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eReader policy 2012 13 by TK1yo0V0


									               2012-13 Elon Park Elementary Policy For eReaders
We are excited to see your child expand their reading through the use of 21st century technology
with an eReader (Kindle, Nook, etc.). While we are fully supportive of students using this
technology at Elon Park Elementary, we want to make you aware of the risks that come with
bringing the eReader to school. The devices are to be used for reading books only. Any student
discovered to be using the device for any other activity will have the device taken away, and the
parent will be required to retrieve it from the office. The student will not be allowed to bring the
device back to school for the remainder of the school year. The Elon Park Elementary staff is NOT
responsible for lost, misplaced, stolen, broken, or damaged eReaders. Please consider this when
making the decision to allow or not allow your child to bring their eReader to school. Your
signature and your child’s signature below indicate an understanding of these rules and agreement to
follow them.

**This policy does not apply to smartphones with eReader capabilities. Smartphones cannot be used
in classrooms at any time.

The use of eReaders will be closely monitored. If inappropriate use becomes a regular issue, the use
of eReaders will be revoked school wide. Please discuss this policy with your child and ensure that
they have a full understanding of its content. Thank you for your partnership in this process.

                                                            Chuck Fortuna – Principal
                                                            Melissa Toner – Library Media Specialist

NOTE: For further information on CMS policies, refer to the Code of Student Conduct (Student Rights,
Responsibilities, and Character Development Handbook), section II – personal technology devices, page 8 and
section IV, rule 5 – personal property, A and B, page 11.

                         2012-13 Elon Park Elementary Policy For eReaders
                       (Please complete and return to the homeroom teacher)

I, _____________________________________________ (Parent Name) give permission for

_______________________________________________ (Student Name) to bring his/her

eReader technology to EPES for reading purposes. We have read and discussed the EPES eReader

policy and fully understand the rules, responsibilities and consequences for inappropriate use.

Date: ______________________________________________

Parent Signature: _____________________________________

Student Signature: ____________________________________

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