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									                                  Bikram Authorized All-Day Bikram Yoga Seminar
                                                            with Jim Kallett
                                             at Bikramʼs Yoga College of India, San Diego
                                                       Saturday, July 30, 2011
                                                          10:00am - 8:30pm

                                                                                          AnnaKarenina wrote: "My first near perfect, beautiful,
                                                                                          deep Triangle. Now I am on a quest to do as Jim
                                                                                          says and find my way to repeat this awesome
                                                                                          moment, over and over. Thank you for capturing "the
                                                                                          moment" Victoria. :)"....
                                                                                           Awesome, awesome, awesome....am still in a
                                                                                          Bikram flow. Many, many thanks, Jim.

                                                                                          photo by Victoria Hovda

                Krissy Bills - Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose                            Stefan Talian - Standing Bow-Pulling Pose

       Hello Jim, ....I was amazed at how I felt the following day of Yoga.   It was a very different feeling from when I use to do long distance
       running in preparation for marathons.     I felt truly "WONDERFUL" the following day - no pain but some tightness in specific areas
       (especially the upper rib cage & abdomen area, thighs, legs, etc. but no back pain at all!!!  I even went for a 3 mile hike the following
       day.   I will stop by to purchase a book and to pay for my classes since I want to get enrolled as soon as I possibly can! I am honored
       to have met you!  I especially wish to thank you for your words of wisdom. You are truly a remarkable individual!!!!! Again, thank you
       so very much.    Sincerely, Jane

       To Jim Kallett and everyone at Bilram Yoga San Diego, Thanks so much for the posture clinic yesterday.  It was an awesome day.  I
       am so glad I was able to come and am overwhelmed by all the wonderfull information I received that intend to practice daily.  I could
       have listened for days, honestly.  Thanks so much.  Look forward to more. In appreciation, Richelle Mancini


                            Bikram Yoga on the Island - Merritt Island, FL March 30-April 1, 2012

Aloha Jim!
Just wanted to share more of the positive energy going around from our spring seminar!! 
Very special seminar Jim, thank you!
Begin forwarded message:

Suzanne, Joe, Yumi, Sharon,
I wanted to follow up and say thank you!
You are very gracious and wonderful hosts. There is a kind/fun energy at your school.
The information Jim presented was phenomenal. He is a brilliant and giving teacher.
I’m sure you are all recovering from a long weekend so I won’t take up your time.
I just wanted to let you know your efforts and kindness were noticed and appreciated.
All the best,
Ken Blackburn

My first yoga Seminar/Lecture/Clinic - diary notes....
Fri. Mar. 30 
Attended evening Lecture by Jim Kallett.  The first hour was about Bikram Choudhury and rest was about some of Bikram
Yogaʼs yoga philosophy, history, mental and body connections.  Through the lecture I learned about Mr. Jim Kallett too. 
He has the trust of Bikram Choudhury, and he has high respect for his Boss Bikram too.
Sat, Mar. 31 (Jim Kallett – Seminar)
All day long Posture Clinic.  There was so much to learn and I had to pay attention to each posture.  Every posture has
depth of extension and compression...
At the end of the seminar we had a class lead by Jim.  It was challenging to take body and mind actions after listening all
day about the postures and the mental aspects of yoga. 
The 53 + bodies generated great heat + a pungent yoga fragrance.  Sweat was flying my left to right and R. to L.
On each posture I tried to concentrate on his command and not let my mind interfere with my postures.  The class ended
with a sense of relief, and I felt good.

Sun, April 1 (Jim Kallett - 4:30 p.m.) DONATION CLASS 
 ...went back to take Jim Kallettʼs 4:30 p.m. class.
I did not want to miss one last class by the great Jim.  I know I did not have the bulldog determination for this class, but
being there was enough reward for me.
I know it takes a lot of detailed planning and coordination to put on this kind of event.  I saw the Elliotts, Yumi, Sharon and
other staff members working long hours.  They kept their smiley faces while executing every detail to bring us a great
Job well done and thank you. 


                                                Other Seminars 2010-2012

Hi Jim,
I found the posture clinic (with respect to deep breathing especially) to be very helpful in advancing my practice - thanks
very much for sharing your knowledge.

Hello Jim,
Thank you for visiting us with your kindness, humility, and wisdom. You reminded me of my purpose and inspired to go
back to the source, the dialogue. I am so grateful for that dialogue because it keeps my mind happy.
Thank you again. You are loved,
Cynthia & Bikram Yoga Santa Clara

Hi Jim
It was so great to have you! Thanks again for the posture clinic .... people are still talking about it!....
--Karen (Fitzpatrick Ernst), director Bikram Yoga Folsom (Sacramento)

Hey Jim,
        I wanted to thank you for the great posture clinic at Folsom.  It was well received by everyone that I spoke with.
Everyone felt that they gained a lot from the class, so thank you very much....
#       Thanks once again for all that you have helped me with Jim, I really appreciate your help and friendship and all
that you are doing to promote the Yoga....
  #     Peace, Michael Kinsey, Bikram Certified Teacher, Sacramento

We're ALL still buzzing from your whirlwind through here - in retrospect and with your great energy that is the overall
sentiment - Thanks again Jim!!!! ....Stephen Webb, director, BYCI, Kamloops, BC Canada

Dionne Kopeck here from BC.
I wanted to thank you again for your time in Kamloops.. incredibly valuable to be able to have your time like that.

Hi Jim,
I just wanted to thank you for your teaching workshop on Oct 30th.  It really was helpful to me.  I feel a great weight of
uncertainty lifted from me.  Knowing that so many others go through similar situations after training was a great burden
lifted for me.  I was told in training just "fake it to make it" and I have for 3 years.  After coming home from the recert I feel
that I know longer have to do that.  By no means do I feel like I know everything, and I love what you said about being a
good teacher, if you think you are its time to retire.  I feel the same way for myself, we always have room to improve.  I
may not always have the means to come back to the Source as much as I would like, therefore I would like to stay in
touch with yourself and other teachers to help improve as best as I can.  I was the guy that you gave a mantra to just
relax, focus on breathing and don't use so many muscles that I don't  need.  I fall into the 5% category (too much
determination).  I been having great classes, in some postures I feel like I'm using half the muscles I usually use!  That's if
you even remember me, I know you see lots of people all the time.  I just had to let you know that you had a strong impact
on me!  Spending so much time with Bikram has really rubbed off on you, thanks.  I want to make Bikram happy more
than ever!  I'd better finish this because I too can go on and on and on.  Although I don't see myself getting down there
any time soon I would love to visit your studio some time!  Thanks so much again Jim!
Scott Bouchard (teacher, Eugene, OR)

Hi Jim
 #       Thank you for coming to our studio in Williamsville, NY.  We all learned so much from you.  You encouraged and
motivated our students to bring their practice to the next level.  Everyone of our students personally told me how happy
they were to attend the seminar and that they learned a great deal of information from you.
  #      Of course now that you are no longer here, I wanted to ask you so much more on how we can improve our studio.    
I guess that is how it usually happens - right when the Senior Teacher leaves you think of some really good questions...
  #      Thank you for all that you shared with us and for taking the time to come visit us in Buffalo.
Talk to you soon!
 Becky Machado, director, BYCI, Williamsville (Buffalo, NY)

#     Thank-you Jim for coming to Buffalo and for sharing with us, Bikramʼs Yoga. What opened up for me from that
weekend is extraordinary. For my teaching and personal growth. Thank you for leading the way in that.
#     Looking forward to opening a Bikram Yoga Studio and having you for another visit!

Gina Barrett

Your visit here was one of those tiny miracles for me.

   It was great to have you here in Williamsville. The students just loved you. Here is some of what has been said....
“He was so inspiring.”
“I was amazed by the First two hours.”
“The best $100 I ever spent.”
“He has such knowledge of Yoga.”
and of course, “When is he coming back?”

   Iʼm thankful everyday for spending my first six years at your school. Iʼm looking forward to being back and spending
time with everyone. Thank you again, you left our studio with great energy.

Kathy Burt
Bikramʼs teacher, BYCI-Williamsville


Hi Jim,
I can't thank you enough for the time you shared with us at the studio today. Your class was awesome and your
insight, as always,  was so inspiring. It reminds me of how much  I still don't know about the yoga. You are, of
course, welcome to our studio whenever your travels bring you back to New York.
Please keep in touch, and I still look forward to visiting the Astoria studio soon.
Love and light,
Stephanie Pope Caffey
Owner / Director
Bikram Yoga - East Harlem

Hello there from Long Beach NY! 
I practiced in the special class with you at Anneʼs studio in Long Beach this Saturday, and spoke to you after the class
about a new back injury I have been bringing to my practice to heal. 
I wanted to share with you in Sundayʼs practice with Anne my hips opened, completely new to me.  I started to remember
all the ways I had been taught to hold my body stiff like a board, in games, in some sports, in my life, and then recalled my
dance instructors, 3 of them over the years, all telling me I had no hips, needed to move my hips, relax my hips.  I had no
clue what they were referring to ~ and after years of dance, I left it never having gotten past the basic 101 class.
Fast forward to the birth of my son and my doctor telling me that the labor kept slowing down because my hips were so
tight, multiple chiropractors telling me that this was a problem area for me and me pooh poohing them all.  My hips did not
hurt, in fact I didnʼt have any relationship to them, they didnʼt move, I couldnʼt isolate them or identify any feeling in them at
And then Sunday, lying on my mat on my back, I felt my feet heels touch and my feet go out to the side in new way.  I
I CAN MOVE THEM.  I started to cry, in the class.  It was so moving.  I know that your energy, your passion, your
commitment to this practice, along with Anneʼs skill as a trainer, her experience, and her way of being (pure love and
compassion for all) is what created the space for me to have this healing, and I thank you ~ my body, heart and mind
thank you.
Jaye Buksbaum
Program Coordinator
American Medical Alert Corp

This message if for Jim.  I'm the yoga teacher from Flagstaff who attended your workshop.  It was so much information,
and the body has felt amazing since.  As such, I have decided to attend Craig's upcoming workshop in Albuquerque.  I
may not be teaching at this moment, but definitely am practicing....
Thanks for all
Jessica Lorey

#    From: # shelby@bikramyogaavondale.com
# Subject: # Jim Kallett posture clinic
#     Date: # April 2, 2009 12:24:43 PM PDT
#        To: # seminars@bikramyoga.com
I am writing to let you know that I recently hosted Jim Kallett at my studio to conduct a posture clinic and teach a class.  I
wanted to give you some feedback on our experience with Jim.  Hopefully my feedback will help other studio owners that
are trying to decide if they should do a posture clinic and who they should bring to their studio.
Jimʼs posture clinic exceeded every expectation I had!  We had a nice mix of students in attendance and Jim worked
wonderfully with all of them – the participation was excellent.  The feedback from the students has been amazing!  They
were truly inspired and learned so much more than the 26 postures and breathing exercises.  Thanks to Jimʼs lecture the
students learned that they are doing so much more then exercise when they come take class.  Not only was it inspiring, it
was motivating – every student that attended Jimʼs clinic and class (from 9am to 4:30pm) were back the next day, working
hard and excited to practice everything they learned.  Our students canʼt get this kind of information from us or our
teachers, we just donʼt have the knowledge yet.  Which is another reason to host a posture clinic – itʼs a great way to
expand your own knowledge and your teachers understanding of the postures and the yoga itself.
Any studio owners interested in hosting a workshop/posture clinic at their studio should not hesitate to bring Jim Kallett! 
We already are looking forward to bringing him to Arizona again!
Kind Regards,
Shelby Rayner, Director
Bikram Yoga Avondale 12409 W. Indian School Rd. Ste, D403 Avondale, AZ 85392
623-535-1257 shelby@bikramyogaavondale.com www.bikramyogaavondale.com

Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to come out to Phoenix! The seminar was really great, I learned so
much as an instructor. I sincerely appreciate your whole-hearted devotion to the yoga and the students, you are a
beautiful representation of how wonderful this community can be, and I am so glad to be a part of it! I hope to see you
soon, perhaps at teacher training in the spring. Take good care!
Heidi Jo, Bikram Yoga Paradise Valley

Hi Jim,
Thank you so much for coming to Phoenix.
We really appreciate all of your help this weekend.  It was great!!  The students loved it!
It was such an honor to have you in Phoenix.  I hope we can do it again!
Love, Nicole Deacon, Director, BYCI, Paradise Valley, Phoenix

Hi, Jim,
#      Has anyone told you how wonderful you are yet today???
#      I started reading the book saturday evening and realized how much l missed by reading Bikram's second book first!!
I am also sharing with many friend's who I am hoping will set their fears aside and join me, in what I have found to be, my
one true "home" away from home.
#       Hopeful to see you next year!! ....
...."lock the knee, lock the knee, lock the knee!! "Fabulous to hear back from you! I will never stop "practicing"! I notice
something new everyday I practice the yoga.
#       I do agree, those ever so small subtle thing's that sometimes do go unnoticed, turn out to make the biggest
differences in our lives!!!
#       I will be first in line next time you come to BYPV for your seminar and look forward to having you observe me
warmest regards, judy o'connell, Phoenix

The seminar was terrific!!  I just wanted to thank you so much for providing such an interesting, entertaining, and inspiring
day for us!  I was so happy Steven and Pat were there too, and to think I almost didn't make it!  Thanks again, we are so
lucky to have you as a teacher.  Can't wait for teacher's training!
Chelsea, San Diego

I really enjoyed the posture clinic seminar today.   Thanks for putting 110% into your presentation of the postures; and, the
yoga class that followed.  It is always a joy being in your classes.
Give my best to Emma.
Regards, Charles Galetto, San Diego

Dear Jim,
Thanks so much for the awesome seminar. We enjoyed every minute. I truly had the best class yet. We really appreciate
your love of the practice and the lifestyle and it comes through in your personality every moment your there....
Mark and Terri, San Diego

Thanks again for yesterday, it was awesome..!!! Stefan, San Diego

Hi Jim,
I want to say thank you so much for                                          letting me attend the posture clinic. I really
enjoyed being there, and hearing you                                         talk. It was fun to hear more stories about
Bikram :) You are a wonderful                                                speaker and teacher. Thank you for everything
Jim. Kaitlin, San Diego


Hi Jim
I just want to thank you for the informative, inspirational, entertaining, amazing & really awesome seminar !!! I   it !! Your
passion is contagious.
Dandayamana-janushirasana will never be the same again !!!!
Namaste --Cira Deissl-Gibbs, San Diego

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