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									                            SWANSEA AREA RATEPAYER’S ASSOCIATION

                                MINUTES OF MEETING, November 17, 2009

Present:       Nick Singh, Ian McIsaac, Bill Roberts, Louis Gris, David Fleming, Kate Lawson, John Meijer
Regrets:       Sybil Wilkinson, George Dubauskas, Ed Gaigalas


Nick Singh called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm.


Upon motion by Bill Roberts, seconded by Ian McIsaac, and carried, the Agenda for November 17, 2009 was


Upon motion by John Miejer, seconded by Bill Roberts, the minutes for October 20, 2009 were approved as


a) Membership:              John Meijer reported that the report is not yet compiled as there have been many
membership renewals to go through. He will send an electronic copy later this week.

b) Fundraising:                Louis Gris reported that he has additional tickets for SARA’s November
fundraiser at the Village Players’ production of “Cliff-hanger” to be performed on November 19th, 2009 if more
are required.

c) Treasurer’s:              Kate Lawson read the report. The report was accepted upon a motion by Kate
Lawson, seconded by Bill Roberts and carried. Bill Roberts reported that he has already sold 20, and may be
able to sell more. He encouraged others to sell as many as possible.

d) Expenses:               Bill Robert tabled expenses for $10.00 for parking while dealing with SARA
matters. David Fleming motioned that the expenses be paid. The motion was seconded by Ian McIsaac and


a) New Members and Guests:                    Andrea Martin explained that she purchased a house on Ellis
Avenue, and is troubled by the heavy traffic, and the high speed of traffic on the street, especially now that the
road is effectively closed. She asked for advice on how she might deal with the situation. Bill Roberts
suggested to call and write, Councillor Saundercook and the Staff Sergeant at 11 Division, to ask them to
enforce both the speed limit and traffic, especially since the road is supposed to be “local traffic only”

b) Property Encroachment at 55 Mayfield Ave - Willard Gardens Parkette:                     No news.

c) Membership Committee:                                     No news.

d) Waterfront Master Plan and Western Beaches:               No news.
e) South Kingsway Ramps:                                 Work seems to be nearing completion at the ramps.
Bill Roberts reported that Sam from Councillor Saundercook’s office called him to discuss the difficult stop
from the southbound South Kingsway to westbound Queensway and what might be done. Bill will follow up in
a few weeks and report at the December Executive.

f) Sobeys Mall Traffic Problems:                             Ian McIsaac reported he had another conversation
with Chris Innis, the mall property manager to discuss the situation. He is amenable to any suggestions to
improve the access both in and out of the mall. Ian also talked with Lydia Bell, a local resident who is
interested in the problem. Ian will contact the local councillor, Councillor Milczyn, about the matter as well.

g) 2500 Bloor Street West – Tridel Development:               Nick Singh reported that they went to three
meetings, one for education on the charette process, and two charette meetings. Design principals were
described, reviewed and then compared against five other sights identified in the segment study: the Esso
Station, the Humber Odeon block, the Turner and Porter site, the Kingsway Pharmacy building and, the mall
just west of the intersection on the south side of Bloor. City Planners will produce a report and meet with key
charette participants to discuss it. A public meeting will follow.

h) Sign By Law:                                           Ian McIsaac reported that the new bylaw was
presented to Planning and Growth Committee on November 4, 2009. It will be presented to City Council on
November 30 or December 1, 2009. Bill Roberts motioned that Ian McIsaac send a letter to the City Council
Secretary asking to be kept informed on the matter. The motion was seconded by Kate Lawson and carried.

i) Proposed Consolidated Zoning By Law:                     Bill Roberts reported that there will be a public
meeting to discuss more public involvement in the process, as well as a meeting with the ratepayer groups.
Both meetings will be held before the bylaw is next presented to the Planning and Growth Committee and then
City Council. SARA will continue its support with CORRA and FoNTRA currently taking the lead on this

j) Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon – September 27, 2009:          Bill Roberts reported that the first
payment was received, with a second to follow. Financial details should be wrapped up by the December
Executive meeting.

k) Rennie Park Off Leash Dog Walk:                      Nick Singh reported he has talked with Sam at
Councillor Saundercook’s office. Sam will make some inquiries and get back to Nick.

l) Activities at Certain Businesses in Etobicoke/York:       Bill Roberts reported that SARA was the only
ratepayers group to attend the November 10h meeting. More accurate data is still not available and it appears
that inspection and enforcement seems to be haphazard. City Staff were directed to report details at the January
Community Council meeting. Toronto Police Services were also directed to provide enforcement records. Bill
Roberts was asked to write a letter to outline “advising landlords of breaches of the bylaws”. David Fleming
motioned to confirm Bill’s writing of the letter. The motion was seconded by Ian McIsaac and carried.

m) Queens Pasta Liquor Licence Application:                 Nick Singh reported that he has now news, and will
contact Alcohol and Gaming for an update.

n) Insurance:                                                Kate Lawson reported that she contacted State Farm
Insurance. All is well with the policy, and she paid the invoice.

o) AGM and Provincial All Candidates Meetings – Room Bookings:           Kate Lawson will talk to Ed Gaigalas
to pencil some tentative dates for the AGM and All Candidate Meetings, and book the 2010 Executive meeting

a) Past Items:
   169 South Kingsway:       No news.
           69 Beresford:     No news.
             3 Harcroft:     John Meijer contacted the OMB. The hearing completed and the decision is
        279 Riverside:       The COA adopted the reccomended conditions.
   37 South Kingsway:        No news.

b) New CoA Matters:


a) High Park Community Advisory Council:                                  No news.

b) Community Police Liaison Committee:                                    No news.

c) Swansea Community Recreation Centre & Rennie Park:                     Kate Lawson reported that she
missed the last meeting, and that they will only be meeting every second month as interest is fading out.

d) Swansea Memorial Library and Friends of the Library:                   Bill Roberts reported that the usage
has increasing 5 to 20% in July and August.

e) Swansea Public School:                                                 No news.

f) Swansea Town Hall Board of Management:                                 Bill reported that the Board has met.
There will be an AGM in February.

g) J.T. Bonham Residences:                                                No representative.

h) CORRA:                                                                 Bill reported that CORRA is
currently monitoring the by-law harmonisation project.


a) Windermere by the Lake:                                                No news.

b) Southport Plaza:                                                       No news.

c) Former Joyco Station:                                                  No news.

d) Humber Bay Treatment Plant:                                            No news.

e) Proactive Measures to Preserve the Character of Swansea:               No news.

f) Storm Water Management Plan – Ellis Ave/Colbourne Lodge Dr:            No news.

g) Bloor West Urban Design Study:                                         No news.

h) Humber Odeon Developments:                                             No news.

i) Adopt-A-Block Program and Display Poster:                              No news.

j) Municipal Election Finance Reforms:                                    No news.

k) Rennie Park/Ellis Avenue Storm Sewer Replacement:                      No news.

l) Runnymede Avenue Speeding and Bus route:                               Nick Singh reported that he is still
waiting for Sam at Councillor Saundercook to get back to him.

m) Bloor Street Humber Bridge Repair:                                     John Meijer will inquire about the
possibility of bike lanes on the bridge.

n) Humbergate Initiative:                                                 No news.

o) 21 Old Mill Road:                                                      Nick Singh reported that he

contacted KPRG about contacting a lawyer to review the legal status of the sight.

p) Swansea Traffic Study:                                                 No news.

q) Booking of Swansea Town Hall Rooms for SARA Meetings:                  Kate Lawson will book 2010 dates
when she discusses AGM and All Candidate meetings with Ed.



10. NEXT MEETING:             Tuesday December 15, 2009

11. ADJOURNED:                9:30 PM


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