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									                      Alberta Historical Resources Foundation
                            Heritage Markers Program

                   Application deadlines: February 1st and October 1st

This program supports the development of heritage markers that promote greater
awareness of the historic people, places, events, and themes that have defined the
character of our province. The markers are ideally sized for placement within parks, along
trails or sidewalks, and in other community locales.

The proposed marker must deal with a subject of provincial significance. Preference will be
given to subjects that are currently underrepresented among existing markers.
Consideration will also be given to ensuring that there is a broad distribution of markers
across Alberta.

An application is more likely to be successful if it includes a strong explanation of why the
proposed subject is of importance to Albertans. It should refer to history books and/or
articles to support this explanation where possible, as well as material from the historical
period itself (newspapers, letters, etc.). Please include the author, title, page numbers for
these sources, where applicable.

Staff of the Historic Resources Management Branch, Alberta Culture will develop the
interpretive narrative, select images, and design the heritage marker. The Alberta Historical
Resources Foundation will finance all production and installation costs.

Submit your application to:

Alberta Historical Resources Foundation
Old St. Stephen’s College Building
8820 - 112 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2P8

If you have any questions, contact the Program Coordinator at 780-431-2305, toll-free in
Alberta by first dialing 310-0000. Office hours are from 8:15 to 4:30 pm.

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Applicant (if applying as an individual)

Name(s)         Mr./Mrs./Ms.

                                       Street / P.O. Box No.                                          City / Town                           Postal Code

Bus. Ph.    ( (         )                             Res. Ph.      (        )                            Cell (          )

Fax No.     ( (         )                             E-mail

Applicant (if applying as an organization, corporation, municipality)

Name of Organization

Registered Mailing Address
                                                          Street / P.O. Box No.                          City / Town                        Postal Code
Bus. Ph.    (       )                                                             Fax   (   )

Contact Person              Mr./Mrs./Ms.

Position / Title

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Fax No.     (       )                                 Email                                              Website

Have you applied previously to the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation?                     Yes         No
If so, what was your last application?
                                                 Month/Year of Application                                      Name of Project


 Please confirm that:
       The topic is not the subject of an existing marker in the area
       The proposed location is outside and easily accessible to the public

 Please include the following:

       An explanation of the importance of the proposed subject to Alberta's heritage. This should be as complete as possible (2-4
       pages) and include supporting materials, such as: quotations from history books or articles (with the author, title and page
       numbers), material from the historical period itself, such as newspapers, letters, etc. (with the source of this material clearly

        Documentation indicating that permission of the landowner and any necessary permits have been acquired.

       Photocopies of potential illustrations. If the photos are in an archive, please include the name of the archive that holds them
       and their catalogue numbers. If the illustrations are the property of private citizens or organizations, please include that
       information and their current contact information.

        Photographs of the proposed site.

        Letters of support from local government, heritage groups, or other community organizations.


If applying as an organization, a duly authorized representative having legal and/or signing authority for the organization must
sign this form.

The personal information collected in this application is required for the administration of the Alberta Historical Resources
Foundation, Heritage Markers Program. This information will be shared with Alberta Culture, which provides consultative and
technical assistance to this program, and manages the grant information system within the ministry. The information will not be
disclosed to any other third parties except as allowed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or the

I am the applicant or the authorized representative of the applicant. I have reviewed the attached application and accompanying
documents and to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information herein is true and accurate.

I have read the program policies and hereby agree to comply with the conditions of the program under which I am applying; I agree
not to hold Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Alberta, as represented by the Minister of Culture, and his/her employees or agents,
responsible should the application or supporting material be lost or damaged.

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