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					                      MINUTES OF REGULAR BOARD MEETING
                         VILLAGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                           IN THE VILLAGE OFFICE
                           SEPTEMBER 10, 2012

      The regular meeting of the Village Board, of the Village of Strum, Wisconsin,
Trempealeau County, was held in the Village office on Monday, September 10, 2012.

Meeting called to order:
        The meeting was called to order by the Village President, Dean Boehne at 6:30 p.m.
Kathy Wells Village Deputy Clerk took the minutes of the meeting. Also attending were Village
Clerk Beverly Hitz and Village employees Brad Olson & Craig Moltzau and Police Chief Craig
Marsolek. The following board members were present: Webb, Gerritts, Gilbertson, Skoug and
Loesel. Thompson was not present.

Open Meeting Law Requirements Have Been Complied With:
       President Boehne announced the open meetings law requirements have been met for
the meeting.
Approval of minutes:
       A motion was made by Gerritts and seconded by Loesel to approve the minutes from
the regular Village Board Meeting held on August 13, 2012 as printed. Motion carried.

Appearances by citizens and others:
        A. ESYA: Schoen, Schadrie & Toft were present from the ESYA. They have voted to
dissolve the non-profit organization and will need to change their name and want to become a
recreation department. Toft will call other entities to find out if they will contribute
donations/funds or continue to contribute. The ESYA board will check into the cost of
insurance. Hitz will check with Strum’s insurance agent.

Reports from Officers:
       A. Police Chief: Nothing to report.

       B. Zoning Commissioner:
          1. Jessica Bertrang, 117 7th Ave-Handicap Ramp: A motion was made by Loesel and
          seconded by Webb to approve the building permit for Bertrang. Motion carried.

       C. Clerk:
          1. Application-Regular Operators Licenses-Countryside Coop:
                     a. Dylan Franson
                     b. Teresa Banker
                     c. Ivy Biederman
       A motion was made by Webb and seconded by Gerritts to approve all three operator’s
       licenses for Countryside Coop. Motion carried.

         2. Massage Facility Operator’s License- Tamera Lynn Frei: A motion was made by
         Loesel and seconded by Gerritts to approve the Massage Facility Operator’s License
         for Tamera Frei. Motion carried.

         3. Hall Rental September 29th-Request to extend hours: Village hours for hall rental
         are until 11:00 p.m. and they would like an extension to 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. A motion
         was made by Gilbertson and seconded by Skoug to approve the extended hall rental
         to 12:00 a.m. (midnight). Motion carried.

Reports from Committees:
       A. Personnel:
           1. Set Date for Employee Reviews: Gerritts will call Thompson later this week and
           set a date for the reviews and then let Hitz know the date.

       B. Finance: Nothing to report.

       C. Public Works:
          1. Maple Street Project, Update: Disa Wahlstrand said they are about 4 weeks
          behind schedule but are now working after getting safe water samples. They are
          going to start working on the laterals first and then the grading with curb & gutter
          following. Engineering costs have gone up from the original estimate and Schlosser’s
          request for payment is $77,687.20. A motion was made by Gilbertson and seconded
          by Webb to pay Schlosser the $77,687.20. Motion carried.

          2. Christmas Lighting and Summer Flowers: Permission was given by the Village
          Board for the volunteers to go ahead and paint the bottoms of the green light poles
          downtown. The Village will work on replacing the Flags on the corners of Hwy 10 &
          5th Ave N. The Public Works committee will meet on September 19, 2012 at 6:00

       D. Public Welfare:
          1. Playground Equipment in the Parks: Met with Mandy Taylor, they are getting
          estimates for new playground equipment in Woodland Park. Taylor is also looking
          into grants that are available. We discussed the possibility of removing 2 slides and
          the swings.

       E. Public Safety: Nothing to report.

       F. Solid Waste Management:
          1. Set a date for Recycling Committee Meeting: Meeting is Sept 20, 2012 at 6:00
       G. Library Board Report:
          1. Update from Chuck Thompson: Boehne reported that the Strum Library will have
          a board meeting next week and will be working on their budget.

       H. Joint Sewerage Commission:
           1. Update from Buck Webb: Advertisement for bids will be this September. There is
           one easement yet to be signed, and they are working on getting the utility
           crossing/road permit from the town of Albion. The construction may start yet this

Miscellaneous: Nothing to report.

Approval of Vouchers and Journal Entries: A motion was made by Gerritts and seconded by
Loesel to pay the following bills and approve all journal entries. Check #’s 34995 – 35047 and no
journal entries. Motion carried.

Adjournment: A motion was made by Skoug and seconded by Webb to adjourn at 7:44 p.m.
Motion carried.

       Dean Boehne, Village President

       Kathy Wells, Village Deputy Clerk

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