to
social inclusion in the Government’s first term.


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