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                                                                                                                                                                       Grammar                                                  Social
  Date         LA Unit           Selection         Fluency; Listening,               Vocab                                      Spelling                                                     Writing             Math                         Science
                                                   Viewing, Speaking                                                                                                  & Decoding                                               Studies
Week 1 (5)                                                                                                                                                                                                   Place Value
                                                                             Introduction. Talk about reading strategies. Back to school activities.                                                                                       Soil
8/22 – 8/26                                                                                                                                                                                                  Chapter 1
                             Because of            Skill: Story Structure      comfort, mention,         Principle: short a and long a                                Grammar:            Writing Mode:      Place Value                   Soil
                                                                               mood, properly,                                                                        Complete            Write to Express   Chapter 1        Utah’s
                             Winn-Dixie            Strategy: Summarize         intends, consisted,       Spelling Words: blade, gray, past, afraid, magic,            Sentences                                               Geographic
                             Genre: Realistic                                                            delay, amaze, drain, maybe, break, sale, hang,
                                                                               positive, advanced,                                                                                        Writing Form:                       Location
                             Fiction               Author’s Craft:                                       stain, glass, raft, jail, crayon, fact, stale, steak
Week 2 (5)                                                                     peculiar, talent                                                                       Decoding:           Descriptive
8/29 – 9/2                                                                                                                                                            The VCV Syllable    Paragraph
                             Paired Selection:                                                           Challenge Words: fraction, trait, champion,
                                                   Fluency: Rate               Strategy:                                                                              Pattern
                             Because of BookEnds                                                         activity, graceful, massive, rapid, napkin, canyon,
                                                                               Prefixes re-, un-,                                                                                         Focus Trait:
                             Genre:                                                                      portray, parakeet, complicate, appetite,
                                                   Listen/View/Speaking:       dis-                                                                                                       Ideas
                             Informational Text                                                          speculator, display, shoelace, magnet, canvas,
                                                   Retell a story
                                                                                                         grapefruit, parade
                             My Brother            Skill: Author’s Purpose     injustice,                Principle: short e and long e                                Grammar: Open       Writing Mode:      Compare,         The Great    Soil
                                                                               numerous,                                                                              and Closed          Write to Express   Order, and       Basin
                             Martin                Strategy:                   segregation,              Spelling Words: west, steep, member, gleam,                  Syllables                              Round Numbers
                             Genre: Biography      Monitor/Clarify             nourishing,               fresh, freedom, speed, steam, beast, believe,                                    Writing Form:      Chapter 2        The
                                                                               captured, dream,          speck, kept, cheap, pretend, greed, shelf, least,            Decoding            Narrative                           Colorado
Week 3 (4)                   Paired Selection:     Author’s Craft: Point
                                                                               encounters,               eager, reason, chief                                         Subjects and        Composition                         Plateau
9/6 – 9/9                    Langston Hughes: A    of View
                                                                               preferred, recall,                                                                     Predicates
Labor Day                    Poet and a Dreamer                                                                                                                                           Focus Trait:
                                                   Fluency: Phrasing:          example                   Challenge Words: echo, menu, creature, reveal,
                             Genre: Poetry                                                                                                                                                Word Choice
                                                   Pauses                                                restaurant, elect, breezy, remain, release, yeast,
                                                                               Strategy:                 lantern, debate, memory, distress, petal, comet,
                                                   Listen/View/Speaking:       Prefixes in-, im-, il-,   mattress, conceal, engage, perfume
                                                   Listen for a Purpose        ir-
                             How Tia Lola          Skill: Cause and Effect     welcomed,                 Principle: short i and long i                                Grammar: Kinds      Writing Mode:      Compare,         The Rocky    Rocks
                                                                               sensitive, observes,                                                                   of Sentences        Write to Express   Order, and       Mountains
                             Came to Stay          Strategy: Visualize         unspoiled,                Spelling Words: skill, crime, grind, tonight, brick,                                                Round Numbers
                             Genre: Realistic                                                            flight, live, chill, delight, build, ditch, decide,
                                                                               prepared, negative,                                                                    Decoding:           Writing Form:      Chapter 2
                             Fiction               Author’s Craft:                                       witness, wind, district, inch, sigh, fright, remind,
                                                                               honor, included,                                                                       The VCCV            Dialogue
Week 4 (5)       Unit 1                            Metaphor                                              split
                                                                               glances,                                                                               Syllable Pattern
9/12 – 9/16   Reaching Out   Paired Selection:
                                                   Fluency: Accuracy           encouragement                                                                                              Focus Trait:
                             Pizza Pizzazz                                                               Challenge Words: ignorant, recognize, advice,
                             Genre:                                                                      twilight, rigid, instruct, punish, shiver, liquid, fossil,
                                                   Listen/View/Speaking:       Strategy:
                             Informational Text                                                          sifted, inflate, private, subscribe, lightning, desire,
                                                   Give and Follow             Context Clues
                                                                                                         inspect, thrive, whine, hinge
                             The Power of          Skill: Theme                assist, burglaries,       Principle: short o and long o                                Grammar:            Writing Mode:      Compare,         Utah’s       Rocks
                             W.O.W.!                                           innocent, scheme,                                                                      Simple and          Write to Express   Order, and       Climate
                             Genre: Play           Strategy:                   regretfully,              Spelling Words: block, shown, oatmeal ,wrote,                Compound                               Round Numbers
                                                   Analyze/Evaluate            misjudged, suspect,       fellow, scold, coast, odd, locate, slope, throat, host,      Sentences           Writing Form:      Chapter 2
                             Paired Selection:                                 favor, speculated,        online, shock, solve, known, remote, stock, boast,                               Fictional
                                                   Author’s Craft:                                       globe
Week 5 (5)                   Knowing Noses:                                    prior                                                                                  Decoding:           Narrative:
                                                   Elements of Drama
9/19 – 9/23                  Search-and-Rescue                                                                                                                        VCV and VCCV        Prewrite
                                                                                                         Challenge Words: bonus, approach, motion,
                             Dogs                  Fluency: Intonation                                                                                                Syllable Patterns
                                                                                                         continent, accomplish, dollar, goggles, gossip,
                             Genre:                                                                                                                                                       Focus Trait:
                                                                                                         proper, complain, labor, nominate, proceed, polish,
                             Informational Text    Listen/View/Speaking:                                                                                                                  Ideas
                                                                                                         telephone, swallow, longitude, possible, cocoa,
                                                   Summarize a Spoken
                             Stormalong            Skill: Understanding        yearning,                 Principle: homophones                                        Grammar:            Writing Mode:      Add & Subtract   Mineral      Rocks
                             Genre: Tall Tale      Characters                  memorable,                                                                             Nouns               Write to Express   Whole Numbers    Resources
                                                                               betrayed,                 Spelling Words: wait, weight, heard, herd, days,                                                    Chapter 3
                                                   Strategy: Infer/Predict     condition,                daze, heel, heal, peak, peek, sent, cent, scent, feet,       Decoding:           Writing Form:
                             Paired Selection:
                             Hoderi the                                        seafaring, shortage,      feat, vain, vane, vein, miner, minor                         Homophones          Imaginative
Week 6 (5)                                         Author’s Craft:
                             Fisherman                                         tidal, outcast,                                                                                            Story
9/26 – 9/30                                        Hyperbole
                             Genre: Play/Folk                                  foaming, horrified        Challenge Words: raise, raze, rays, principal,
                             Tale                  Fluency: Expression                                   principle, bury, berry, plane, plain, weed, we’d,                                Focus Trait:
                                                                                                         wheel, we’ll, flour, flower, jeans, genes, lye, lie, oar                         Organization
                                                   Interpret Literature
                                                 Unit 1 Review                         Spelling Words: afraid, amaze, stain, stale, member, greed, least, reason, crime,        Unit 1 Review       Add & Subtract   Plant and      Fossils
                                                                                       grind, witness, remind, fellow, throat, remote, boast, wait, weight, heard, herd                             Whole Numbers    Animal Life
                  Unit 1
 Week 7 (5)                                                                                                                                                                                         Chapter 3
 10/3 – 10/7                                                                           Challenge Words: skate, trait, champion, activity, graceful, echo, menu, creature,
                                                                                       reveal, restaurant, ignorant, recognize, advice, rigid, bonus, accomplish, motion,
                                                                                       continent, principal, principle
                            Once Upon a               Skill: Compare and        rescue, hideous,         Compare, Order, and Round Numbers                        Grammar:       Writing Mode:      Add & Subtract   Mountains      Fossils
                                                      Contrast                  exploding, battle,       Chapter 2                                                Verbs          Write to           Whole Numbers    and Deserts
                            Motorcycle Dude                                     wealthy, refused,                                                                                Respond            Chapter 3
                            Genre: Fairy Tale         Strategy: Infer/Predict   invisible, hired,                                                                 Decoding:                                          Lakes and
                                                                                immense, warrior                                                                  Common         Writing Form:                       Rivers
 Week 8 (5)                 Paired Selection:         Author’s Craft:
                                                                                                                                                                  Consonant      Response to
10/10 – 10/14               Storyteller Diane         Hyperbole
                                                                                                                                                                  Patterns -     Literature
                                                      Fluency: Expression                                                                                         Digraphs
                            Genre: Informational
                                                                                                                                                                                 Focus Trait:
                            Text                      Listen/View/Speaking:                                                                                                      Organization
                                                      Ask and Answer
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Customary and    The Past:      Fossils
                 Unit 2                                                                                                                                                                             Metric
  Week 9 (3)     Do You                                                                                                                                                                             Measurements     Dinosaurs
10/17 – 10/21     Know                                                                                                                                                                              Chapter 12
 (Fall Recess)   What I                                                                                                                                                                                              Lake
                 Mean?                                                                                                                                                                                               Bonneville
                            Coming                    Skill: Fact and Opinion   entertaining,           Principle: Vowel sounds /oo/                             Grammar:        Writing Mode:      Customary and    The Indians    Review Soil,
                                                                                promote, focus,                                                                  Simple Verb     Write to           Metric                          Rocks, and
                            Distractions:             Strategy: Summarize       advertise, jolts,       Spelling Words: bloom, cookbook, tool, shampoo,          Tenses          Respond            Measurements                    Fossils
                            Questioning                                         critics, target,        put, wool, stool, proof, prove, group, brook,                                               Chapter 12
 Week 10 (5)                                          Author’s Craft: Jargon                            foolish, bush, crooked, booth, raccoon, hook,
10/24 – 10/28
                            Movies                                              thrilling, angles,                                                               Decoding:       Writing Form:
                                                                                generated               groom, roof, soup                                        Common          Opinion
                            Genre: Informational      Fluency: Phrasing
                            Text                      Punctuation                                                                                                Consonant       Paragraph
    End of                                                                                              Challenge Words: bulletin, cocoon, cushion,
  First Term                                                                                            proofread, marooned, smooth, oppose, quotation,
                            Paired Selection: A       Listen/View/Speaking:                                                                                      Clusters        Focus Trait:
                                                                                                        soothe, souvenir, rescue, groove, route, quote,
                            Wonder of Animation       Compare and Print                                                                                                          Voice
                                                                                                        borrow, nuisance, troupe, intrude, assume,
                            Genre: Informational      and Non-print
                            Text                      Information
                            Me and Uncle              Skill: Understanding      glorious, studio,       Principle: Vowel sounds /ou/, /o/                        Grammar:        Writing Mode:      Customary and    The Spanish    Utah
                                                      Characters                concerned, model,                                                                Conjunctions    Write to           Metric                          Environments
                            Romie                                               smeared, ruined,        Spelling Words: aloud, bald, hawk, south, faucet,                        Respond            Measurements     The
                            Genre: Realistic          Strategy: Visualize                               proud, claw, tower, stalk, couple, howl, false,                                             Chapter 12
                                                                                yanked, streak,                                                                  Decoding:                                           Escalante-
                            Fiction                                                                     dawn, allow, drown, pause, fault, cause, amount,
                                                                                schedule, feast                                                                  Stressed and    Writing Form:                       Dominguez
                                                      Author’s Craft: Point                             cloudier
 Week 11 (4)                                                                                                                                                     Unstressed      Poem                                Trail
                            Paired Selection:         of View
 11/1 – 11/4                                                                                                                                                     Syllables
                            Sidewalk Artists                                                            Challenge Words: applaud, foul, browse, gnaw,
                                                      Fluency: Stress                                                                                                            Focus Trait:
                            Genre: Informational                                                        doubt, blouse, daughter, eyebrow, awkward,
                                                                                                                                                                                 Word Choice
                            Text                                                                        caution, exhaust, automobile, fountain, mountain,
                                                                                                        mouthful, shoulder, towel, chowder, drowsy,
                                                      Hold a Literature
                            Dear Mr. Winston          Skill: Conclusions and    fault, borrow,          Principle: vowel +/r/ sounds                             Grammar:        Writing Mode:      Collect and      Fur Traders-   Utah
                                                      Generalizations           reference, fainted,                                                              Commas          Write to           Analyze Data     Trappers-      Environments
                            Genre: Realistic
                                                                                genuine, local,         Spelling Words: spark, prepare, cheer, tear, scarf,                      Respond            Chapter 14       Explorers
                                                      Strategy: Question        apologize, proof,       scare, repair, earring, scarce, weird, sharp, rear,      Decoding:
                                                                                slimy, insisted         spare, gear, hairy, compare, alarm, harsh, upstairs,     Common          Writing Form:
                            Paired Selection: Field   Author’s Craft:                                   square                                                   Beginning       Response to
Week 12 (5)                 Guide to Snakes of the    Repetition
11/7 – 11/11                Southwest                                                                                                                            Syllables       Literature in an   Number Theory
                                                                                                        Challenge Words:
                            Genre: Informational      Fluency: Accuracy                                                                                                          Essay              and Mean
                                                                                                        weary, startle, appear, barnacle, awareness,
                            Text                                                                                                                                                                    Chapter 10
                                                                                                        career, declare, disappear, millionaire,
                                                      Listen/View/Speaking:                                                                                                      Focus Trait:
                                                                                                        supermarket, arctic, article, department, parties,
                                                      Listen and Respond                                                                                                         Organization
                                                                                                        camera, yesterday, library, inspiration,
                                                                                                        intersection, search
                              Jose! Born to            Skill: Authors Purpose    debut, stubborn,          Principle: more vowel +/r/ sounds                       Grammar:         Writing Mode:       Collect and        The Pioneers   Utah
                                                                                 permission,                                                                       Pronouns         Write to            Analyze Data                      Environments
                              Dance                    Strategy:                 hauling, mournful,        Spelling Words: learn, dirty, worn, sore, thirst,                        Respond             Chapter 14
Week 13 (5)                   Genre: Biography         Analyze/Evaluate          towered, triumph,         burn, record, cure, board, course, worth, early,        Decoding:
 11/14 –
                                                                                 discouraged,              return, pure, world, search, worse, thirteen, sport,    Vowel +/r/ in    Writing Form:
  11/18                       Paired Selection:        Author’s Craft:
                                                                                 toured, border            current                                                 multi-syllable   Response to
                              Dance to the Beat        Metaphor
     SEP                                                                                                                                                           words            Literature Essay
                              Genre: Poetry                                                                Challenge Words:
Conferences                                            Fluency: Intonation                                 curious, thorough, earnest, portion, foreign,
-Early out all                                                                                                                                                                      Focus Trait:
                                                                                                           squirm, unicorn, enormous, nature, hoarse,
    week                                               Listen/View/Speaking:                                                                                                        Organization
                    Unit 2                                                                                 hooray, information, transportation, important,
                                                       Listen to distinguish
                   Do You                                                                                  discourage, gorgeous, courage, storage, tomorrow,
                                                       fact from opinion
                 Know What                                                                                 encourage
Week 14 (2)       I Mean?                                                                                  No Spelling Test                                                                             Plane Figures      Pioneers       Utah
11/21 – 11/22                                                                                                                                                                                           Chapter 16         Settle Utah    Environments
                                                  Unit 2 Review                         Spelling Words: bunch, argue, refuse, rescue, cookbook, foolish, raccoon, crooked,          Unit 2 Review       Plane Figures      Statehood      Rocks
                                                                                        hawk, tower, amount, cloudier, prepare, scare, compare, upstairs, worn, thirst,                                 Chapter 16
                                                                                        worse, thirteen
Week 15 (5)
11/28 – 12/2                                                                           Challenge Words:
                                                                                       Computer, mustard, tissue, customer, applaud, browse, gnaw, doubt, bulletin,
                                                                                       cocoon, cushion, proofread, weary, startle, appear, awareness, curious, thorough,
                                                                                       earnest, portion
                              The Screech Owl          Skill: Fact and Opinion   presence, disbelief,   Principle: compound words                               Grammar:            Writing Mode:       Congruence,        The Present:   Utah
                                                                                 tempted,                                                                       Proper Nouns        Write to            Symmetry, and                     Environments
                              Who Liked                Strategy: Infer/Predict   biological,            Spelling Words: somebody, fireplace, nearby,                                Persuade            Transformations    Capital City
                              Television                                         endeared,              toothbrush, homesick, make-believe, anything, all       Decoding:                               Chapter 17
                                                       Author’s Craft: Simile                           right, goodbye, forehead, classmate, flashlight,
                              Genre: Narrative                                   arrangement,                                                                   Compound            Writing Form:                          The People-
                              Nonfiction                                         pounced, utter,        haircut, twenty-two, driveway, alarm clock, baby-       Words               Persuasive                             Population
                                                       Fluency: Phrasing:
Week 16 (5)                                                                      hastened, incident     sit, airport, forever, mailbox                                              Paragraph
12/5 – 12/9                   Paired Selection:
                                                                                                           Challenge Words: field trip, absent-minded, life
                              In the Wild              Listen/View/Speaking:     Strategy:                                                                                          Focus Trait:
                                                                                                           jacket, skyscraper, nevertheless, headache, self-
                              Genre: Readers’          Prepare Interview         Suffixes –ful, -less, -                                                                            Ideas
                                                                                                           confidence, elsewhere, awestruck, outspoken,
                              Theater                  Questions                 ness, -ment
                                                                                                           thumbtack, teammate, barefoot, videotape,
                                                                                                           toothache, submarine, whomever, whirlwind,
                                                                                                           hamburger, anything
                              The Earth Dragon         Skill: Sequence of        trembles,                 Principle: Words with –ed or -ing                       Grammar:         Writing Mode:       Congruence,        Education      Utah
                                                       Events                    wreckage, slab,                                                                   Possessive       Write to            Symmetry, and                     Environments
                              Awakes                                             possessions,              Spelling Words: rising, traced, stripped, slammed,      Nouns            Persuade            Transformations    Cultural
                              Genre: Historical        Strategy: Visualize                                                                                                                              Chapter 17
                                                                                 tenement,                 dancing, striped, winning, snapping, bragging,                                                                  Events
                                                                                 crushing, rubble,         handled, dripped, begged, dared, skipped, hitting,      Decoding:        Writing Form:
Week 17 (5)                                            Author’s Craft: Point
                   Unit 3                                                        debris, timbers,          spotted, raced, dimmed, spinning, escaped               Base Words and   Problem-
 12/12 –                      Paired Selection:        of View
                   Natural                                                       constructed                                                                       Endings          Solution
  12/16                       Texas Twisters                                                                                                                                                            Multiply by One-
                 Encounters                            Fluency: Adjust Rate                                Challenge Words: urged, striving, whipped,                               Composition
                              Genre: Informational                                                                                                                                                      Digit Numbers
                                                       to Purpose                Strategy:                 breathing, quizzed, scarred, scared, dozed, bluffing,
                              Text                                                                                                                                                                      Chapter 6
                                                                                 Synonyms                  peeled, watered, carving, cruising, picked, tracked,                     Focus Trait:
                                                       Listen/View/Speaking:                               shaking, making, raking, baking, addressing                              Ideas
                                                       Conduct and Interview
Week 18 (2)                                                                                                                                                                                             Multiply by One-                  Utah
12/19-12/20                                                                                                                                                                                             Digit Numbers                     Environments
 Christmas                                                                                                                                                                                              Chapter 6
                              Antarctic Journal:       Skill: Cause and Effect   display, alert,           Principle: more Words with –ed or -ing                  Grammar:         Writing Mode:       Perimeter,&        How People     Utah
                                                                                 weariness,                                                                        Regular verbs    Write to            Area               Earn their     Environments
                              Four Months at           Strategy: Summarize       fractured,                Spelling Words: wiped, covered, mapped, pleasing,                        Persuade            Chapter 18         Income
                              the Bottom of the                                  standards, vision,        slipped, putting, traveled, seeking, visiting, mixed,   Decoding:
                                                       Author’s Craft:                                     shipped, phoning, offered, smelling, hiking,
                              World                    Metaohor
                                                                                 huddle, graceful,                                                                 Recognizing      Writing Form:                          You Are Part
Week 19 (4)                                                                      stranded,                 checking, fainted, landed, becoming, wandering          common word      Persuasive letter                      of Utah, too
                              Genre: Narrative
 1/3 – 1/6                    Nonfiction               Fluency: Phrasing:        concluded                                                                         parts
                                                                                                           Challenge Words: amusing, entertained, admitted,
                                                       pauses                                                                                                                       Focus Trait:
                                                                                                           stunning, starving, talked, cheered, drummed,
                              Paired Selection:                                  Strategy:                                                                                          Voice
                                                                                                           traded, baked, wasted, flaking, swimming,
                              The Coolest Marathon     Listen/View/Speaking:     Greek and Latin
                                                                                                           shrinking, accepted, slammed, attending,
                              Genre: Informational     Viewing nonprint          word parts spect,
                                                                                                           memorized, dramatized, upsetting
                              Text                     media sources             struct, tele, vis
                           The Life and                 Skill: Text and graphic   social, exchanges,      Principle: Final long e                                  Grammar:           Writing Mode:      Perimeter &   Why we have     Utah
                                                        features                  excess, reinforce,                                                               Participles        Write to           Area          Government      Environments
                           Times of the Ant                                       storage, transport,     Spelling Words: turkey, lonely, colony, steady,                             Persuade           Chapter 18
                           Genre: Informational         Strategy: Question        chamber, scarce,        hungry, valley, hockey, starry, melody, movie, duty,     Decoding:                                           Rules-Rules-
Week 20 (4)                Text
                                                                                  obstacles, transfers    drowsy, chimney, plenty, daily, alley, fifty, empty,     Recognizing        Writing Form:                    Rules
1/9 – 1/12                                              Author’s Craft:
                                                                                                          injury, prarie                                           suffixes           Persuasive
                           Paired Selection:            Imagery
                                                                                                                                                                                      essay: Prewrite
   End of                  The Dove and the Ant
                                                        Fluency: Stress           Strategy:               Challenge Words: envy, fiery, mercy, discovery,
Second Term                Genre:
                                                                                  Suffixes –able, -       mystery, medley, eighty, celery, machinery,                                 Focus Trait:
                           Fable/Traditional Tale       Listen/View/Speaking:     ible                    grouchy, greasy, smoothly, frequently, finally,                             Organization
                                                        Listen to make                                    loyally, angrily, cruelty, attorney, unsteadily,
                                                        connections                                       Mississippi
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Multiply by   Citizenship     Water and
Week 21 (4)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Weather
1/17 – 1/20
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Chapter 7
                           Ecology for Kids             Skill: Main Ideas and     display, alert,         Principle: Changing final y to i                         Grammar:           Writing Mode:      Understand    Utah’s          Water and
                Unit 3                                  Details                   weariness,                                                                       Irregular verbs    Write to           Fractions     Counties        Weather
                           Genre: Informational
                Natural                                                           fractured,              Spelling Words: tiniest, hobbies, copied, countries,                        Persuade           Chapter 19
              Encounters                                Strategy:                 standards, vision,      pitied, easier, laziest, families, spied, happiest,      Decoding:
                                                        Monitor/Clarify           huddle, graceful,       ladies, friendlier, studied, busier, breezier,           Three-syllable     Writing Form:
                           Paired Selection:
                           Wonderful Weather                                      stranded,               prettiest, noisier, healthier, butterflies, funniest     words              Persuasive
Week 22 (5)                                             Author’s Craft: Word
                           Genre: Poetry                                          concluded                                                                                           essay: Draft,
1/23 – 1/27                                             Choice
                                                                                                          Challenge Words: heaviest, categories,                                      Revise, Edit,
                                                        Fluency: Expression       Strategy:               communities, multiplied, qualities, loveliest,                              Publish
                                                                                  Greek and Latin         victories, groceries, companies, batteries, factories,
                                                        Listen/View/Speaking:     word parts spect,       supplies, trophies, counties, dustier, classifies,                          Focus Trait:
                                                        Listen to summarize       struct, tele, vis       injuries, parties, curlier, varieties                                       Ideas
                                                   Unit 3 Review                        Spelling Words:                                                                               Unit 3 Review      Add and       What’s in a     Water and
                                                                                        Somebody, slammed, covered, turkey, hobbies, goodbye, snapping, pleasing,                                        Subtract      Name            Weather
                                                                                        hockey, laziest, classmate, skipped, smelling, melody, healthier, twenty-two,                                    Fractions
Week 23 (5)                                                                             spinning, becoming, prairie, butterflies                                                                         Chapter 20    Utah’s Scenic
1/30 – 2/3                                                                                                                                                                                                             Attractions
                                                                                         Challenge Words: field trip, life jacket, skyscraper, nevertheless, urged, striving,
                                                                                         whipped, breathing, entertained, admitted, stunning, amusing, envy, mercy,
                                                                                         discovery, mystery, heaviest, categories, communities, qualities
                           Riding Freedom               Skill: Compare and        escorted, swelled,      Principle: spelling /k/, /ngk/, and /kw/                   Grammar:         Writing Mode:      Add and       Map Study:       Water and
                           Genre: Historical            contrast                  relied, reputation,                                                                Adjectives       Write to Narrate   Subtract                       Weather
                           Fiction                                                worthy, churning,       Spelling Words: risky, track, topic, blank, question,                                          Fractions     Boundary
                                                        Strategy:                 situation, deserve,     pocket, monkey, junk, equal, ache, public, attack,         Decoding:        Writing Form:      Chapter 20    Lines
                                                        Monitor/Clarify           defended, satisfied     struck, earthquake, picnic, banker, electric,              Sound/spelling   Descriptive
                           Paired Selection:
                           Spindletop                                                                     blanket, mistake, stomach                                  changes          Paragraph                        Adding
Week 24 (5)                                             Author’s Craft:
                           Genre: Informational                                   Strategy:                                                                                                                            Highway
2/6 – 2/10                                              Personification
                           Text                                                   Context Clues           Challenge Words: request, skeleton, peculiar, attic,                        Focus Trait:                     Mileage
                                                        Fluency: Rate                                     reckless, volcano, barracuda, picture, pumpkin,                             Ideas
                                                                                                          rescue, cactus, insect, vacant, quarrel, chuckle,
                                                        Listen/View/Speaking:                             scandal, vocal, anchor, freckle, cancel
                                                        Evaluate media
                Unit 4                                  sources
              Never Give                                Skill: Sequence of        Reward, graduate,       Principle: Spelling final /j/ an /s/                     Grammar:           Writing Mode:      Understand    Kinds of         Water and
                 Up        The Right Dog For
                                                        Events                    symbol, foster,                                                                  Adverbs            Write to Narrate   Decimals      Maps             Weather
                           the Job: Ira’s Path                                    disobey,                Spelling Words: glance, judge, damage, package,                                                Chapter 21
                           from Service Dog             Strategy: Summarize       confidence,             twice, stage, carriage, since, practice, marriage,       Decoding:          Writing Form:                    Parallels and
                           to Guide Dog                                           patiently,              baggage, office, message, bridge, chance, notice,        More               Friendly letter                  Meridians
                                                        Author’s Craft: Word                              ridge, manage, palace, bandage
                           Genre: Narrative                                       confesses,                                                                       sound/spelling
Week 25 (4)                                             Choice
                           Nonfiction                                             ceremony,                                                                        changes            Focus Trait:
2/13 – 2/16                                                                                               Challenge Words: fringe, average, fleece,
                                                        Fluency: Intonation       performs                                                                                            Voice
                                                                                                          fragrance, excellence, practice, difference, cottage,
                           Paired Selection:                                                              cabbage, sentence, confess, village, famous,
                           The Sticky Coyote            Listen/View/Speaking:     Strategy:
                                                                                                          nervous, service, surface, furnace, purchase,
                           Genre: Readers’              Adapt Spoken              Suffixes –ion,   -
                                                                                                          purpose, misjudge
                           Theater/Trickster            Language                  ation, -ition
                           Tale/Traditional Tale
                           Moon Runner                  Skill: Sequence of        gigantic, miniature,    Principle: Spelling final /j/ an /s/                     Grammar:           Writing Mode:      Understand    Government:     Water and
Week 26 (4)                                             Events                    especially, lapped,                                                              Prepositions and   Write to Narrate   Decimals                      Weather
2/21 – 2/24                                                                       vanished, jealous,      Spelling Words: unused, refresh, dislike, replace,       prepositional                         Chapter 21    Utah’s
 Pres. Day                 Genre: Realistic
                                                        Strategy: Summarize       haze, lure,             unpaid, redo, disorder, unplanned, distrust,             phrases            Writing Form:                    Constitution
                                                                               deliberately, crisp     rewind, untrue, unload, recall, displease, uneven,                             Narrative
                           Paired Selection:         Author’s Craft: Word                              rebuild, restart, uncover, untidy, discolor              Decoding:             Composition                          Using our
                           A Day for the Moon        Choice                    Strategy:                                                                        Recognizing                                                Constitution
                                                                               Homophones,             Challenge Words: disband, rearrange, discontinue,        prefixes re-, un-,    Focus Trait:
                                                     Fluency: Accuracy and
                           Genre: Informational                                homonyms,               refund, unusual, regulate, regulation, reflection,       dis-                  Word Choice
                           Text                                                homographs              uncomfortable, remembrance, uninterested,
                                                     Listen/View/Speaking:                             resemble, disinfect, disguise, unfamiliar, disregard,
                                                     Prepare for Oral                                  rejoice, disagree, unskilled, dispute
                Unit 4                               Skill: Persuasion         overcome,               Principle: Suffixes:   -ful, -less, -ness,   -ment       Grammar:              Writing Mode:       Add and          State and      Water and
                           Harvesting Hope:
              Never Give                                                       association, capitol,                                                            Transitions           Write to Narrate    Subtract         Local          Weather
                 Up        The Story of              Strategy: Infer/Predict   drought, dedicate,      Spelling Words: colorful, weakness, movement,                                                      Decimals         Government
                           Cesar Chavez                                        publicity, violence,    endless, truthful, illness, cheerful, useless,           Decoding:             Writing Form:       Chapter 22
                           Genre: Biography          Author’s Craft: Idioms    conflicts, horizon,     beautiful, restless, clumsiness, pavement, peaceful,     More common           Personal                             How Laws
                                                                               brilliant               fondness, neatness, speechless, statement,               suffixes              Narrative:                           are Made
Week 27 (5)
                           Paired Selection:         Fluency: Stress                                   wasteful, penniless, treatment                                                 Prewrite
2/27 – 3/2
                           The Edible Schoolyard                               Strategy:
                                                                                                       Challenge Words: numbness, ailment, resourceful,
                           Genre: Informational      Listen/View/Speaking:     Use a dictionary                                                                                       Focus Trait:
                                                                                                       cleanliness, appointment, sleeveless, plentiful,
                           Text                      Deliver oral summaries                                                                                                           Organization
                                                                                                       awareness, accomplishment, sincerely, forgiveness,
                                                                                                       spotless, priceless, thoughtful, ceaseless,
                                                                                                       breathless, tasteless, merciless, graceful, hopeful
                           Sacagawea                 Skill: Main ideas and     territory,              Principle: VCCB Pattern                                  Grammar:              Writing Mode:       Probability      Economics:     Water and
                           Genre: Biography          details                   accompany,                                                                       Abbreviations         Write to Narrate    Chapter 23                      Weather
                                                                               proposed,               Spelling Words: million, collect, lumber, pepper,                                                                   Free
                                                     Strategy: Visualize       interpreter, duty,      plastic, borrow, support, thirty, perfect, attend,       Decoding:             Writing Form:                        Enterprise:
                           Paired Selection:
                           Native American                                     supplies, route,        canyon, traffic, fortune, danger, soccer, engine,        VCCV Pattern          Personal                             Supply and
                                                     Author’s Craft:
Week 28 (5)                Nature Poetry                                       corps, clumsy,          picture, survive, seldom, effort                         and word parts        narrative: draft,                    Demand
 3/5 – 3/9                 Genre: Poetry                                       landmark                                                                                               revise, edit,
                                                     Fluency: Phrasing:                                Challenge Words: occur, venture, challenge, rascal,                            publish                              Production
                                                     Punctuation               Strategy:               splendid, hollow, organ, seldom, stubborn, reptile,                                                                 and
                                                                               Compound words          turnip, welcome, harvest, narrow, journey,                                     Focus Trait:                         Consumption
                                                     Listen/View/Speaking:                             submerge, problem, reflect, decline, author                                    Voice
                                                     Interpret poetry
                                                Unit 4 Review                        Spelling Words: blank, damage, unused, weakness, million, question, package,                    Unit 4 Review        Understand       Kinds of       Water and
Week 29 (5)                                                                          rewind, cheerful, pepper, banker, marriage, displease, clumsiness, engine, mistake,                                  Division         Economic       Weather
3/12 – 3/16                                                                          baggage, rebuild, speechless, picture                                                                                Chapter 8        Systems

  End of                                                                              Challenge Words: reckless, average, rearrange, cleanliness, venture, request,                                       Divide by One-   Scarcity and
Third Term                                                                            skeleton, peculiar, fringe, unfamiliar, fragrance, excellence, discontinue, refund,                                 Digit Divisors   Demand
                                                                                      unusual, numbness, appointment, resourceful, peculiar, anchor                                                       Chapter 9
                           The World                 Comprehension Skill:      appreciate, blaring,     Spelling Principle:                                       Grammar:            Writing Mode:       Algebra and      Production     Science
                                                     Theme                     combination,             VCV Pattern                                               Comparative         Write to Inform     Graphing         and            Review
                           According to                                        promptly,                                                                          and Superlative                         Chapter 24       Producers
                           Humphrey                  Comp. Strategy:           introduce,               Spelling Words:                                           Adjectives and      Writing Form:
                           Genre:                    Summarize                 nocturnal, feats,        event, humor, rapid, music, relief, planet, detail,       Adverbs             Summary                              Consumers
                           Fantasy                                             effort, suggest,         unite, frozen, figure, siren, polite, hotel, protest,
Week 30 (4)     Unit 5                               Author’s Craft:
                                                                               racket                   punish, defend, relay, habit, student                     Decoding:           Focus Trait:
3/20 – 3/23   Change is                              Idioms
                           Paired Selection:                                                                                                                      VCV Pattern and     Ideas
  QT Day      All Around
                           Make the Switch           Fluency:                  Strategy:                Challenge Words:                                          Word Parts
                           Genre: Advertisement      Accuracy                  Multiple-Meaning         rumor, jealous, license, image, rival, spider, yogurt,
                                                                               Words                    sheriff, panic, diesel, locate, quiver, hazard, vivid,
                                                     Listen/View/Speaking:                              shovel, marine, elect, relieve, decent, secure
                                                     Listen Critically:
                                                     Persuasive Techniques
                             I Could Do That!           Comprehension Skill:       politics, intelligent,   Principle:                                                Grammar:            Writing Mode:      Algebraic     Distributions,     Science
                                                        Cause and Effect           disorderly,              VCCV and VCV Patterns                                     Negatives           Write to Inform    Reasoning     Goods, and         Review
                             Esther Morris                                         approve, polls,                                                                                                           Chapter 5     Services
                             Gets Women the             Strategy:                  legislature,             Spelling Words:                                           Decoding:           Writing Form:
Week 31 (5)                                             Infer/Predict
3/26 – 3/30                  Vote                                                  amendment,               dentist, final, finish, narrow, shelter, ahead, corner,   Syllable Patterns   Cause-and-                       From Farm
                             Genre:                                                candidates,              hollow, divide, famous, recent, silver, capture,          and Word Parts      Effect Paragraph                 to Food
                                                        Author’s Craft:
                             Biography                                             informed, denied         cabin, dinner, minus, minute, value, reward,
     SEP                                                Idioms
                                                                                                            broken                                                                        Focus Trait:
                             Paired Selection:          Fluency:                   Strategy:                                                                                              Sentence
-Early out all                                                                                              Challenge Words:
                             Working for the Vote       Phrasing: Pauses           Use a Dictionary                                                                                       Fluency
    week                                                                                                    decent, secure, standard, frontier, stampede,
                             Genre: Play
                                                        Listen/View/Speaking:                               attempt, observe, exceed, trespass, option,
                                                        Computer/Internet:                                  bouquet, chapter, elbow, current, canyon, harvest,
                                                        Create and use Visuals                              capture, children, dolphin, helmet
                             The Ever-Living            Comprehension Skill:       resources, dense,        Principle:                                                Grammar:            Writing Mode:      Algebraic     Interrelations     Science
                                                        Text and Graphic           evaporate, shallow,      VCCV Pattern                                              Quotations          Write to Inform    Reasoning     hip                Review
                             Tree: The Life             Features                   moisture, civilized,                                                                                                      Chapter 5
                             and Times of a                                        continent,               Spelling Words:                                           Decoding:           Writing Form:                    How
                             Coast Redwood              Comp. Strategy:            opportunities,           Poster, secret, whether, author, rocket, bushel,          Difficult VCCV      Procedural                       Economics
                                                        Monitor/Clarify            customs,                 agree, bucket, ticket, declare, chicken, clothing,        Patterns            Composition                      Work
                             Informational Text                                    independent              apron, whiskers, degree, gather, achieve, rather,
Week 32 (5)                                             Author’s Craft:
                                                                                                            bracket, machine                                                              Focus Trait:
4/9 – 4/13                                              Similes
                             Paired Selection:                                     Strategy:                                                                                              Organization
                                                                                   Prefixes: pre-inter-     Challenge Words:
                             Towering Trees             Fluency:
                                                                                   , ex-                    regret, nephew, method, decline, vibrate, biscuit,
                             Genre: Poetry              Stress
                                                                                                            discuss, vessel, venture, occur, suggest, fortune,
                                                        Listen/View/Speaking:                               candid, arrive, distance, convince, descent, vibrate,
                                                        Organize Ideas for a                                reflex, disturb
                             Owen and Mzee:             Comprehension Skill:       bond, suffered,          Principle:                                                Grammar:            Writing Mode:      Math Review                    Science
                                                        Compare and Contrast       intruder,                VCCCV Pattern                                             More Commas         Write to Inform                                   Review
                             The True Story of                                     companion,
                  Unit 5     a Remarkable               Comp. Strategy:                                     Spelling Words:
                                                                                   enclosure,                                                                         Decoding:           Writing Form:
                 Change is                              Analyze/Evaluate                                    hundred, supply, single, middle, explain, surprise,
                             Friendship                                            inseparable,                                                                       VCCCV pattern       Research
                                                                                   charged, chief,          pilgrim, sandwich, instead, complete, monster,                                Report:
                  Around                                Author’s Craft:                                     settle, address, farther, sample, although, turtle,
Week 33 (5)                  Genre: Narrative                                      exhausted,                                                                                             Prewrite
                                                        Word Choice                                         athlete, orchard, kingdom
4/16 – 4/20                  Nonfiction                                            affection
                                                        Fluency: Intonation                                                                                                               Focus Trait:
                                                                                                            Challenge Words:
                             Paired Selection:                                     Strategy:                                                                                              Ideas
                                                                                                            fortress, instant, exclaim, mattress, sculptor ,
                             Sea Sanctuary              Listen/View/Speaking:      Suffixes –ed, -ly
                                                                                                            distrust, sickness, transport, panther, freckles,
                             Genre:                     Give a Narrative
                                                                                                            instant, conflict, athlete, approve, concrete,
                             Informational Text         Speech
                                                                                                            puncture, laughter, hundred, frighten, Thursday

                             The Fun They Had           Comprehension Skill:       progress,                Principle:                                                Grammar:            Writing Mode:      Math Review   Understanding    Science
                             Genre:                     Author’s Purpose           calculated, dispute,     VV Pattern                                                Proper              Write to Inform                  Decimals         Review
                             Science Fiction                                       centuries, superior,                                                               Mechanics                                            Chapter 21
                                                        Comp. Strategy:            insert, waste,           Spelling Words:                                                               Writing Form:
                                                        Question                   inspector,               Idea, lion, usual, radio, liar, poem, India, piano,       Decoding:           Summary
                             Paired Selction:                                                                                                                                                                              Add and
                                                                                   mechanical,              January, quiet, poet, science, diary, violin, period,     VV Pattern
                             Technology for All         Author’s Craft:                                                                                                                                                    Subtract
Week 34 (5)                                                                        average                  February, cereal, video, meteor, rodeo
                             Learners                   Tone                                                                                                                                                               Decimals
4/23 – 4/27                  Genre: Informational                                                                                                                                         Focus Trait:                     Chapter 22
                                                                                                            Challenge Words:
                             Text                       Fluency:                   Strategy: Greek                                                                                        Ideas
                                                                                                            variety, gradual, geography, diagram, punctuate,
                                                        Adjust Rate to Purpose     and Latin Word
                                                                                                            genuine, casual, evaluate, dungeon, geology,
                                                                                   Parts meter, them,
                                                                                                            pigeon, loaves, drought, weird, straight, boulder,
                                                        Listen/View/Speaking:      aud, fac
                                                                                                            speech, shear, league, knead
                                                        Present Research
                                                  Unit 5 Review                         Spelling Review: hundred, lion, humor, dentist, bushel, complete, India, relief, hollow,          Unit 5 Review      Math Review                    Science
                                                                                        clothing, sample, February, meteor, protest, minus, whiskers, kingdom, punish, minute,                                                              Review
Week 35 (5)
4/30 – 5/4                                                                               Challenge Words:
                                                                                         rumor, jealous, license, image, decent, secure, standard, frontier, regret, nephew,
                                                                                         decline, vibrate, fortress, instant, exclaim, mattress, variety, gradual, geography,
Week 36 (5)                  Long Article:                                     Comprehension Skill:            peculiar, intends,        Principle:                     Grammar:          Writing Mode:      Math Review                    Science
5/7 – 5/11                   The Girl Who Loved Spiders                        Story Structure                 captured, nourishing,     Final Schwa + /r/ Sounds       Making            Multigenre                                        Review
                          Genre: Realistic Fiction                                            glances, observes,                                   Comparisons        Writing
                                                                      Comp. Strategy:         assist, favor,          Spelling Words:
                          Short Article:                              Visualize               condition,              enter, banner, sugar,
                          Web Wise                                                            memorable               shower, motor, collar,       Decoding:          Writing Form:
                          Genre:                                      Author’s Craft:                                 labor, finger, mirror,       Common Final       Poem
                          Expository Nonfiction                       Point of View           Strategy:               beggar, favor, bother,       Syllables
                                                                                              Greek and Latin         fever, doctor, temper,
                          Poetry:                                     Fluency:                Roots                   actor, polar, sweater,                          Focus Trait:
                          The Spider,                                 Expression                                      traitor, whenever                               Word Choice
                          Spider Ropes
                                                                      Listen/View/Speaking:                           Challenge Words:
                          Below Level Trade Book:                     Presenting/Viewing a                            calendar, error, popular,
                          Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World   Dramatic Performance                            barrier, director, terror,
                          Author: Mildred Pitts Walter                                                                slender, stranger,
                          Genre: Realistic Fiction                                                                    calculator, barrier,
                                                                                                                      semester, governor,
                          On Level Trade Book:                                                                        sensor, hanger,
                          Phineas L. MacGuire…Gets Slimed!                                                            rectangular, particular,
                          Author: Francis O’Roark Dowell                                                              peculiar, doctor,
                          Genre: Realistic Fiction                                                                    refrigerator, treasure

                          Advanced Trade Book:
                          Sea Turtles: Ocean Nomads
                          Author: Mary M. Cerullo
                          Genre: Informational Text

                          Long Article:                               Comprehension Skill:    Vocabulary:             Principle:                   Grammar:           Writing Mode:    Math Review   Algebra and   Science
                          Amphibian Alert!                            Main Ideas/Supporting   betrayed                Final Schwa + /r/ Sounds     More               Multigenre                     Graphing      Review
                          Genre:                                      Details                 shortage                                             comparisons        Writing                        Chapter 24
                          Expository Nonfiction                                               species                 Spelling Words:
                                                                      Comp. Strategy:         continent               title, towel, battle,        Decoding:
                          Short Article:                              Question                scarce                  pedal, metal, simple,        More Final         Writing Form:
                          The Frog in the Milk Pail                                           focus                   eagle, special, total,       Syllables:         Journal Entry
                          Genre:                                      Author’s Craft:         included                trouble, nickel, gentle,     Consonant plus
                          Fable                                       Word Choice             alert                   barrel, model, tangle,       –le, -al, -el
                                                                                              introduce               ankle, marvel, juggle,                          Focus Trait:
                          Poetry:                                     Fluency:                opportunities           squirrel, riddle                                Voice
                          Toad by the Road, The Poison-Dart Frogs     Phrasing
                          Below Level Trade Book:                     Listen/View/Speaking:   Analogies               Challenge Words:
Week 37 (5)
                          Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World   Make an Informational                           cancel, decimal,
5/14 – 5/18
                          Author: Mildred Pitts Walter                Presentation                                    material, pretzel,
                          Genre: Realistic Fiction                                                                    triangle, annual, whistle,
                                                                                                                      admiral, particle,
                          On Level Trade Book:                                                                        bicycle, identical,
                Unit 6    Phineas L. MacGuire…Gets Slimed!                                                            parallel, sequel, final,
               Paths to   Author: Francis O’Roark Dowell                                                              original, crystal, dental,
              Discovery   Genre: Realistic Fiction                                                                    global, journal, mammal

                          Advanced Trade Book:
                          Sea Turtles: Ocean Nomads
                          Mary M. Cerullo
                          Genre: Informational Text

                          Long Article:                               Comprehension Skill:    Apologize, genuine,     Principle:                   Grammar:           Writing Mode:    Math Review                 Science
                          Museums: Worlds of Wonder                   Fact and Opinion        triumph,                Three Syllable Words         Possessive         Multigenre                                   Review
                          Genre:                                                              arrangement,                                         Pronouns           Writing
                          Expository Nonfiction                       Comp. Strategy:         biological, display,    Spelling Words:
                                                                      Monitor/Clarify         concluded, obstacles,   library another,             Decoding:
Week 38(5)                Short Article:                                                      affect, vast            hospital, example,           Stress in Multi-   Writing Form:
5/21 – 5/25               Making the Most from Trash                  Author’s Craft:                                 deliver, history,            Syllable Words     Public Service
                          Genre:                                      Tone                    Strategy:               however, several,                               Announcement
                          Photo Essay                                                         Prefixes: con-, com-    vacation, important,
                                                                      Fluency:                in- im-                 victory, imagine,
                          Poetry:                                     Rate                                            camera, potato,                                 Focus Trait:
                          Dinosaur Bone,                                                                              remember, together,                             Organization
                           Museum Farewell                             Listen/View/Speaking:                                 memory, favorite,
                                                                       Make an Informal                                      continue, president
                           Below Level Trade Book:                     Presentation
                           Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World                                                         Challenge Words:
                           Author: Mildred Pitts Walter                                                                      internal, ornament,
                           Genre: Realistic Fiction                                                                          interview, universe,
                                                                                                                             article, wilderness,
                           On Level Trade Book:                                                                              president, monument,
                           Phineas L. MacGuire…Gets Slimed!                                                                  deposit, industry,
                           Author: Francis O’Roark Dowell                                                                    volunteer, stadium,
                           Genre: Realistic Fiction                                                                          apartment, consider,
                                                                                                                             companion, pioneer,
                           Advanced Trade Book:                                                                              courtesy, muscular,
                           Sea Turtles: Ocean Nomads                                                                         spaghetti, families
                           Author: Mary M. Cerullo
                           Genre: Informational Tex

                           Long Article:                               Comprehension Skill:       Betrayed, shortage,        Principle:                    Grammar:       Writing Mode:   Math Review   Science
                           Save Timber Woods!                          Understanding Characters   species, continent,        Words with Silent             Correct        Multigenre                    Review
                           Genre:                                                                 scarce, focus,             Consonants                    Pronouns       Writing
                           Play                                        Comp. Strategy:            included, alert,
                                                                       Infer/Predict              introduce,                 Spelling Words:               Decoding:
                           Short Article:                                                         opportunities              half, comb, mortgage,         Silent         Writing Form:
                           John Muir, A Persuasive Essay               Author’s Craft:                                       honor, fasten, kneel,         Consonants     Multigenre
                           Genre:                                      Mood                       Strategy:                  wreath, calm, answer,                        Collage:
                           Persuasive Essay                                                       Analogies                  handsome, wrinkle,                           Prewrite
                                                                       Fluency:                                              listen, fetch, yolk, climb,
                           Poetry:                                     Phrasing: Pauses                                      honest, knuckle,
                           The Comb of Trees, Enjoy the Earth                                                                plumber, limb, folktale                      Focus Trait:
                                                                       Listen/View/Speaking:                                                                              Ideas
 Week 3 (4)
                           Below Level Trade Book:                     Discuss Symbols and                                   Challenge Words:
 5/29 – 6/1
                           Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World   Images in Media                                       tomb, glisten, design,
Memorial Day
                           Author: Mildred Pitts Walter                                                                      hasten, wrestle, crumb,
                           Genre: Realistic Fiction                                                                          autumn, plumber,
                                                                                                                             hymn, sighed, aisle,
                           On Level Trade Book:                                                                              light, weight, prompt,
                           Phineas L. MacGuire…Gets Slimed!                                                                  receipt, sketch, dough,
                           Author: Francis O’Roark Dowell                                                                    rhombus, fascinate,
                           Genre: Realistic Fiction                                                                          notch

                           Advanced Trade Book:
                           Sea Turtles: Ocean Nomads
                           Author: Mary M. Cerullo
                           Genre: Informational Text

                 Unit 6    Long Article:                               Comprehension Skill:       Appreciate, effort,        Principle:                    Grammar:       Writing Mode:   Math Review   Science
                Paths to   Mystery at Reed’s Pond                      Conclusions/               denied, informed,          Unusual Spellings             Pronoun        Multigenre                    Review
               Discovery   Genre:                                      Generalizations            shallow, resources,                                      Contractions   Writing
                           Mystery                                                                average, suffered,         Spelling Words:
                                                                       Comp. Strategy:            inspector, progress        meant, routine, style,        Decoding:
                           Short Article:                              Summarize                                             flood, month, pleasant,       Unusual        Writing Form:
                           A Big Python Problem                                                   Strategy:                  guess, women, either,         Spellings      Multigenre
                           Genre:                                      Author’s Craft:            Suffixes, -er, -or, -ist   against, disguise, sweat,                    Collage:
                           Informational Text                          Word Choice                                           magazine, guard,                             Prewrite
                                                                                                                             receive, wonder, league,
                           Poetry:                                     Fluency:                                              type, ceiling, money
  Week 39
                           Naming the Turtle,                          Accuracy and Self-                                                                                 Focus Trait:
                           Greater Flamingo                            Correction                                                                                         Ideas
                                                                                                                             Challenge Words:
                           Below Level Trade Book:                     Listen/View/Speaking:                                 plaid, onion, guarantee,
                           Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World   Dramatize a Story                                     rhyme, submarine,
                           Author:                                                                                           meadow, leather,
                           Mildred Pitts Walter                                                                              sweater, mountainous,
                           Genre: Realistic Fiction                                                                          measure, sponge,
                                                                                                                             tangerine, isosceles,
                           On Level Trade Book:                                                                              obtuse, anchor,
                           Phineas L. MacGuire…Gets Slimed!                                                                  hippopotamus, prophet,
          Author:                     counsel, barren, hangar
          Francis O’Roark Dowell
          Genre: Realistic Fiction

          Advanced Trade Book:
          Sea Turtles: Ocean Nomads
          Mary M. Cerullo
          Genre: Informational Text

Week 40

Week 41

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