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									                                              Student Support Services

The Mission & Goal

The mission of Student Support Services (SSS) is to provide educational and support services for students to excel
academically and acquire leadership skills needed for collegiate government and civic organizations. The program seeks
to market/promote Tennessee State University through community services, diversity and cultural enrichment. The goal of
the Student Support Services Program is to provide amenities for students to increase the retention and graduation rates
at Tennessee State University. Services, opportunities, and resources are provided to enhance personal skills and
academic competencies.

What is the Student Support Program?

The Student Support Program is designed to assist college freshman and sophomores with their adjustment from high
school to college life. It is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Students who benefit most from the Student
Support Program are those who need assistance in reaching their full academic potential.

What's In It For Me?

SSS participants receive tutoring, academic/personal counseling, and assistance with financial aid forms. They attend
cultural activities/trips and networking events throughout the year. Graduate School Tours are provided for junior and
senior participants.

Where Can One Find More Information?

You may download an application at the TSU TRIO website or pick one up at the SSS Office: Suite 231 of the Holland
Hall (Business Building). If you have further question please call us at 963-7461.

Services Provided by the Student Support Services

                                                Academic / Financial Aid Counseling
                                                Graduate & Professional School Tour
                                                Cultural Activities
                                                Networking Sessions
                                                Lending Library
                                                Grant Aid Award
                                                Tutoring

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