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Nov. 6, 2006

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     National Adoption Day uniting foster children with permanent families
                More than 40 adoptions set for Nov. 17 in Denver

         National Adoption Day will be celebrated in Denver Juvenile Court by finalizing the

adoptions of more than 40 foster children who will be officially united with permanent families.

The proceedings will be conducted throughout the day on Nov. 17, 2006, at the Denver City and

County Building. This is the second year of Denver’s participation in National Adoption Day


         “Uniting a child with a permanent loving family is truly a celebration,” says Judge Karen

Ashby, presiding judge, Denver Juvenile Court. “National Adoption Day both celebrates the

families who adopt and raises awareness of the thousands of children in foster care still waiting

for families.”

         The Denver event, which has been in the planning process for a year, is being

coordinated through Denver Juvenile Court and Denver Human Services in conjunction with

other local and state child advocates. Activities will begin at 9 a.m. with a kick-off salute in the

rotunda of the Denver City and County Building. Judge Sandra Rothenberg, Colorado Court of

Appeals, Allen Pollack, director of Family & Children’s Services, Denver Human Services, and

Judge Ashby will be among the speakers.
          Denver Juvenile Court judges and magistrates who will be presiding during the adoption

proceedings are Judge Dana Wakefield, Magistrate Jeffrey English, Magistrate Jennifer

Torrington and Magistrate Kathleen Janski. The adoptions will begin at 10:00 a.m. in the various


          Colorado is home to more than 1,200 children waiting for permanent families. Sixty of

them are in Denver.

          “In addition to celebrating this special day with those children and families who will have

final adoption hearings, we hope to raise awareness in the community that the number of

children waiting for permanent families far exceeds the number of adoptive homes available,”

adds Judge Ashby.

          National Adoption Day, begun in 2000, is a national effort to raise awareness of the more

than 119,000 foster children waiting to be adopted on any given day throughout the U.S. Events

celebrate and honor all the loving families who adopt and encourage others to adopt children

from foster care. Nationwide, thousands of children, parents, judges, volunteer lawyers, adoption

professionals and child advocates gather for this special occasion.

Editor’s Note: For additional information please contact Barbara Bosley, Family Court
Facilitator, Denver Juvenile Court, 1437 Bannock Street, Room 157, Denver, CO 80202, (720)
865-8236, (720) 865-8270 Fax. Information on how to request cameras in the courtroom is
available at http://www.courts.state.co.us/exec/media/notices/cameras.doc.

Denver Adoption Day Committee: Michelle Adams, Denver CASA; Eve Anderson, Bethany Christian Services;
Barbara Bosley, Denver Juvenile Court; Sue Cobb, DDHS; Jorge del Mazo, DDHS; Gretchen Cooper, DDHS;
Deborah Gans, Attorney at Law; Amanda Hartzell, Adoption Alliance; Marietta Heinmiller, Denver Juvenile Court;
Sharen Ford, CDHS; Connie Vigil, CDHS; Valerie Jenkins, CDHS; Stacy Keller, Adoption Exchange; Shana Kloek,
Denver Juvenile Court; Tammie Raatz, DDHS; Renee Romero, Denver Juvenile Court; Tammy Rula, DDHS; Jan
Tomski, Colorado Coalition of Adoptive Families.

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