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                    195 Lee Street                                                                   MEMBERSHIP FOR 2012
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www.FayetteHistoricalSociety.com                If you missed our annual work day, you can       Student                       $1.00
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From Our Society President
                                                of operation and help us clip the obituaries     Sustaining                    $50.00
                                                from the local papers for our family files. Or   Business                      $100.00
February is We Love Our Volunteers Month        help us file those items. Our docents will be    Individual Patron             $100.00
We appreciated our members who give             happy to help you get started.
money, but also those who give the most
valuable resource – their time. Our docents                                                      Lifetime,
                                                Each member’s participation is vital to the      One time payment              $250.00
for this past year were:                        organization. Thanks again for all you do!
Jeanne Brewer                   Mary Dean
CB Glover                    Kay Kaszonyi
                                                We do love our volunteers!                       Name________________________
Bobby Kerlin                    John Lynch
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Along with our docents, who enable us to
keep the Research Center open for 10 hours
                                                              Donations                          State__________ Zip code_______
a week, we’ve had lots of members
                                                Lamar McEachern donated file folders for
contribute time recently.
                                                our work day.                                    Your membership expires February 28,
Jane Strickland manned our table at the
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Annually                                                           2012. If your envelope shows 2011 above
                                                The Fayette County Library donated a             your name, we do not have your dues for
she and Debi Riddle represent the Historical
                                                collection of Daughters of the American          2012. If we have made an error, please let us
Society at the WWI Day Celebration in
                                                Revolution and the United Daughters of the       know.
Peachtree City.
                                                Confederacy literature.
For our January work day we had the
following members help us clip newspaper
articles, update our family and county files,                                                    You may also make a tax deductible
log in donations, update our Civil War files                                                     contribution to help us continue our
and help make a dent in our backlog. They                                                        operations!
                  Newsletter                                                                      IN POLITICS
                                                            The Fayetteville News
                  Vol. 15 No 10                                                                   Happily, it has been very rare in American
                                                                March 17, 1893                    history that the governor himself has been
                  February 1, 2012                                                                the chief law breaker and revolutionist, but
                                                  LOCAL NEWS                                      that is the fact in Kansas today. Foraker
                                                                                                  gives it out that he is retiring from politics as
                  February Meeting                Mr. Bub Brogdon happened to a very              rapidly as possible. Not so rapidly, however,
                                                  serious accident at school. He has our          as to have anticipated the action of politics
We have extended an invitation to another         sympathy.                                       in retiring from Foraker.
local author for our meeting February 19th
meeting. This month, Bruce Jordan, author         We recommend that the road from Mr. John        The reported selection of Judge Gresham to
of Death Unexpected and Murder in the             Eason's to Fayetteville be put on the public.   be secretary of state under Cleveland is a
Peach State, will be our speaker.                 It connects two public roads and should be      mastery stroke of policy. It is above and
                                                  kept up by the public.                          beyond anything Cleveland has yet done as
The topic is murder, the cases are real.                                                          a party leader. It will carry over to the
Murder in the Peach State is an excellently       Mr. C.A. Thornton is improving and will         Democratic Party the bulk of the vote which
crafted anthology of Georgia homicides            likely be able to attend court next week.       lost several western states to Harrison last
from 1913-1991. Death Unexpected is                                                               November.
about the violent deaths of Fayette County.       A goodly number of our young people
Bruce Jordan is a veteran detective and the       attended divine services at New Hope last       The necessity of issuing bonds in law of
former head of the Criminal Investigations        Sunday, and heard an able sermon.               peace is a sufficient commentary upon the
Division of the Fayette County Sheriff’s                                                          financial administration of the Republican
Office.                                           There will be preaching at the Baptist          Party.
                                                  church tomorrow and Sunday, also Sunday
Join us at 3:00 p.m. to meet this local author.   night, by Rev. F. M. Blalock, pastor. Let all   The opposition to the Nicaragua canal is part
                                                  be in attendance.                               demagoguery, part selfishness and part
                                                                                                  stupidity. Culberson, of Texas, may be
===============================                   Rev. B. F. Pierce, Presiding Elder,             Cleveland's attorney general. A lawyer from
       Research Center Hours                      conducted quarterly meeting at the              that state would not impress the average
                                                  Methodist church here last Saturday and         citizen as having had much experience at
       Tuesday 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.              Sunday, with large congregations.               dispensing law, especially as they have a
                                                                                                  wonderful knack of dispensing with it.
      Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                  Researched and submitted by CB Glover
       Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

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