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SRPT meeting May 10 20121 by TK1yo0V0


									                 Seniors Regional Planning Table (SRPT) Meeting

                        May 10, 2012- 10:00am – 2:00pm

              Campaign Room, United Way of the Lower Mainland

                           4543 Canada Way, Burnaby

In attendance:
Dr. Patricia Baird, Andrea Droege, Wolf Strecko, Marilyn Fischer, Scott Ricker,
Annette Oakes, Deanna Charlton, Lorna van Straaten, Susan Tatoosh, Bev Pitman,
Sara Metcalf (practicum student for 4 months with United Way), Kara-Leigh
Jameson, Don Browning, Chris Chan, Carole Kaye, Mohinder Grewal, Ken Jones,
Judith McBride, and Kim Gale-Gotowiec (new Coordinator)
Regrets: Alice Edge
Chair: Lorraine Logan

Facilitator/ Recorder: Kim Gale-Gotowiec

1.      Welcome

Adoption of agenda:

Request to add

      Seniors Advocate Committee Budget
      Make two announcements Carole and Ken
      Introduce idea of “Hot Topics”
      Anti-Stacking: Bev

Approval of Minutes:

Marilyn asked that it be noted in the minutes that she did not coordinate the walk
but was a planning committee member

2.     UW update: Bev
      Kim Carter- recommended as Ombudsperson for another 6 year term
      Hoping to get the guidelines for the new Seniors Advocate- we have been
       told it will be available next week

    New Horizons grants- Langley received 4 new grants and the planning table
     was instrumental in obtaining these grants
    Current New Horizons grant call- Senior Led Groups can apply for a grant
    An issue brought to Bev which is a new anti stacking clause. As a committee
     should we submit a complaint?
     Bev will be filing a complaint on behalf of United Way
    BC Seniors week is coming up- Langley is going to be carrying out 79
     senior focused events
    Seniors multicultural event in Surrey
    Vancouver Coastal Health- June 6 smaller scale seniors consultation
    SFU Gerontology conference May 16 & 17th

Ken has asked that Bev make contact with the SFU Gerontology dept. to include
our table on their contact list for upcoming event.

3. Sub- Committee Reports

a) Report from Seniors Advocate Sub Committee- Marilyn

Our committee has had two meetings to date. See report presented by Marilyn.
The committee felt the letter from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
should not be sent out by the Regional Steering Committee.

It was felt that it was not in the best interest of the committee to put forward this
letter because of the political bias- may taint our presentation if we were to sign on
to a letter that has already been written by a staff member from the CCPA.

It was believed that the letter would be more effective if it came from the diverse
members of our committee and that the letter just be used as a guide. This letter
should outline what we see the needs of seniors are and it should advocate for this
support but not as a recommendation.

This letter is asking for our input and suggestions to amend it. We should leave our
political bias as the door as stated in our terms of reference. M/S/C Ken/Scott that
that we acknowledge we received this letter for information purposes only and that
it be submitted to the Seniors Advocate committee for this role.

The letter of support for advocate has been sent in and we have been
acknowledged as a participant.

Marilyn and her subcommittee will continue the review and work on the
information for the consultation

Subcommittee will send out the draft to the members of the table. We do not meet
again until the fall so information will need to be sent to all the committee
members via email with a 10 day turn around response to Kim. Changes will be
collaborated by Kim and she and Marilyn will meet to discuss and a final draft will
be sent out to the committee.

Terms of reference need to be changed for email voting and Kim will amend them.

ACTION: Marilyn and Kim will discuss how to collect feedback for these

Next meeting May 24 10:00am Location TBA- subcommittee-

Seniors Advocate Committee is Lorraine, Don, Ken, Marilyn, Mohinder, and Alice

Report from Information Sub Committee- Presentation by Wolf Strecko

We are taking an existing program such as BC211 and promoting the work they
are doing in the community. This will be an ongoing committee.

PowerPoint from Wolf attached

Identified gap- responding back to government with recommendations- some
clarification of our role as a planning table needs to be decided.

Sharing information through the health authorities is a much needed piece of work.
This service is still not well known in our communities. A suggestion was made
that BC211 stickers or notices should be put in lobbies where seniors live.

The question was raised as to whether or not the committee has set measures to see
how the work is accomplished to see the effects we are having as a committee.
Chris asked for approval from the committee to proceed with this BC211 initiative
before the measurement tools are put in place. Endorsement from committee and
Bev (UW) to proceed with this call for approval of recommendations.

4.      Review of membership:

Committee referred to Terms of Reference. Are there any current members that
wish to resign? Chair suggested that we will need to review who has been away for
more than two meetings to see if a spot will be become available for new members.

Scott wants to change his title from representing the West End Seniors Network to
Simon Fraser University.

Three seats are open for the Seniors Regional Planning Table.

ACTION: Scott and Kim will check on who was on the list and why they have not
attended. When choosing new members the needs of the committee should be

Scott agreed to take on the task of clarifying the policies around reviewing
membership and attendance requirements and identifying who is still on the
committee and who will be asked to step off.

New Business

a) Seniors Advocate Budget- Marilyn
    Room rental for meetings
    Flipchart and supplies needed
    Transportation costs for Volunteer members

     Bev responds $1,210 requested will be approved. UW values volunteers. Tried
     to get some funding from the overage from last year. Bev will continue to
     research other partners for matching funds to increase our budget. SSS will be
     working with UW to find funds to assist with subcommittee work and Kara-
     Leigh also announced that there is free meeting space available at Seniors
     Services Society office in New Westminster.

A request was made that the Coordinator also support the sub committees but
this is dependent on time and funding restrictions

Any committees established should be considered for reimbursement for out of
pockets volunteer expenses and refreshment expenses incurred- All in favor

b) Anti stacking policy- Bev.

Making it clear to any applicant that they cannot use the $25,000 Federal grant if
the project also has any municipal or provincial government funding in addition.
Deadline for New Horizon for Seniors Grant for $25,000 is June 29th.

Should the Committee submit an application for this grant?

ACTION: Lorna has suggested she can help with this application and Carole
will assist with the editing.

Committee asked Bev to write a letter on behalf of the committee stating our
objection to this anti-stacking policy.

c) Hot Topics- Lorraine

Drive Able (cognitive testing) SAMORD test (memory test) are done on a
computer screen and can be a frightening experience for seniors. COSCO has
become very involved in speaking for seniors about this issue. Need an
advocate or “companion” to assist seniors to this meeting at the Motor Vehicle
Branch. There is currently no appeal process and this needs to be available.
Also trying to cover the Dr’s expenses for the paper work is involved. Drive
able needs to be removed from the private sector and return to be under the
MVB umbrella so there is proper regulation. This is a really important
discussion to have in your agencies and amongst other seniors.

Motion to have “Hot topics” included on the agenda every meeting. A request
has been put forward that the presentations be a maximum 15 mins per
presentation. Please send prior to meeting to Kim to have it added to the
agenda. SRPT work towards an ACTION plan to deal with any of the Hot

5. Announcements: PDF copies will be emailed out

BC Action Plan:

ACTION: Mohinder will get info for our next meeting to be added as an
agenda item.

What documents should we be reviewing? Where the gaps are and what can we
do about it Chair for the next meeting: Don Browning

6. Next meeting date: September 13, 2012 10:00am-2:00pm

Action: Set dates for the year- Kim will organize with Bev

7. Motion to adjourn: - 2:00pm


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