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					                               Job Description

   Job Title:                          Administrative Officer

     Court          Dundee and      Department/Section:          Civil or Criminal
   Location:          Perth                                       Departments

     Grade:              AO             Salary range:           £14862 per annum

                   Office                 Number of
 Responsible       Managers               vacancies:                    1
     to:           (Dundee or
                   Perth as

Contract type:     Dundee - 1 x Permanent Full Time AO Post.
                   Dundee – 2 x Casual AO Posts (Fixed Term).
                   Perth - 2 x Permanent Full Time AO Posts.

                                 Overall Purpose

  Administrative Officers carry out a variety of general administrative duties to
progress cases through the court or provide support to other functions within the
                             Scottish Court Service.

                              Key Responsibilities

To undertake a number of general administrative duties including:

       Interaction with members of the public, profession, Judiciary and with
        colleagues as required
       Providing consistently accurate information, help, advice and support as
       Work within a team with regular management support and will be
        responsible for your own time.
       Assist with preparing statistical information and other returns to ensure
        standards of work meet the agreed level.
       Processing and distributing incoming mail to colleagues which comprises
        of a range of documents..
       Creating and updating records on our in-house computer system and data
       Producing court documents

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                                Job Description
       Preparation of documents for court hearings
       General photocopying and filing
       Dealing with numerical calculations
       Accounting for monies in accordance with financial guidelines
       undertake light portering duties as required

The above lists are not exhaustive and the job holder may be required to
undertake such duties as may reasonably be requested within the scope of the

                              Working Relationships

  The jobholder will be required to have contact with the groups identified below.

  Contact will be by e-mail, letter, telephone and face to face.

  (Frequency: Daily; Weekly; Monthly; Occasionally).

   General Public               Daily       Staff at other Courts    Occasionally
   Sheriffs                     Daily       Temp Sheriffs            Occasionally

   Solicitors                   Daily    Staff at the Procurator Occasionally
                                         Fiscals’ Office
   Local Council            Occasionally The Procurator Fiscal   Occasionally
   Police                   Occasionally HQ Staff                Occasionally

                    Training and development opportunities

All Scottish Court Service staff will receive:

       local and corporate induction training
       on the job training
       a Personal Develop Plan (PDP) as part of regular performance reviews
       personal online access to training courses and development programmes
        which are available to Scottish Court Service staff

The Scottish Court Service is also an:

       Institute of Leadership & Management Accredited Centre
       SQA Approved Centre

                                Employment Checks

To comply with the HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard outlined by the

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                                Job Description
Cabinet Office the Scottish Court Service must verify all four elements below for
all new staff:
Ø Identity- For this purpose you will be asked to provide evidence of your
identity if invited to interview and potentially again on your first day. A list of
acceptable forms of identification will be set out in your invite to interview

Ø Nationality and Immigration Status (including an entitlement to
undertake the work in question) –You will be asked to provide proof of your
eligibility to work and remain in the UK and the Civil Service. This, along with
your identity will be checked at interview. The forms of acceptable
documentation will again be noted in your invite to interview letter.

Ø Employment History (Past 3 Years) – If you are successful, at least 2
references will be undertaken to verify your employment history and suitability
for appointment. For those that have not been in employment for this period,
alternative reference checks will be completed e.g. Educational. Prospective
employees are additionally required to give a reasonable account of any
significant periods (6 months or more in the past 3 years) of time spent

Ø Criminal Records Check - Forthis purpose a ‘standard’ Disclosure Scotland
Check will be completed for all new starters. The Scottish Court Service is
exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, so all convictions
whether they are spent or not will be considered.

Additional to the Baseline Security checks detailed above, the Scottish Court
Service will also undertake the following:

Ø Occupational Health Checks – To assess if a candidate is fit for
employment and if adjustments need to be made for the successful

Only after all these checks have been completed and the results found to be
satisfactory will the successful candidate be able eligible to commence work with
the Scottish Court Service. Refusal to provide any of the information stated above
will be taken into account when making the employment decision and
employment may be refused.

                              Additional Information

The Scottish Court Service processes data which is sensitive and deals with
matters of a private nature, this often can result in staff interacting with vulnerable
members of society or having access to personal and confidential information. As
a result, the Scottish Court Service is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders
Act (1974) and is therefore unable to recruit members of the public who have a
previous criminal conviction(s) (spent or unspent).

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                                Job Description
              Corporate/Local responsibilities & requirements

The job holder must at all times carry out their responsibilities with due regard to
the Scottish Court Service’s:

       Values & Behaviours
       Civil Service Code of Conduct
       Attendance Management Policy
       Dignity at Work Policy
       Conduct and Discipline Policy
       Equal Opportunities Policy
       Health & Safety Policy
       Electronic Communications Policy and Data Protection Act

Job descriptions should be reviewed on a regular basis and at the annual
appraisal. Any changes should be made and agreed between post holder and
line manager.

The above lists are not exhaustive and the job holder may be required to
undertake such duties as may reasonably be requested within the scope of the

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