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					                                                                                                    November 22, 2010

                                                    JOB POSTING

        DEPARTMENT                             POSITION                        LOCATION                JOB GRADE

            Administration            Facilities & Administration             Head Office                Grade 8
                                              Coordinator                 (165 University Ave.)


The Administration team has an opening for a Facilities & Administration Coordinator to assist in the coordination of
corporate facilities and administration activities, ensuring functional areas' needs for space and equipment are met.
The ideal candidate will be expected to assist in the negotiation of commercial leases in addition to any revisions and
updates of administration policies and procedures. Good project management skills will help make you successful in
coordinating facilities activities including office alteration, leasing, landlord and tenant relations, and general
administration including furniture and equipment inventory and control, and leased automobile fleet program. This
position works with minimal supervision.

             Assists the Manager, Facilities and Administration in the coordination of facilities and
              administration activities with a focus on cost management to ensure functional areas’ needs for
              space and equipment are met.
             Assists in the assessment of space requirements and negotiation of building leases to minimize
              occupancy costs and achieve consistency in terms and conditions.
             Develops and implements operating policies and procedures and communicates standards to
              ensure consistency.
             Participates in special projects, and performs other duties as requested, to achieve functional and
              corporate objectives.

                                      SKILL AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

Education &             Minimum college diploma in a business related field, AND
Experience:             2 years Facilities and Leasing experience in a multi-location environment; coordinating office
                        reconstruction, reconfiguration and physical moves.

Technical Skills:       Familiar with: Auto Cad, commercial leasing, real estate law, property taxes, office
                        planning/design, financial analysis, project management, and negotiation techniques.

Performance             Results oriented; relations with others; decision making.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please complete the Internal Application Form on DoOR in the
Human Resources / Forms / Staff Selection & Assign Forms folder and forward by E-mail to Elle Bourne, Human
Resources, Head Office, by November 26, 2010.


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