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									                              Development of Family System Managers

Background: In her first official communication with DCF staff upon her appointment as the
Commissioner of DCF, Justice Joete Katz wrote that “Families are most commonly a child’s greatest
source of strength and therefore our most important partner in promoting the well-being of the child.”
Since the commissioner’s appointment the Department has been engaged in a transformation into a more
family friendly and family driven organization. To further this change and support each region in their
effort to facilitate similar changes throughout their local service systems, DCF has created eight (8)
Family System Managers. (1 sup and 1 for CO)

Goals: The goals of the Family System Managers are to:

       Provide leadership in regional system development from the family perspective

       Work in conjunction and partnership with DCF Regional Systems Development Managers to
        analyze system needs, monitor system functioning, and promote and sustain system
        improvements across the regional service network.

       Work in conjunction and partnership with the CTBHP Regional Network Managers

       Assist the region in identifying, developing, and supporting informal supports and service
        networks (e.g. faith community, service organizations, recreational agencies, etc.)

       Work in partnership with Regional DCF Systems Development Managers, Hub Service Agencies,
        and other system leaders and stakeholders to advance the health and well-being of children and

       To assist and promote improved communication and linkages between similar community
        meetings/groups/collaboratives (i.e. AACs, RACs, LISTs, Early Childhood Collab., Community
        Collaboratives, etc..)

       When appropriate to assist and support integration of local community

       Promote family driven and youth guided practices throughout the regional service system

       Support the identification, recruitment, and participation of families in system analysis, planning
        and service provision

       Provide technical assistance and support to local systems/groups/collaboratives including their
        governance or a governance structure that interrelates between and among them

Roles: Eight (8) full-time Family System Managers will be employed by FAVOR, the statewide umbrella
agency for Family Advocacy. One (1) Family System Manager would be assigned to each DCF Region,
one to CO and one supervisor. The Family System Manager will be out-placed in their assigned region
preferably at a DCF office site, or alternatively at a community provider agency, or another suitable
setting geographically located within the service area. Each Family System Manager will work in
partnership with the DCF Regional Systems Development Manager with formal reporting and supervision
provided through FAVOR. Additionally, they will work in partnership with the CTBHP Regional
Network Managers. It is anticipated that the three positions; DCF System Developer, Family System

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Manager and Region Network Manger, will form a local team who’s primary function is to enhance the
local network of care to be consistent with the Departments six cross cutting themes as well as the
core values articulated by the Department in the local system of care as described below:

        • Family Driven and Youth Guided
        • Strength Based
        • Cultural and Linguistic Competence
        • Individualized, Flexible and Community Based Approach to services and support
        • Services and Support Provided in Least Restrictive and Most Normative Environment
        • Adequate Availability and Access to Broad array of Effective services and support
        • Evidence and Science informed clinical interventions, services and supports
        • Health and Wellness Promotion
        • Performance and Outcome Based services and support

Hiring: It is anticipated that the hiring process will occur locally and the interview team will include the
DCF System’s Development Manager or a local DCF representative.

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