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                                                __________________ College

                        Information for _____________________________ (Occupational Title)

             A formal business/industry survey must be conducted when applying for a new program.
                               Survey questions must address all checklist items.

A. Program Objectives
(Refer to the THECB Guidelines for Instructional Programs in Workforce Education)

B. Existing Program Information for Applying College
List other colleges within the DCCCD that offer this program or a related program and specify the award(s) currently
offered. Include levels and CIP codes for each. (Resource: DCCCD Workforce Education Office)

C. Occupational Need

    1. Is the number of employment opportunities growing? Yes___ No___

            Supporting evidence:

            a. Is this occupational title on the InterLink Demand Occupations List?
      Yes___ No___

            b. Is this occupational title on the Texas Workforce Commission’s Labor Market and Career
               Information SOCRATES List? See CDR website at Yes___ No___

            c.   Is this occupational title on the BLS website? See the BLS website at Yes___ No___

            d. Is hourly wage considered a “living wage” for Gainful Employment principles? Yes ___ No ____

            e. Is this occupational title on the Economic Modeling Specialist, Int. (EMSI) Economic
               Forecaster Report for Dallas County? See EMSI website at
      Yes___ No___

            f.   If the occupational title is not found on any of the above lists, briefly justify the need by citing
                 references and figures to support local labor market demand.

    2. Will the need for trained personnel be sustained over the next five years? Yes____ No____

            Supporting evidence:

            a. Number of positions estimated to be created over the next five years______

            b. Indicate the entry-level salary for this occupational title:

                         _____/hour                 _____/month                _____/year

D. Assessment of Employer Support

    1. How many employers will show preference to hiring completers of this program? _____

    2. How many employers will provide incentives to employees for completing this training by providing:

            a. higher pay? _____
            b. opportunity for promotion? _____
            c. tuition or other financial support?_____

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E. Assessment of Training Capacity

    1. Geographic implications for program location

            a. On a map, indicate the number of employers that would be served by the development of a new
               program for this occupational title. Please use a legend.

            b. Provide a list of any institution(s) within a fifty mile radius currently offering a program
               for the same occupational title.

                 (1) Report information regarding completers and placement rates by institution.
                     (Resource: THECB - Perkins Program Level Measure VI & VIII)

                 (2) Report if any of the institutions have deactivated a similar program.

    2. Suitability of campus resources to support this program

            a. Does the college currently have the following resources to begin this program?

                 *equipment                        Yes___ No___
                 *facilities                       Yes___ No___
                 *faculty                          Yes___ No___
                 *instructional resources          Yes___ No___
                 *first-year budget                Yes___ No___

                 If “No” to any of the above areas, describe the resource commitment needed.

            b. Should this program be provided by more than one college? Yes___ No___
               If no, provide a brief rationale.

            c.   Does this new program require Substantive Change notification to SACSCOC (Southern
                 Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges)? Yes____ No___

                 If yes, please provide proof that the college's SACSCOC Liaison has been alerted. See SACSCOC
                 Substantive Change information:

F. College Commitment to Develop a New Program

Based on the above information and the attachments, the administration of this college is committed to the full
development, implementation and sustained operation of the program until the demand has been fully satisfied.

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                                                                                                              Workforce Education
                                                                                                                     August 2011

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