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Applications are invited for the above post as Specialty Doctor in Emergency Medicine
within NHSGG&C teaching hospitals in South Glasgow. The post will be based in the first
instance in the Victoria Infirmary. The post would be ideally suited for GP vocationally
trained doctors or doctors with a broad general professional training including Emergency
Medicine who wish to gain further clinical experience. The post is for 12 months with the
possibility of extension. Previous experience in Emergency Medicine is required and
successful applicants would be matched to roles on the middle grade rotas.

The post will attract a basic payment of 10 programmed activities with up to 2 additional
programmed activities being available which can be agreed as appropriate with the
successful candidate.

All applicants must possess Full GMC Registration, a licence to practice and at least 4
Years full time Post Graduate Training, two of which must have been in relevant acute
specialties or you will demonstrate and evidence equivalent experience and competencies.
                            NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

                                    Emergency Care and
                                 Medical Services Directorate

                              Information pack - for the post of

                      Specialty Doctor in Emergency Medicine
                South Glasgow (initially based in the Victoria Infirmary)


Today Glasgow is a compact, vibrant and modern city. In fact Glasgow’s scale comes as
a surprise to some people. It has the largest suburban rail network outside London and is
second only to the UK Capital as a retail centre.

There are top-ranking schools, excellent leisure facilities, beautiful golf courses and
elegant accommodation across all price ranges.

The night life and restaurants are renowned and its opera, theatres, art galleries and
museums offer plenty of cultural stimulation. Greater Glasgow and Clyde Valley are one of
the world’s most thrilling and beautiful destinations.

Be entertained in one of Europe’s top cultural capitals by its year-long calendar of festivals
and special events and enjoy outstanding shopping, superb bars and restaurants - all
located within a stone’s throw of some of the country’s finest parks and gardens.

What’s more, we are easily accessible by air, rail and road so getting here could not be
easier. From Glasgow, the West of Scotland’s jewels are within easy reach. Loch Lomond
is just 45 minutes drive, a little further to the Argyll peninsula – or over the sea to Arran,
Skye, Iona and Mull.


The Acute Operating Division is the largest group of adult acute hospitals in Scotland –
offering many opportunities to ensure job satisfaction and career development.

       Glasgow Acute Services                    Clyde Acute Services
              15 Hospitals                              3 Hospitals
              4,700 beds                                1,100 beds
              £980m income                              £250m income
              19,500 wte staff                          7,000 wte staff

The Divisional Management Offices are situated within the Management Building, -
Southern General Hospital, 1345 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 4TF.
The Division operates a No Smoking Policy within its premises.

The Acute Division brings together all acute services across the city and Clyde under a
single management structure led by the Chief Operating Officer. The Division is made up
of eight Directorates of clinical services each managed by a Director and clinical
management team along with a Facilities Directorate. These are:

              Emergency Care and Medical Services
              Surgery and Anaesthetics
              Rehabilitation and Assessment
              Regional Services
              Women’s and Children’s Services
              Oral Health
In the Emergency Care and Medical Services, Surgery and Anaesthetics and Facilities
directorates the General Managers combine a city wide role with a local sectoral role for
one of three sectors in the city – north and east, west and south.

Health services in Glasgow are on the verge of dramatic and exciting change, brought
about by the recently approved Acute Services Review [now termed the Hospital
Modernisation Programme). This ten-year £700 million strategy will see the transformation
of acute services across the city including the replacement of out-dated Victorian buildings
and the creation of one- stop/rapid diagnosis and treatment models for the vast majority of

Core adult acute care is currently delivered from six sites within Glasgow. The Western
Infirmary and Gartnavel General Hospital operate in tandem delivering acute care in the
west-end of the city. In the north-east of the city acute care is delivered from Stobhill
Hospital and Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The Victoria Infirmary serves the south-east and
the Southern General Hospital the south-west of the city.

Services for children are provided centrally from the Royal Hospital for Sick Children,

The Hospital Modernisation Programme will ensure that walk-in/walk-out hospital services
are provided for the majority of patients. The pattern of service provision will shift to
reflect moves towards ambulatory care. Currently 85% to 90% of patient encounters with
acute hospital services are on a walk-in/walk-out same day basis.

These include out-patient attendances, diagnostic tests, imaging procedures, and a range
of day surgery procedures. In future, these services will be provided from ambulatory
care centres designed to deliver the streamlined process of care, which patients want - to
be seen quickly by the appropriate specialist, to undergo clinical investigation, and to
receive treatment without delay.

The ambulatory care centres for the south side of the city will be in a new £103 million
purpose- built hospital next to the current Victoria Infirmary. This state-of-the-art facility is
planned to open in 2009. It will house the main out-patient centre and day surgery service
for the south side of the city. In-patient services will be concentrated in a new £235
million south-side hospital to be built on the site of the current Southern General Hospital.
This new facility, housing some 850 beds, will replace ageing acute wards in both the
Southern General Hospital and the Victoria Infirmary. The new facility will work alongside
some of the relatively modern buildings housing specialist services, which will be retained
on the Southern General Hospital site as part of the Hospital Modernisation Programme.
The new south-side hospital will be home to one of two Emergency Medicine and Major
Trauma Units covering the whole of the city. The new south side hospital is planned to
open in approximately 2015.

As already stated services for children are currently provided centrally from the Royal
Hospital for Sick Children, Yorkhill. However, the children’s hospital will also relocate from
Yorkhill to a new £100 million building on the Southern General Hospitals site over the
next three years to sit alongside and be fully integrated with maternity and adult services.

The redesign and redevelopment of Glasgow’s acute services will address many of the
pressures currently facing the hospital service. The new services will be provided in
modern facilities rather than in 19th century buildings not designed for modern healthcare.
The purpose-designed facilities will enable the one-stop/rapid diagnosis and treatment
models required for the future. Continuity of service will improve with the elimination of the
need for patients’ notes and results to be moved from building to building.

Concentration of services will allow the requirements of junior doctors hours and issues
arising from increasing sub-specialisation of medicine to be addressed through the
creation of larger staff teams and sustainable rotas for both junior and senior staff.

The formation of larger clinical teams will make sure that programmes of work, including
the need to cover emergencies without interfering with waiting list and ambulatory care
sessions, can be planned effectively. The concentration of in-patient services on fewer
sites will help strengthen specialist services and maximise the capacity of the service.

With an annual budget of one billion pounds this is a particularly exciting time to be joining
Greater Glasgow’s Health Service. Over the next decade there is planned investment of
more than £750 million, this is the largest single investment programme in the history of
Scotland’s NHS – giving the North and South Hospitals accommodation for 21 st Century
health care.

Emergency Care and Medical Services
The specialties included in this Directorate are:
              Emergency Medicine
              Acute Medicine
              Respiratory Medicine
              Renal Medicine
              Infectious Diseases
This Directorate also includes management of the out-of-hours GP service.
Acute medicine is managed by general managers on a sector basis with a lead strategic
role for a citywide specialty.

Full adult Emergency medicine services are provided at the Western Infirmary, Glasgow
Royal Infirmary, the Victoria Infirmary and the Southern General Hospital.

There are two stand-alone Minor Injury Units, one in each of the ambulatory care hospitals
at Stobhill and the new Victoria.

Valuing our staff

The Division is committed to extending training and development opportunities to all staff
and is actively developing multi-disciplinary training, extending the role of on-line learning,
and recognises the importance of developments in technology for both staff and patients.

We Offer:

              Policies to help balance commitments at work and home and flexible family
                     friendly working arrangements
              Excellent training and development opportunities
              Free and confidential staff counseling services
              A central Glasgow location, with close access to motorway, rail and airport
              On-site library services
              Subsidised staff restaurant facilities on each site
              Access to NHS staff benefits/staff discounts
              Easy access to city centre shopping facilities
              Access to discounted First Bus Travel
              Active health promotion activities
              Bike User Group
              Good Public Transport links
              Commitment to staff education and life-long learning/development
              Excellent student support

The Southern General Hospital
The Southern General Hospital is a large teaching hospital with an acute operational bed
complement of approximately 930 beds.       The Hospital is sited in the south-west of
Glasgow and provides a comprehensive range of acute and related clinical services.

Services include Emergency Medicine, Dermatology, ENT, General Medicine (including
sub-specialties), General Surgery (including sub-specialties), Medicine for the Elderly
(including Assessment, Rehabilitation and Day Services), Gynaecology, Neonatal
Paediatrics, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Urology, Physically
Disabled Rehabilitation and Continuing Care. The Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Urology and
Ophthalmology Departments provide the single in-patient location for the whole population
of South Glasgow. In-patient Maxillofacial (trauma and elective surgery and specialist
provision for head and neck cancer), Dermatology and the Assessment and Rehabilitation
service for the Physically Disabled are also provided for the whole city from the Southern
General Hospital.
The Institute of Neurological Sciences is based on the Southern General campus and
provides Neurosurgical, Neurological, Clinical Neurophysiology, Neuroradiological and
Neuropathology facilities for the West of Scotland. The Queen Elizabeth National Spinal
Unit for Scotland provides a spinal injuries service to the whole of Scotland. This is
housed in a purpose-built facility. There is also a wide range of therapeutic services
including Audiology, Clinical Psychology, Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, ECG,
Physiotherapy, Radiology (including MRI and CT provision for the general hospital service)
and Speech Therapy.

Description of the Department

The Emergency Department of the Southern General Hospital had approximately 50000
new patient attendances in 2011. An active shop floor consultant presence is maintained
as is the importance of high quality training in Emergency medicine.

The Emergency Department provides a full 24 hour a day 7 day a week service for all 999
ambulance patients and patients who self present. This provides the medical staff with a
very broad range of clinical practice which includes acute general medicine, cardiology,
surgical emergencies, major trauma, orthopaedic surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, paediatric
medicine and surgery, psychiatric care and a small percentage of primary care patients.

In addition to the Emergency Department patients, GP referrals to, surgery and
orthopaedics are reviewed by the respective receiving teams in the Emergency
Department.    When these patients require resuscitation or immediate attention, the
Emergency Department medical staff initiates initial treatment. There is a “single pile”
working arrangement for all general medical presentations including GP referrals.

The Emergency Department consultant rota has recently been extensively revised to
comply with the new consultant contract, extend consultant shop floor presence and foster
closer working between the two departments at the Victoria and Southern General in
preparation for the eventual amalgamation of the Victoria Infirmary and Southern General
teams once the new SGH is open. Ultimately the directorate is moving towards the plans
laid down in the GGHB Acute services review, when Emergency Medicine Services will be
delivered from two minor injury units and one large Emergency Department on the
Southern General site.       Both departments have a number of Emergency Nurse
Practitioners who provide Minor Injury Services. In addition all consultants employed
within the Emergency department of the Southern General Hospital participate in the
EMRS retrieval service.
The Victoria Infirmary
The Victoria Infirmary is a teaching hospital with an acute operational bed complement of
approximately 350. The hospital is situated in the south-east of Glasgow providing a
range of high quality health care services including Accident and Emergency, General
Medicine (including sub-specialties), General Surgery (including sub-specialties), Medicine
for the Elderly (including Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Day Services), Orthopaedics
and a wide range of Out-Patient clinics.

Description of the Department

The Emergency Department of the Victoria Infirmary saw an annual attendance of
approximately 61000 in 2011, including approximately 9,000 children under the age of 12.
An active shop floor consultant presence is maintained, as is the importance of high quality
training in emergency medicine.

The Emergency department is charged with providing an emergency service to manage all
patients attending the Victoria Infirmary with acute illness or injury, either as self
presentations or referral from GP OOH or NHS24. Currently all emergency
admissions being admitted to the hospital pass through the Emergency Department This
provides the medical staff with a very broad range of clinical practice which includes acute
general medicine, cardiology, surgical emergencies, major trauma, orthopaedic surgery,
ophthalmology, ENT, paediatric medicine and surgery, psychiatric care and a small
percentage of primary care patients.

The directorate is moving towards the plans laid down in the GGCHB Acute services
review, when Emergency Medicine Services will be delivered from two minor injury units
and one large Emergency Department on the Southern General site. Both departments
have a number of Emergency Nurse Practitioners who provide Minor Injury Services. In
June 2009 the new Victoria ACH opened and from 0900-2100 7 days a week a proportion
of the minor injury service is delivered from the MIU supported in the implementation
phase by Emergency Medicine Consultants.

Description of post – Victoria Infirmary

Title: Specialty Doctor in Emergency Medicine

      Names of Consultants in Emergency Medicine- Victoria Infirmary

                      Name                      Base
                  Mr D Ritchie              Victoria Infirmary
                  Dr J Gordon               Victoria Infirmary
                  Dr S Daisley              Victoria Infirmary
                  Dr K Thomson              Victoria Infirmary
                  Dr H Smith                Victoria Infirmary
                  Dr M Boyle                Victoria Infirmary
                  Dr K McCarthy             Victoria Infirmary
          Numbers and grades of Medical Staff

                       Grade of Doctor              Victoria Infirmary
                     Specialist Trainees                     6
                     GP Trainees                             3
                     FTSTA                                   2
                     FY2                                     4

  Duties of post

  Clinical Commitments

  The main thrust of clinical activity is treating patients on the “shop floor” as they present. In
  addition, but depending on prior experience, specialty doctors are expected to supervise
  junior medical and nursing staff.

  The consultants currently operate a floor consultant rota to ensure a senior presence in the
  department at all times during office hours, evenings and for specified periods over the
  weekends. The duty consultant has the remit of supervising and assisting in the initial
  management of all patients presenting to the department including those managed by
  trainees and nurse practitioners.

  In addition to the new patients presenting to the department there are five daily morning
  clinics per week. There are currently no Emergency Department inpatient beds.

  Currently Consultants are involved in departmental ultrasound, Critical Care and sports
  and exercise medicine.

  A key priority for the successful applicant will be assisting colleagues to achieve and
  sustain the Scottish Executive’s National Unscheduled Care 4 hour ED Target.

  Sample Job Plan
  The appointment is full-time contracted as 10PAs (including 1 SPA) plus 2 APAs (total

         Monday            Tuesday     Wednesday        Thursday         Friday      Saturday    Sunday
Week 1   0800-1800         OFF         OFF              SPA: 0900-1300   1800-0200   1800-0200   1800-0200
Week 2   OFF               OFF         SPA: 0900-1300   0800-1800        0800-1800   OFF         OFF
Week 3   2100-0900         2100-0900   2100-0900        2100-0900        OFF         OFF         OFF
Week 4   1200-2200         1200-2200   SPA: 0900-1300   OFF              OFF         OFF         OFF
Week 5   1800-0200         1800-0200   OFF              SPA: 0900-1300   2100-0900   2000-0800   2000-0800
Week 6   OFF               OFF         SPA: 0900-1700   0800-1800        0800-1800   OFF         OFF
Week 7   0800-1800         0800-1800   SPA: 0900-1300   OFF              OFF         0800-2000   0800-2000
The successful candidate will be expected to provide initial treatment of new patients
presenting to the department including the Resuscitation Room. He/she will also provide
support and advice to more junior doctors and liaise with Consultants and relevant other
specialists as and when required. In addition, the appointee will be liable for duty in
occasional emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.

In addition to the above clinical duties, the successful candidate will be expected to fully
participate in the department’s educational activities, which may include the teaching of
medical students, nurses and other groups. The Department is committed to education
and training of all staff groups and the specialty doctor will be expected to play and active
role in audit and other clinical governance activities. The appointee will be required to
register [if not already done so] with an appropriate College for CPD, undergo an annual
appraisal, and subsequently revalidation as determined by the General Medical Council
[GMC]. 1PA [4 hours] will be allocated to such activities.

Both departments are supported with additional Clinical Assistant sessions at weekends
and on occasions out of hours.

In addition to the duties mentioned above, duties at other hospitals administered by the
Board may be necessary.


REQUIREMENTS                          ESSENTIAL                         DESIRABLE
                        Requirements necessary for safe         Where available, elements
                        effective performance in the job        that contribute to improved,
                                                                immediate performance in
                                                                the job
Qualifications and       Full registration with GMC             APLS provider
Training                 4 years postgraduate training          ATLS provider
                         2 years postgraduate training in
                          relevant specialty posts
                         At least 4 months previous training
                          in approved Emergency Medicine
                         ALS provider

Clinical Specialty       Demonstrates competence in the
Skills                    management of full range of
                          Emergency Medicine presentations

Skills, knowledge        Evidence of working in a multi-        teaching and training
and aptitude              disciplinary team                       skills for junior doctors
(e.g.                    Ability to organise and prioritise
communication or          complex demands
organisations skills,    Effective communication skills
proven work              Basic IT skills
Experience               General professional training in       Evidence of involvement
                          acute specialties including             in relevant clinical audit
                          Emergency medicine                     Experience of Major
                                                                  Incident Management
Personal Skills          Commitment to good team working
                          and relationships
                         Enthusiastic and ability to work
                          under pressure
                         Supportive and tolerant
                         Caring attitude to patients
Special                  Flexibility to respond to changing
Requirements              service needs
                             TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE

     The conditions of service are those laid down and amended from time to time by the Hospital
     and Medical & Dental Whitley Council.

TYPE OF CONTRACT             Fixed Term

GRADE AND SALARY             Specialty Doctor
                             £ 36,807 £ 68,638 per annum (pro rata)

                             New Entrants to the NHS will normally commence on the minimum point of the
                             salary scale, (dependent on qualifications and experience). Salary is paid
                             monthly by Bank Credit Transfer.

HOURS OF DUTY                Full Time 40.00

SUPERANNUATION               You have the option to join the NHS Superannuation Scheme, to participate in
                             the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme or to take out a Personal
                             Pension. Employee’s contributions to the NHS Scheme are Tiered based on
                             your earnings and the employers contribution equates to 13.5 % of salary.
                             Employees in the NHS Scheme are “Contracted-out” of the State Earnings
                             Related Pension Scheme and pay a lower rate of National Insurance
                             contributions. Employees who choose to participate in the State Earnings
                             Related Pension Scheme pay the higher rate of National Insurance
                             contribution. A Stakeholder Pension is also available. A Personal Pension is a
                             private arrangement agreed with the pension provider that will be an
                             organisation such as a Bank, Building Society or Insurance Company.

REMOVAL EXPENSES             Assistance with removal and associated expenses may be given and would be
                             discussed and agreed prior to appointment.

EXPENSES OF                  Candidates who are requested to attend an interview will be given assistance
CANDIDATES FOR               with appropriate travelling expenses. Re-imbursement shall not normally be
APPOINTMENT                  made to employees who withdraw their application or refuse an offer of

TOBACCO POLICY               NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde operate a No Smoking Policy in all premises
                             and grounds.

                             This post is considered to be in the category of “Regulated Work” and
DISCLOSURE SCOTLAND          therefore requires a Disclosure Scotland Protection of Vulnerable Groups
                             Scheme (PVG) Membership which currently costs £59.00. The cost of the
                             PVG Membership will be initially paid by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and
                             will required to be repaid through a payroll deduction mandate from the
                             successful candidate’s first salary.

CONFIRMATION OF              NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) has a legal obligation to
ELIGIBILITY TO WORK IN       ensure that it’s employees, both EEA and non EEA nationals, are legally
THE UK                       entitled to work in the United Kingdom. Before any person can commence
                             employment within NHS GGC they will need to provide documentation to
                             prove that they are eligible to work in the UK. Non EEA nationals will be
                             required to show evidence that either Entry Clearance or Leave to Remain in
                      the UK has been granted for the work which they are applying to do. Where
                      an individual is subject to immigration control under not circumstances will they
                      be allowed to commence until the right to work in the UK has been verified.
                      ALL applicants regardless of nationality must complete and return the
                      Confirmation of Eligibility to Work in the UK Statement with their completed
                      application form. You will be required provide appropriate documentation prior
                      to any appointment being made.

REHABILITATION OF     The rehabilitation of Offenders act 1974 allows people who have been
OFFENDERS ACT 1974    convicted of certain criminal offences to regard their convictions as “spent”
                      after the lapse of a period of years. However, due to the nature of work for
                      which you are applying this post is exempt from the provisions of Section 4 of
                      the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 by virtue of the Rehabilitation of
                      Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions Orders 1975 and 1986). Therefore, applicants
                      are required to disclose information about convictions which for other purposes
                      are “spent” under the provision of the act in the event of employment, failure to
                      disclose such convictions could result in dismissal or disciplinary action by
                      NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Any information given will be completely

DISABLED APPLICANTS   A disability or health problems does not preclude full consideration for the job
                      and applications from people with disabilities are welcome. All information will
                      be treated as confidential. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde guarantees to
                      interview all applicants with disabilities who meet the minimum criteria for the
                      post. You will note on our application form that we ask for relevant information
                      with regard to your disability. This is simply to ensure that we can assist you,
                      if you are called for interview, to have every opportunity to present your
                      application in full. We may call you to discuss your needs in more detail if you
                      are selected for interview.

GENERAL               NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde operates flexible staffing arrangements
                      whereby all appointments are to a grade within a department. The duties of an
                      officer may be varied from an initial set of duties to any other set, which are
                      commensurate with the grade of the officer. The enhanced experience
                      resulting from this is considered to be in the best interest of both NHS Greater
                      Glasgow and Clyde and the individual.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES   The postholder will undertake their duties in strict accordance with NHS
                      Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

NOTICE                The employment is subject to three months’ notice on either side, subject to
                      appeal against dismissal.

MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE    In terms of NHS Circular 1989 (PCS) 32 dealing with Medical Negligence the
                      Health Board does not require you to subscribe to a Medical Defence
                      Organisation.       Health Board indemnity will cover only Health Board
                      responsibilities. It may, however, be in your interest to subscribe to a defence
                      organisation in order to ensure you are covered for any work, which does not
                      fall within the scope of the indemnity scheme.

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Applicants wishing further information about the post are invited to contact Mr
Malcolm Gordon, Lead Consultant South Glasgow Sector Emergency Medicine on
0141 201 1455 or Dr David Ritchie, Consultant in Emergency Medicine on 0141 201
5481 with whom visiting arrangements can also be made.


To apply for these posts please include your CV and names and addresses of 3
Referees, along with the following documents; (click on the hyperlinks to open)

Medical and Dental Application and Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

Declaration Form Regarding Fitness to Practice

Immigration Questionnaire

Alternatively please visit www.nhsggc.org.uk/medicaljobs and click on the “How to
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Please return your application by email to nhsggcrecruitment@nhs.net or to the
recruitment address below;

Medical and Dental Recruitment Team
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Recruitment Services
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The closing Date will be 7th September 2012.

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