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                                  Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors
Date:          Thursday, June 7, 2012
Location:      Coulterville Fire Station
               10293 Ferry Road, Coulterville, CA 95311
Directors present: Glenn Franklin, Len McKenzie, Emery Ross
Directors absent: Mike Hubert
Associate directors present: N/A
Associate Directors absent: Brenda Ostrom, Kris Randal, Betsy Ross
Staff present: Pat Garcia, Lauren Hubert
Guests: N/A
Call to order: 5:04 p.m.
Public communication: N/A
Special Guests: N/A
Minutes: (M) McKenzie to approve the May meeting minutes (S) Ross. No further discussion; unanimous

Financial reports: The April financial reports were reviewed by Len. He noted that the debits for the 806
account were omitted from the Treasurer’s Summary. Pat will assure that the report is corrected. The list of
warrants issued in May was approved by consensus.

Correspondence: 1.) A notice was received about a Community workshop on June 13 in Mariposa-“Updating
Regional Transportation Plan” at the Government Center. 2.) Sierra Nevada Alliance application received for
AmeriCorps staffing. 3.) Important Farmland Map received from the Department of Conservation (DOC) for
changes or updates. Staff will check with the Planning Department to see if they also received this request. 4.)
From CSDA, an invitation was received to join the Gold Country Regional Chapter. Pat will add an item
regarding the request for the next meeting. 5.) SDRMA June safety topics are: “Back in Action” and “Ladder
Safety: Have you checked your ladders lately?”

Old Business:
Director/associate director recruitment: Pat reported receiving an inquiry from John Shimer regarding
qualifications for directorship. She responded with information and a link to our website.
Report on employee health insurance: The full time employees met with the sales representative for the health
insurance broker to discuss plan choices and we plan to begin coverage as of July 1, 2012. We are also planning to
sign up to have withdrawals for insurance made on a pre-tax basis. Glenn mentioned the need to update the
Personnel Policy to reflect the health insurance coverage. The Personnel Committee will meet before the next
Board meeting to discuss the appropriate changes and recommendations.
Report on NRCS program funding: Lauren presented an overview of the available programs and distributed a hand-
out detailing the programs and eligibility requirements.

New Business:
Impacts of Watershed office building fire on May 11, 2012: The Watershed Council’s written report regarding
effects of the fire, the actions that the Council is taking as a result of the loss of their office and equipment and the
response from the DOC was reviewed. Len asked about the Board’s vision of the future of the Watershed, what the
RCD board can do to try to sustain the work of the Watershed Council and whether it should continue as a function
of the RCD. Glenn said that he believes we are obligated and would desire to continue our support for the duration
of the DOC grant, including staffing and providing a place to work, and beyond the grant if the finances of the RCD
are sufficient to do so. The office equipment, educational materials and water quality monitoring equipment should
be replaced along with a location to keep these materials. An ad-hoc committee comprised of Glenn and Len will
schedule a meeting with the Watershed Council and the non-profit board of directors to discuss their plans and the
partnership between the two organizations. System back-up methods were discussed. Pat has submitted the loss
claim to the SDRMA and will follow-up on workers compensation insurance coverage while the staff is working
from home.
Ongoing Demonstration Garden maintenance: Len suggested developing a monthly schedule to supervise routine
maintenance. Pat will develop a roster for a year of sign-ups and if the assigned person cannot do it, then they are
responsible to find someone else. Glenn mentioned involving other service organizations, such as 4-H, FFA,
Mariposa High School Ag class, etc. As a side note, Len mentioned that when he and the Watershed staff happened
to be working at the garden, Jim Branham of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy was there and approved of the garden
project’s appearance and effectiveness.

Action Items:
Discussion and action regarding CARCD dues and conference delegates: Glenn asked about interest in attending.
Glenn and Pat are, however, at least 2 directors must attend in order for Robyn to attend for the NRCS. No change
has been made in the dues policy. Pat has recalculated the expenses for the 803 account to separate the funds for the
Farm Bill Assistant, which were combined into that account prior to this fiscal year. (M) McKenzie to approve a
CARCD dues payment not to exceed $812.78, (S) Ross. No further discussion; unanimous approval (M) McKenzie
to designate Glenn as the 2012 delegate and to defer the designation of the alternate until we have input from Mike,
(S) Ross. No further discussion; unanimous approval.
Action on new NRCS contribution agreement: (M) McKenzie to approve a new agreement for $30,000 for the Farm
Bill Assistant position, (S) Ross. No further discussion; unanimous approval. Len suggested sending a thank you to
Ed Burton and Curtis Tarver, as well as a farewell letter to Ed on his retirement. Glenn will draft the letter and
forward a copy to Pat.
Discuss approval of new revenue line item in 803 budget: Pat mentioned the lack of a revenue line in the 803
account for the CalRecycle grant. (M) McKenzie to continue this item until the next meeting after the Finance
Committee meets to make a recommendation, (S) Ross. No further discussion; unanimous approval.
Discuss July Board meeting: Due to the 4th of the July Independence Day holiday, it is suggested that the meeting
be rescheduled from July 5th, to the following week. (M) McKenzie to reschedule the meeting to the 12th of July,
(S) Ross. Discussion followed about making sure that appropriate publicity is submitted. No further discussion;
unanimous approval.

Staff reports:
Watershed: Written report submitted. Updates were previously discussed under New Business.
Demo Garden: Updates were previously discussed under New Business.
IRWMP: We are hoping to hear about the results of the Planning Grant application this month.
NRCS: Robyn sent the information discussed under Old Business, as well as the new agreement discussed
under Action Items.
MCRCD: Sierra Water Work Group Summit has been rescheduled for July. As Glenn and Pat would like to
attend, the travel expense approval will be added to next month’s agenda. Roz and Lauren have been working
on updating our MCRCD brochures. Samples were distributed. Recommendations were made to make sure that
the photos are local, that the IRWM effort be mentioned, that the website font be larger and that the columns be
justified. The website domain name will be renewed just before the expiration date. The SNC Mokelumne
project will become active soon.
Directors’ reports: Glenn attended 2 agricultural advisory committee meetings but we need to officially
delegate an alternate, such as the President, if the designee is not able to attend a meeting. He reviewed the
meetings discussion items. Neither Emery nor Len had anything further report.
Adjournment: (M) McKenzie to adjourn, (S) Ross. No further discussion; unanimous approval. Meeting
adjourned at 6:49 p.m.
Submitted by:           Pat Garcia                  Date Approved: ___July 11, 2012______________
              Recorded minutes of this meeting are available in the RCD office for a two-year period.

Persons with disabilities who require alternative means of communication or assistance should contact our
office at the above number, at least 5 days prior to the event. An equal opportunity provider and employer.

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