AMENDED Agenda 10 9 12 by HC121104032627


                                NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC
                                  REGULAR MEETING
                              TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9th 2012
                                        5:30 PM
                                  The Harwood Museum

       Notice is hereby given that the Taos Municipal Schools Board of Education will hold a Regular
     Meeting on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 at 5:30 pm at The Harwood Museum, 238 Ledoux (The Arthur
                                        Bell Auditorium), Taos, NM.
                             All items on the agenda are subject to action.

     4:00 PM- Harwood Museum of Art Reception

A.   Call to order

B.   Roll Call

C.   Pledge of Allegiance

D.   Approval of the Meeting Agenda

E.   Student Report- Mr. Issa Wilson

F.   Presentations
          1. Teacher Appreciation Award - Ms. Naomi Gallegos
          2. Request to lend Agnes Martin’s Mid-Winter to the traveling exhibition Agnes Martin: The
               New York-Taos Connection (1947-57)- Ms. Susan Longhenry, Director
          3. “Art in the Schools”- Ms. Lucy Perera, Harwood Museum

G.   Public Comments

H.   LDG- Living Designs Group
         1. Update- Mr. Doug Patterson

I.   Superintendent- Superintendent Weston
          1. Administration Reports
          2. CBA- Negotiations Agreement
          3. Class Size- Waiver Request
          4. Other

J.   Finance Office- Ms. Connie Wood
              1. Budget Adjustment Requests
                   a. 29102- Private Dir Grants-076-000-1213-0012-1
                   b. 24174- Carl Perkins- 076-000-1213-0013-T
              2. Other

K.      Consent Agenda
         1. Minutes
                 a. Minutes Regular Board Meeting (ADNE)-September 18th , 2012
         2. Contracts/MOU’s
                 a. Teacher Funding Agreement- Juvenile Detention Center- Superintendent Weston
                 b. 2012-2015 El Centro Family Health Contract- Superintendent Weston
                 c. High Desert O&M Services-Maryann Ricci- Ms. Megan McPeek
                 d. TVI Consults- Joelyn R. Pafford, BSEd, CTVI- Ms. Megan McPeek
                 e. MOU- Blind & Visually Impaired & Taos School District- Ms. Megan McPeek
                 f. Teresa Dovalpage- Ms. Rose M. Martinez
                 g. Carlotta Archuleta – Rose M. Martinez
                 h. Jill Caven – Rose M. Martinez
                       i. Audrey Davis – Rose M. Martinez
                       j. John Archuleta – Rose M. Martinez
                       k. Teresa Dovalpage – Rose M. Martinez
                       l. Catalina Rio Fernandez – Rose M. Martinez
                      m. Living Labyrinths for Peace – Rose M. Martinez
                      n. National Dance Institute of New Mexico – Rose M. Martinez
                      o. Jo Anne Paulk – Rose M. Martinez
                      p. Kimberly Pollis – Rose M. Martinez
                      q. Bernadette Pino – Rose M. Martinez
                      r. Lucy McCall – Rose M. Martinez
                      s. Rocio Luna Mondragon – Rose M. Martinez
                      t. Geody Madden – Rose M. Martinez
                      u. Edna Sturtcman – Rose M. Martinez
                      v. Karen Thibodeau – Rose M. Martinez
                      w. Christopher Taylor – Rose M. Martinez
                      x. Debi Taylor – Rose M. Martinez
                      y. Amber Vasquez – Rose M. Martinez
                      z. Minori Yata – Rose M. Martinez

    L.   Future Dates
              1. October 23rd, 2012- Next Board Meeting- Taos Pueblo

    M. Executive Session Pursuant to Section 10-15-1 H (2) NMSA 1978
       1. Limited Personnel Matters

    N.     Adjournment

If you are an individual who is need of a reader, amplifier, qualified sign language interpreter, or any other form of
auxiliary aid or service to attend or participate in the haring or meeting, please contact the Superintendent’s Office
    at the Enos Garcia Administration Building, located at 310 Camino de la Placita, at least one week prior to the
  meeting or as soon as possible. Public documents, including the agenda and minutes can be provided in various
    accessible formats. Please contact the Superintendent at 758-5202, if a summary or other type of accessible
                                                    format is needed.

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