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                 Tuition Scholarship

Mission of Scholarship
The Lake Champlain Waldorf School strives to promote a healthy
socio-economic balance with scholarship policies that seek to make
Waldorf education affordable to all families who want it for their
Scholarship Basics
The Scholarship Committee oversees the entire application and
award process and makes all award decisions. Any family can apply
and scholarships are awarded based on need. The Committee is
authorized to consider unusual circumstances, to modify financial
need rankings based on additional information obtained through
interviews and other processes, and to reconsider awards that are
Awards are limited by the amount of funds available in the budget.
Scholarships covering the entire tuition obligation cannot be
awarded. The minimum total family tuition obligation is $3300.00
for one child, $4400 for two children, $5500 for three children
and $6600 for four children. It is rare to be awarded a
scholarship allowing minimum tuition.
In order to be eligible to apply, the applicant’s LCWS accounts,
including tuition, fees, late charges, etc., must be current, or
the applicant must have a payment plan approved by the Finance
Application Procedure
By February 1 of each year, all families applying for scholarship
must complete and submit a School and Student Service for
Financial Aid (SSS) Parents’ Financial Statement form. In
addition, business and /or farm owners must also complete the SSS
Business/Farm Statement and submit it to the school. The school
requires you to submit a copy of your latest Federal Income Tax
Return through the SSS application.   All financial information
must be provided to SSS when applying for financial aid.
Our school’s primary source for evaluating a family’s need for
scholarship is the written analysis of the family’s financial
circumstances from SSS. The SSS reports are used to ensure that
all applications are evaluated fairly and objectively. SSS does
not determine the amount of scholarship granted by our school.
The family is also encouraged to submit a letter to the school if
    there are any exceptional financial circumstances that are not
    reflected in the SSS form.
    Scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis and the award only
    applies to the academic year for which the award is sought (which
    would be the current or upcoming year). Therefore, a new School
    and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) application must be
    submitted each year.
Diversity Statement:      The Lake Champlain Waldorf School admits students of any
race, color, sex, national, or ethnic origin, or sexual preference to all rights,
privileges, programs and activities accorded and made available to students of the
school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national
 and ethnic origin, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation or physical
  ability in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies,
                 financial scholarship, or other school programs.
  Scholarship Application Timeline/Deadlines

February 1, 2012    Last day to postmark completed Parents’
                    Financial Statement, mailed to School and
                    Student Service (SSS) with a $49 processing
                    fee to the address on the form in Princeton,
                    NJ or to complete the online form with the
                    $37 fee at: sss.nais.org. The forms are
                    available in the Admissions Office. We
                    recommend applying online.
                    Last day to submit a copy of your most
                    recent Federal Tax Return to the school.
                    Families who own a business or farm must
                    also complete and submit to LCWS the SSS
                    Business/Farm Statement, which is available
                    online or through the Admissions Office.
February 1, 2012    Deadline for submission of optional letters
                    describing exceptional circumstances. These
                    letters should be addressed to the
                    Scholarship Committee and mailed or hand
                    delivered to the LCWS grade school Front
No later than       Scholarship awards are granted, and families
March 15, 2012      are notified in writing.
April 1, 2012       Enrollment contracts must be signed and
                    returned to the school. Scholarship awards
                    for families who have not returned their
                    signed contracts by April 1 will be revoked.

Returning families and new families accepted by February 1, 2012,
please note:
      Late or incomplete applications will be considered only on a
      case-by-case basis when there are extraordinary
      circumstances. Late or incomplete applications may result in
      no award of financial scholarship.
Other Things You Need to Know:
     Our school ID number is 4447. This is also found in the
      booklet accompanying the form or online.
     All biological and/or adoptive parents (custodial and non-
      custodial) must complete and submit the Parents’ Financial
      Statement. The deadlines are the same for all parties.
     The school will consider the assets, including those that are
      not immediately liquid, of all parents and/or legal
     All information submitted to the Scholarship Committee is
      held in strict confidence and only the Committee reviews all
      the material.
     If additional information is needed, the Scholarship
      Committee may request a meeting.
If you have any questions, please contact Mercy Hyde, member of
the Scholarship Committee, at 233-1142 or email at

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