Bute Community Land Company by L0Oho6


									                       Bute Community Land Company

                                 Board Meeting

                    BCLC Office, Victoria Street, Rothesay

                            1 October 2012 at 6pm


1.   Present:
     Christine McArthur, Peter Vincent, (directors), Ian Jardine (chairman),
     Nina Graham (company secretary). Emma Cooper (Forest Manager,
     BFL), and Ellen Lambert (Company Secretary, BFL) were present for
     only part of the meeting and did not participate in any decisions.

     Apologies: None

2.   Approval of minutes of meeting on 20 August 2012

3.   Matters arising

4.  Update on BCLC
4.1 Financial summary circulated. Outstanding supplier payments and new
    mandate for rent signed off. Accounts are being prepared for year-end
    (30 Sep) submission.                                                  Nina

5.  Update on BBL
5.1 While Peter and Tina Vincent have agreed to underwrite any future
    losses BBL may incur, it would remain the case that that any profits
    made by BBL, not reinvested, would accrue to BCLC as dividend for the
    benefit of the community.
5.2 Peter and Tina have declared a separate interest in a supplier to BBL.
    Should there be a need for any board decision to be taken regarding
    this supplier then Peter will not take part in any discussion or vote.

6.  Update on BFL
6.1 Sales of £3k have been achieved this month even with the forester
    being on holiday. He will be attending chainsaw assessment and first
    aid courses on his return.
6.2 The forest manager (Emma) is currently pursuing further funding for
    development of the forest for the community and the future of the
    forest manager’s post is dependent on securing this funding. The
    Johnnie Bute Fund, which has been supporting the development
     currently ongoing in the forest, needs to be supplemented if the work is
     to continue.                                                             Emma

7.  Office lease and costs
7.1 BCLC will invoice Radio Bute for £100 rent and 50% contribution
    towards utility bills.                                                     Nina
7.2 BCLC will invoice BFL for rent and utility bills since the date that Ciara
    Wilson, the former LDO, left until end September. Cost were shared
    equally but will now be met fully by BFL.                                  Nina/Emma
7.3 Emma will put a notice in The Buteman about letting office space.          Emma

8.  Radio Bute
8.1 See 7.1                                                                    Nina

9.  Website
9.1 Andy Walters has kindly updated the BCLC website by reducing and
    simplifying content.

10 RBS
10.1 The bank returned forms for additional information and signatures from
     directors. These have been completed for return to the bank.           Peter

11 Outstanding payments to suppliers
11.1 All cheque payments to suppliers have now been signed off and a new
     mandate completed for the rent direct debit. The recent change in
     directors resulted in a temporary lack of signatories to make payments.
     The bank has now approved sufficient signatories for payments to be

12. Insurance
12.1 Insurance quotes will be sought for renewal of public liability insurance. Nina/Peter

13. Year-end accounts submission
13.1 The accountant will be asked how to account for the management
     charge BCLC levies on BFL.                                     Nina
13.2 Quotes will be sought for the year-end accounts.               Nina

14. Handover of Company Secretary duties
14.1 Nina will remain as Company Secretary until all accounts queries are
     complete. Duties circulated to directors in preparation for handover.

15. AOCB
15.1 The Annual Return for Companies House is due no later than 12
     October 2012.                                                         Nina
15.2 Companies House has written requesting a copy of the special
     resolution amending the articles. A hard copy was issued on 27 August
     2012. Nina will check receipt.                                        Nina
15.3 Ian and Nina will arrange a date and time to tidy up and reduce old
     admin and financial paperwork.                                      Nina/Ian

16. Date of next meeting
16.1 To be confirmed.

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