2012 new faculty checklist

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					                                          OFFICE OF THE PROVOST

                                      2012 New Faculty Checklist
    ITEM            TIME                       INSTRUCTIONS                         CONTACT       COMPLETED
Complete        Must be       Materials sent separately by the Office of Human    AskHR
New Hire        received by   Resources.                                          (HR hotline)
Paperwork       HR prior to
                July 15                                                           877-631-5902

Obtain and      Prior to      https://accounts.nd.edu/activation                  Office of
activate        Arrival                                                           Information
NetID in                      To activate your account, you will need your        Technologies
order to gain                 ndID number, which is located on your initial       Help Desk
access to the                 welcome letter. If you have misplaced your ndID
campus                        number, the Office of the Provost will be able to   574-631-8111
computer                      provide it to you.

Contact         Prior to      Discuss with your department chair office space,    Office of the
department      Arrival       access to facilities, college-specific procedures   Provost
chair                         and policies, information on any courses you are
                              teaching, scheduling of any college- or             574-631-9488
                              department-specific events/orientations, etc. If
                              you need contact information for your department
                              chair, you may contact the Office of the Provost.

Procure       Prior to July   You should order the textbooks that will be         Bob Thomson
textbooks for 1               necessary for the courses you are teaching in the
courses                       fall as soon as possible. Contact your department   rthomson@
                              chair to confirm the course title, course number,   nd.edu
                              and section number. Then, contact Bob
                              Thomson, textbook manager at the Hammes             574-631-8235
                              Bookstore, by email (rthomson@nd.edu (NOTE:
                              no “p” in Thomson)) or by phone (574-631-
                              8235). Provide Bob with: the name of your
                              department; the course name; the course number;
                              the course section; and— for each textbook—the
                              author, the title, and the ISBN number, if
Submit         Prior to       http://provost.nd.edu/academic-resources/new-           Carol Bradley
information    August 3       faculty/new-faculty-information/
for                                                                                   502 Grace
publication in                Submit to ND Works, via the web address above, a        Hall; Notre
campus                        one-sentence description of academic focus, a brief     Dame, IN;
newspaper                     summary of the first class you will be teaching,        46556
                              and a one-sentence personal comment on why you
                              chose to come to Notre Dame for publication in the      574-631-0445
                              newspaper. Photo for publication will be taken at
                              New Faculty Orientation on Friday, August 10.           bradley.7@nd

Obtain           Prior to     There are two options:                              AskHR
University       August 24        Proceed to the Office of Human Resources (HR Hotline)
Identification                       at 200 Grace Hall. Please bring with you a
Card                                 valid form of identification (e.g., driver’s 877-631-5902
                                     license or passport).
                                  To receive ID card by mail, follow
                                     instructions provided with materials sent by
                                     Office of Human Resources.

Obtain           After        Please report to the Parking Office in Hammes           Parking
temporary        obtaining    Mowbray Hall and note that you are a new faculty        Office
and regular      University   member. You will need to bring with you: (1)
parking          ID card      your faculty identification card; and (2) the license   574-631-5053
passes                        plate number and a complete description of the
                              vehicle you wish to register.

Attend New       August 8-    Topics of discussion will include the scholarship,      Office of the
Faculty          10, 13-14    research, and teaching environment of the               Provost
Orientation                   University; the University’s Catholic mission and
                              identity; some of the challenges presented by the       574-631-9488
                              demands of research and teaching; various aspects
                              of student life at Notre Dame; and effective

Attend       August 21;       Opening mass is a University-wide event that            Office of the
opening mass Location:        officially opens the academic year.                     Provost
             Athletic and                                                             574-631-9488
Non-U.S.     As soon as       Please contact Deborah Gabaree in the Office of         Deborah
Citizens:    possible         General Counsel to ensure that any immigration          Gabaree
Contact                       matter requiring attention is being addressed.
General                                                                               Gabaree.1
Counsel’s                                                                             @nd.edu

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