Out of State Title Tracking by 5gG0BP


									by: Nassau County Tax Collector’s Office
   How Out of State(OOS) Titles were tracked
   Problems
   How OOS Titles are tracked now
   Title work was initially received via mail:
    ◦ Title’s VIN and customer’s name logged (paper)
    ◦ Title work placed in “Title Box”
    ◦ Customer called (if phone# available)
      Not logged
    ◦ If no phone contact, Customer notification letter
      Not logged
      Little control or consistency of letters
   Title work was sent to branch offices as
    requested by customer
    ◦ Not logged consistently
   Customer called about their Title work:

    ◦ CSR would have to find Title work:
      Leave workstation
      Dig thru branch “Title Box”
      If not there, call other branches and have another CSR
       dig thru other branch “Title Box”
    ◦ CSR could only let customer know “We got it…”
    ◦ CSR could ask for title work to be sent to other
      branch, but no means to track.
   Where’s the “Title Box”?
   Did anyone call customer?
    ◦ Who, when and what was said?
   Did the customer call back?
    ◦ Who, when and what was said?
   Did anyone send a notification letter?
   What branch is the Title work at?
    ◦ Why is it there?
   Did the Title work get processed?
    ◦ By who and when?
   Was the Title work sent back to dealer/lien holder?
    ◦ By who and when?
   Title work is initially received via mail:

    ◦ Title work information logged into system:
        Who and when
        Title Info
        Customer Info
        Which branch the Title work is located at

    ◦ Customer Correspondence
      Phone
              Who, when, and what was said.
      Uniform Letters
              Who, when, and copy of letter(electronic).
   Customer calls about their Title work:

    ◦ Any CSR at Any branch:
        Has all Title/Customer information at their fingertips.
        Has all customer correspondence history.
        Can input phone conversations in system.
        Can request title work “routed” to any branch.
   Title work 30 days old with no contact with

    ◦ flagged for a uniform “Warning Letter”:

      Generated by system
      Logged in system
      Sent to customer
   10 days after “Warning Letter” has been sent:

    ◦ flagged for a uniform “Dealer/Lien Holder Return

      Generated by system
      Logged in system
      Sent to Dealer/Lien Holder
   Back Office Staff roles:
    ◦ Input initial title/customer info.
    ◦ Make initial phone call attempt.
      If no phone contact, Send initial notification letter.
    ◦ Daily monitor:
      Titles to be routed to different branches.
      Title warning letters.
      Titles that need to be sent back to Dealer/Lien Holder.
”Designated personnel” could assume these
   Yes, however there will need to be
    modifications specific to your office.
    ◦ Users
      The system identifies users by their windows login
       name they are logged in with.
    ◦ Locations
      I will need to modify the location names to match your
    ◦ Default Location Titles are received at
      I will need to designate.
    ◦ Letters
      You will need to provide your office’s letterhead for me
       to incorporate into all the letters.
   Prerequisites
    ◦ Microsoft Access 2003 or later on all PC’s which will
      need to run it.
    ◦ Fileserver accessible by all PC’s which will need to
      run it.
   Optional (but preferred)
    ◦ MS SQL Server instance in place to add back-end
   Mitchell Wilson

   Erica DuPree

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