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									                                      JOB DESCRIPTION

 Job Title:       Young People’s Worker (Expert)

 Section:        Locality Team

 Service:         Integrated Youth Support Service

 Directorate:     Enhanced and Preventative Services

 Reports to:      Youth Development Coordinator or Locality Manager

 Grade:           JNC – Professional Range
                  Salary Range Points: Expert 19 – 22

Job Purpose:
As part of a locality team work directly with, and provide leadership and coordination of services
for, vulnerable young people following Youth Work professional principles and practices
including best practice in Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) to meet the core outcomes
defined within the specification for Cambridgeshire’s Youth Support Service. This will also
include working with at a strategic level the wider community and with key statutory and
voluntary agencies to enable positive activities for young people and where appropriate raise
external funding to provide positive activities.

Principal Accountabilities

1. Working with Young People                                               20%
Provide 1:1 intensive support for a caseload of young people with a focus on supporting their
identified needs i.e. NEET, teenage pregnancy, homelessness, offending behaviour and
substance misuse. Providing up-to-date IAG to enable young people to make informed choices.
To support young people to make an effective transition into adulthood.

2. Programme and Community Development                                           20%
Lead, plan, organise and deliver targeted activities and projects (which includes up to date IAG)
for young people in settings in the locality in line with agreed priorities and outcomes.

To lead, co-ordinate and support the work of staff and volunteers involved within these targeted

Ensure designated buildings are managed effectively according to Council procedures.

Work with key partners and agencies, including where required at a strategic level, to provide
professional support to enable wider positive activities for young people.

3. Staff Management                                                        10%
Recruit, manage and support staff within the Youth Support Service, ensuring that they
receive regular supervision sessions, and annual appraisals. This includes Youth Support
Workers – Entry/Skilled and Youth Workers as required

4. Assessment Of Young Peoples Need                                15%
Assess the needs of young people using the Common Assessment Framework where

5. Multi Disciplinary Working                                                15%

Work as part of a multi disciplinary and multi agency Team Around the Child (TAC) to meet the
needs of young people. Act as lead professional where appropriate. Negotiate with other
professionals, share information appropriately, plan and co-ordinate TAC meetings. Work within
the County Council’s policies and procedures e.g. health and safety, lone working, safeguarding
etc. Seek to effectively engage young people and their parents/carers in the process.

6. Enabling Participation Of Young People                                 10%
Provide opportunities for young people to be engaged in developing, reviewing and influencing
the services they receive.

7. Managing Information to ensure effective support to young people 5%
Maintain accurate and up-to-date client records on relevant management information

8. Commitment to Continuous Improvement                                    5%
Keep up-to-date on information and professional development. Contribute to caseload
management, evaluation of professional practice, supervision and the appraisal process.

Please note: - The post holder may also be required to perform other duties at the request of
senior staff on reasonable request.

                                  PERSON SPECIFICATION

 Job Title:       Young People’s Worker (Expert)

 Section:         Locality Team

 Service:         Integrated Youth Support Service

 Directorate:     Enhanced and Preventative Services

 Reports to:      Youth Development Coordinator or Locality Manager

 Grade:            JNC – Professional Range
                   Salary Range Points: Expert 19 – 22

 The following criteria are appropriate for this post. You must meet the essential criteria in
 order to be shortlisted for the post and it would be advantageous if you meet the desirable

 Education, Qualifications & Training


    BA (Hons) or PG Cert / PG Dip or MA in Youth and Community Work or Youth Work and
     Community Development or other JNC recognised professional range youth work
     qualification plus selected units from the Level 5 Diploma for the Learning Development
     and Support Services Workforce (LDSS).

 For appointments made during the Integrated Youth Support Service restructure only:
     A willingness, ability and commitment to commence one of the qualifications outlined
        above within 36 months of appointment



 Knowledge & Experience


     Able to demonstrate considerable experience of successfully working in and
        knowledge of Services for Children Young People And Families.

         Demonstrable understanding and commitment to equal opportunities and the ability to
          use this knowledge in anti discriminatory professional practice with young people and
          partner organisations.

         Able to demonstrate considerable knowledge of current local and national policies
          affecting young people and related services i.e. within education, employment, training,
          assessment and intervention processes.

         Awareness/understanding through experience/ practice of issues that can be barriers
        for young people to reach their full potential.

       Knowledge of Health and Safety management including Child Protection Procedures



Skills & Attributes


   Able to lead in the design and implementation of high quality educational programs with
    young people, including the ability to generate funding for those activities where required.

   Proven ability to communicate effectively within a range of settings using a wide range of
    communication skills.

   Ability to create, maintain and develop professional positive relationships with young
    people, families, carers and wider partnerships.

   Able to develop, positively challenge and motivate vulnerable young people through a
    range of processes including IAG, 1 to 1 and group work.

   Able to work effectively within a team and be able to plan, monitor, record, evaluate and
    prioritise a range of work requirements.

   Able to work flexibly and travel to a variety of locations when required. Including evenings
    and weekends

   Willingness and high motivation to undertake continued relevant professional




Job title:      Young People’s Worker (Expert)
Team:           Locality Team
Office of:      Children and Young People’s Services

Core Behaviours

Working Together       Integrity                    Respect                  Excellence
                       • I focus on outcomes
• I think creatively                                • I identify areas for   • I consistently review
                       and am self-
about opportunities                                 improvement to meet      current practice both
to work together,                                   the diverse needs of     in the work I do and
building rapport                                    customers and            in the work of my
                       • I am able to think
                                                    colleagues               team
• I deliver results    and plan strategically
across team and        to deliver services          • I challenge poor use   • I identify and deliver
organisational         that are based on            of built and natural     best practice
boundaries             colleague and                resources, delivering
                       customer feedback            improvements
                       and input, with
                       decisions being made
                       and transparently


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